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  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - UK - September 2019

    ... pending general election is also expected to see further promises of spending for the health and education sectors from all parties.” – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Brexit not ... Read More

  • Bathrooms and Bathroom Accessories - UK - September 2019

    ... and interest into their décor. This encourages them to visit inspiring showrooms and browse for ideas online. Many see a new bathroom as an investment that adds value to their homes, something which can encourage ... Read More

  • Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools - UK - September 2019

    ... an ageing venue stock while local authority budgets remain heavily constrained means potential for further expansion is limited at best.” – David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst This report examines the following issues: Leisure centres to ... Read More

  • Ceramic Tiles - UK - July 2019

    ... en suite trend, while others are less positive, such as the malaise of housing repair and maintenance generally, and open-plan living restricting kitchen wall surfaces. The market is being boosted by stronger new construction activity, ... Read More

  • Plumbing - UK - July 2019

    ... the conditions remaining positive. Long-term fashion changes are also impacting the market such as the en suite trend and open-plan living. Domestic type products are also installed in some commercial applications, where market demand has ... Read More

  • Residential Flooring - US - April 2019

    ... further improvements in the overall economy, coupled with a willingness to invest in the home, will allow consumers to update and upgrade their current flooring to drive growth. Retailers will play a key role in ... Read More

  • Branded Apartments & Extended Stay - December 2018

    ... and offers a way to rapidly expand a group’s network. The leisure market for branded long-stay accommodation will be increasingly targeted as a growth segment by operators. Multi-branded developments, including serviced apartments and extended-stay hotels, ... Read More

  • Bathroom and Bathroom Accessories - UK - August 2018

    ... key factor in drawing customers away from retailers with shops, but there is more to it than this. Consumer expectations of shopping are changing and people expect to be able to get what they want ... Read More

  • Household Care Packaging Trends - UK - June 2018

    ... products. Sustainable alternatives, recycled plastic and recovered ocean plastics are all likely to be welcomed by consumers as they seek to live more ethically. However, given the price focus among many, it remains to be ... Read More

  • Carpets and Floorcoverings - UK - May 2018

    ... increases, and space for new retailers becomes available with the decline of Carpetright, we can expect to see new offerings and product ranges from retailers eager to capitalise on Carpetright’s loss. Consumers want floorings that ... Read More

  • Bathrooms and Bathroom Accessories - UK - August 2017

    ... Designers have a significant opportunity to help households manage their bathroom clutter by injecting additional storage solutions, including shelves and fitted furniture. Those retailers that think beyond designing a basic layout, to adding storage and ... Read More

  • Mattresses - US - April 2017

    ... as sleep becomes a health priority. Brick-and-mortar retailers benefit from the preference among shoppers to try out a mattress before buying; however, e-commerce brands are quickly entering the market and may disrupt the traditional purchase ... Read More

  • Residential Flooring - US - March 2017

    ... coverage, shifting consumer attitudes and competitive prices are driving recent purchase of hard-surface flooring at a faster pace. Flooring that looks good and is easy to clean is important for most consumers; however, secondary attributes ... Read More

  • Plumbing - UK - December 2016

    ... activity. Even so, there have been areas of disappointment, such as the government’s intervention on boiler replacements. Prospects have now been thrown into uncertainty with Brexit, but there remain some very positive influences on the ... Read More

  • Household Paper Products - US - February 2016

    ... paper products, they place importance on product quality and are interested in products that allow them to streamline and simplify tasks, as well as products that are environmentally friendly." - Rebecca Cullen, Consumer Research Analyst ... Read More

  • Household Care Packaging Trends - US - January 2016

    ... product itself as a means of delivering value to consumers. Household care product packaging can do much more than just hold and dispense the product. Innovative packaging features can be a way for brands to ... Read More

  • Beverage Packaging Trends: Spotlight on Beverage Labeling - US - February 2015

    ... their daily lives. QR codes can allow manufacturers to communicate virtually directly to the consumer, a majority of whom want more information about the beverages they are buying.” William Roberts, Jr., Senior Analyst – Food ... Read More

  • Food Storage and Trash Bags - US - January 2015

    ... of food storage products? What can brands do to address consumers’ plastic safety concerns? Total US sales of food storage and trash bag products in 2014 are $8 billion, an 8% sales increase from sales ... Read More

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Manufacturing & Construction market research reports by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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