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  • Restaurant Breakfast and Brunch Trends - US - September 2019

    ... breakfast as an important meal occasion. Operators should concentrate on expanding coffee beverages and nontraditional breakfast offerings including global flavors, snackable options and plant-based ingredients to attract customers back to the morning occasion." - Hannah ... Read More

  • Competitive Socialising - UK - September 2019

    ... forward, with plenty of innovation still to come. Established brands need to strengthen their proposition to compete with emerging adult-only concepts, which are looking to become all-in-one entertainment hubs.” - Lauren Ryan, Leisure Analyst This ... Read More

  • Burger and Chicken Restaurants - UK - August 2019

    ... more recycled plastic in food and drink packaging and work on more effective recycling.” – Trish Caddy, Senior Foodservice Analyst This report examines the following issues: Industry and government initiatives that will impact consumers Technology ... Read More

  • Coffee Shops - Emerging Coffee Culture - Ireland - August 2019

    ... in coffee shops and cafés being one of the fastest growing foodservice segments in Ireland – a trend which is set to continue in 2019 and onwards.” – Emma McGeown, Research Analyst This Report looks ... Read More

  • On-premise Restaurant Technology - US - August 2019

    ... are still not very accepting of fully-automated restaurant concepts. Operators should lean into consumer-friendly tech solutions such as pre-ordering options and tableside payments for sit-down meals, but they should not yet do away with human-derived ... Read More

  • Hispanics and Quick Service Restaurants - US - July 2019

    ... has a positive attitude toward the category, overall. Hispanics in other groups may need confirmation that eating fast food is right for them. Offering healthier options and technology to help guide their choices may boost ... Read More

  • Black Consumers and Quick Service Restaurants - US - July 2019

    ... that is okay to eat on occasion. As QSRs introduce menu and technological innovations to compete with other restaurants and drive in foot traffic, Black consumers are drawn to regular, consistently prepared meals as well ... Read More

  • Eating Out: The Decision Making Process - UK - July 2019

    ... away from a focus on convenience to instead capture the simple joy of eating outside of the home.” – Trish Caddy, Senior Foodservice Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Segmentation of “missions” Technology ... Read More

  • Seasonal Dining Trends - US - June 2019

    ... of high interest, diners are not buying as wide of a variety of seasonal foods from restaurants compared to retail. Operators should market seasonal items on menus and social media to encourage trial and purchasing ... Read More

  • Eating Out Trends - Foodservice from the Consumer's Perspective - Brazil - February 2019

    ... scenario, the high prices, the expansion of delivery services, and the consumers' health concerns impose some challenges. The market has become more competitive, with a special focus on promotions, healthy attributes, and convenience. It's important ... Read More

  • Healthy Dining Trends - US - March 2019

    ... interest in fresh ingredients is universal, diners' dietary preferences are growing more diverse, reflective of their life stage and personalized nutrition needs. Younger generations have a growing interest in plant-based options, but still strongly associate ... Read More

  • World Cuisines - UK - March 2019

    ... consumers’ desire to become more knowledgeable about world cuisines. Inspiration for meals which are authentically healthy, good value for money and meat-free/vegan will appeal widely.” – Emma Clifford, Associate Director – UK Food and Drink ... Read More

  • Ethnic Restaurants and Takeaways - UK - February 2019

    ... justify their value by offering something tangibly different, including dishes deemed too complex to make at home or ones which focus on highly skilled cooking methods.” – Trish Caddy, Senior Foodservice Analyst This report will ... Read More

  • Full Service Restaurants - US - February 2019

    ... other growing threats, such as retail prepared foods. Within this segment, casual dining and midscale chains are seeing the greatest challenges when it comes to their sales and traffic, while independent full service restaurants and ... Read More

  • Fast Casual Restaurants - US - February 2019

    ... However, as restaurant segments blur with full service restaurants offering more convenient ordering options and fast food restaurants offering more premium ingredients, fast casuals struggle to retain their distinctiveness. Looking to 2019 and beyond, fast ... Read More

  • Attitudes Towards Home Delivery and Takeaway - UK - February 2019

    ... what they want. Personalisation and customisation is now a prerequisite for many ordering home delivery/takeaway food.” – Zameira Hersi, Leisure Analyst Topics discussed within this report: Catering to Millennials’ demand for customisation Consumers are risk-averse Read More

  • Menu Trends - UK - January 2019

    ... how they should eat right is continually being undermined by the latest fad diets or lifestyle choices. Promisingly, current diners have shown an understanding on the importance of a balanced diet and restaurant operators would ... Read More

  • Snacking in Foodservice - US - January 2019

    ... cater to this eating occasion by offering craveable, affordable, and portable options. LSR (limited-service restaurant) operators are in an excellent position to capitalize on consumer interest in better-for-you options that have functional benefits and are ... Read More

  • Coffee Shops - UK - December 2018

    ... just customisation that’s important. Whether it’s becoming destinations for work, socialising and convenience, focusing on sustainable schemes or meeting health goals, coffee shops also need to be about supporting causes and togetherness.” – Trish Caddy, ... Read More

  • Dining Out in 2019 - US - December 2018

    ... demand for off-premise dining. Dining out is a favorite activity for Americans and personal as diners have an increasing desire to form a connection with restaurant brands with cultural, environmental and social values that align ... Read More

  • Chinese Style Cooking Habits - China - December 2018

    ... filling the belly but something that can strengthen the bonds between couples, between kids and parents. When selecting food such as soy sauce, consumers try to avoid some ‘bad’ elements such as GMO ingredients, salt ... Read More

  • Foodservice in Retail - US - December 2018

    ... with more on-site restaurants, which can range from a well-known quick-service chain to a fast casual restaurant helmed by a celebrity chef. And while fine-dining restaurants, food hall concepts, and bars serving adult beverages are ... Read More

  • Foodservice Online Ordering and Delivery - US - November 2018

    ... for convenience and younger consumers looking to relax at home. The majority of consumers still prefer to order directly from restaurants, but interest in third party delivery companies is growing especially among younger consumers." - ... Read More

  • Pizza and Italian Restaurants - UK - November 2018

    ... menu choices and retail formats in order to maintain demand. While the spate of emerging pizza or Italian fads looks to have potential to retain the interest of its core consumer groups, operators must ensure ... Read More

  • Dining Out Dayparts - US - November 2018

    ... threats, foodservice operators will need to leverage more on-demand dining and nontraditional dayparts, and target young people, who are the biggest consumers of both." - Jill Failla, Foodservice Analyst This Report looks at the following ... Read More

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