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  • Media Trends Autumn - UK - September 2019

    ... and BBC/ITV all poised to introduce new options, while removing their content from the current dominant players. We are, though, likely to see significant consumer pushback to this change.” – Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst Read More

  • Pay TV and Bundled Communication Services - US - September 2019

    ... entertainment behaviors. In addition to pay TV, household entertainment can include gaming, internet browsing and video streaming services. As such, consumer priorities have shifted toward high-quality internet as opposed to attractive TV channel packages." - ... Read More

  • Books and e-books - UK - July 2019

    ... chain or independent. Waterstones continues to make acquisitions to better position itself against Amazon, particularly with the looming threat of Amazon potentially opening its own bookstores.” – Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst This report looks ... Read More

  • News Media - US - July 2019

    ... average news consumer to figure out what is real and whom to trust in a continuously fragmenting market. As news media becomes more personality driven and editorialized, consumers will gravitate to sources that can deliver ... Read More

  • Regional Newspapers - UK - July 2019

    ... print and specialist online products could have potential to open readers’ wallets.” – David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Unbundled content: breaking up or breaking out? Readers as editors Read More

  • Social Media in the Hotel Industry - International - March 2019

    ... changed the way many people travel. With Millennials and the iGeneration poised to become the predominant cohort of travellers, this type of crowd-sourced UGC [user-generated content] will become increasingly influential at every stage of the ... Read More

  • National Newspapers - UK - February 2019

    ... content, such as podcasts, but high consumer interest indicates investment will be worthwhile.” – Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Investing in sophisticated voice activation content will prove worthwhile ... Read More

  • Sport and the Media - UK - January 2019

    ... However, as Amazon further pushes into the live sports arena and more sports introduce their own subscription streaming services the dominance of Sky and BT may be significantly threatened in the coming years”. – Rebecca ... Read More

  • Magazines - UK - December 2018

    ... called out. Magazines that cover celebrity news need to be aware of existing in a more socially conscious time and the benefit of having a more positive tone.” – Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst This ... Read More

  • Streaming Media - Ireland - September 2018

    ... consumers, however, would be willing to accept advertising on paid streaming services in return for a discount on their subscription.” – James Wilson, Research Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Video-on-demand (VoD) platforms ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Video and TV - UK - August 2018

    ... introduce new services. Many of these services look as if they will be combining TV content with other media formats, including music, which could help boost their appeal against market leader Netflix”. - Rebecca McGrath, ... Read More

  • The Magazine Reader - US - July 2018

    ... as a result, ad sales have fallen. However, there remain bright spots for the industry, including the successful emergence of digital brands that offer a variety of content online." - Billy Hulkower, Senior Technology Analyst ... Read More

  • Books and e-books - UK - June 2018

    ... currently is audiobooks; with the format likely to receive a boost from the growing popularity of voice-controlled smart speakers”. - Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst This report examines the following issues: Smart speakers to give ... Read More

  • Social Media Trends - US - April 2018

    ... influencer marketing, ads, and coupons. Other topics explored in the Report include the use of social media for product research and discovery, and the use of social media as a communication platform for brands. This ... Read More

  • Hispanics' Content Consumption and Sharing - US - February 2018

    ... of platforms. TV is still the center of Hispanic households, but online services are successfully complementing traditional media channels by filling in education and entertainment gaps in Hispanics’ media diet. Although consumption is more common ... Read More

  • Black Consumers' Content Consumption and Sharing - US - January 2018

    ... interest in sharing thoughts and experiences, consumption of content seems to be a preference over creation. Live TV is a particularly important element of a Black adult’s media diet, while the expansion of online content ... Read More

  • TV Viewing Habits - UK - October 2017

    ... of zero-rating data offers, such as mobile network Three’s Go Binge, while controversial, could significantly boost the ability of people to watch high-quality TV at all times on any device.” - Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media ... Read More

  • Media Consumption Habits - UK - September 2017

    ... be able to find them the most suitable new content amongst their vast libraries. Successfully helping people discover new content that they enjoy will boost loyalty and the value that a user assigns to one ... Read More

  • Hispanics' News Consumption - US - April 2017

    ... internet, news providers need to find ways to stand out and appeal to Hispanic consumers. Gaining and maintaining their trust is key. This report examines the following areas: Television tops, but the internet is reshaping ... Read More

  • Activities of Toddlers and Preschoolers - US - February 2017

    ... possibility of cognitive development; and animated books bring kids’ stories to life on a tablet. However, despite digital innovations, parents still lean on traditional activities to entertain and educate their kids including: reading from books; ... Read More

  • Internet Radio - US - October 2016

    ... in how younger listeners use streaming services suggests that over the next decade streaming services will become the dominant means of listening to music, with ad sales and subscription sales currently allocated to terrestrial and ... Read More

  • TV Viewing Habits - Ireland - September 2016

    ... who are accessing content in different ways. This will help broadcasters to attract viewers by delivering the right content, on the right platform and device to the right audience.” – James Wilson, Research Analyst This ... Read More

  • Content Consumption: TV and Movies - US - August 2016

    ... hoping to reach them – including both producers and distributors of video content as well as advertisers who leverage that content. In this Report, Mintel examines key trends in this important sector and provides guidance ... Read More

  • Regional Newspapers - UK - August 2016

    ... titles may want to consider the option of implementing a soft paywall on select regional content.” – Rebecca McGrath, Media Analyst This report discusses the following key topics: Monetisation options as ad blocker use increases ... Read More

  • Books and e-books - UK - May 2016

    ... the past 18 months have necessitated a re-think. Far more than in other media sectors, book buyers and readers maintain an emotional connection with pre-digital formats.” – John Worthington, Senior Analyst This report examines the ... Read More

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Media market research reports by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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