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Minitel Reports provides the world’s leading companies with the valuable insight and powerful inspiration to produce strategic, innovative, targeted, and effective marketing strategies for more than 30 years.

Recognized internationally as a market analyst, Mintel creates around 600 Reports into US, European, and UK-specific markets every year. Our series of Reports provides you a fresh perspective of all the main food and drink, retail, leisure, consumer goods, and travel markets. Mintel also carries a strong reputation for our research into changing consumer lifestyles and the effects on business.

Every Report includes an innovative breakdown of a market’s dynamics and prospects, allowing you to strategize efficient business plans for both the long-and short-term.

While breakdown of a market’s main influencers assists you to follow competitors or pin-point new entry points, creative consumer research gives you the opportunity to sharpen your services to consumer demand; an excellent method of boosting sales and growing your market share.

Use Mintel Reports to identify what drives or scares consumers from making purchases, what their perspective of your business is, and discover how to best reach valuable target audiences.
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1308 Reports from Mintel International Group Ltd.

  • Cough, Cold, Flu and Allergy Remedies - US - April 2017

    ...A mild cold/flu season, effective flu vaccines, and more moderate success in Rx-to-OTC switches is likely to have tempered market growth. Mintel expects growth to continue on a slow and steady pace as consumers continue ... Read More

  • OTC Sleep Aids - US - March 2017

    ...helped strengthen OTC sleep aid market growth and should continue to boost sales as consumers face many sources of sleeplessness. However, persistent consumer concerns with dependency and the ability to wake when needed have the ... Read More

  • Beach Holidays - UK - February 2017

    ...sizeable proportion of consumers will cut back on short city breaks in the low seasons before they forgo their main beach break in the summer.” – Fergal McGivney, Travel Analyst This Report discusses the following ... Read More

  • Chips and Dips - US - February 2017

    ...status as a permissible indulgence. New tastes and experiences will continue to drive sales in coming years, along with a greater emphasis on premium quality and fresh ingredients." John Owen, Senior Analyst – Food & ... Read More

  • Haitao Shopping - China - February 2017 more important for market newcomers to make a name for themselves. As more foreign brands crowd the market, retailers and brands have to get more creative in how they market to shoppers, using video, ... Read More

  • Household Paper Products - UK - February 2017

    ...consumer concerns about the environment in this category, suggesting that there may be scope to increase interest in recycled or alternative fibres. However, brands need to clearly indicate how these products can add value that ... Read More

  • Major Household Appliances - US - February 2017

    ...among respondents, while higher-end brands have elevated ownership among young adults and higher earners. Replacement is the leading driver for appliance purchases, but appliances that offer better efficiency, performance, and productivity are driving purchase interest. ... Read More

  • Menu Flavours - UK - February 2017 see more ethnic flavours injected into familiar dishes. When it comes to grab-and-go lunch options, diners seek a wider range of hot foods. Desserts are still seen as indulgent treats regardless of sugar content ... Read More

  • Activities of Toddlers and Preschoolers - US - February 2017

    ...possibility of cognitive development; and animated books bring kids’ stories to life on a tablet. However, despite digital innovations, parents still lean on traditional activities to entertain and educate their kids including: reading from books; ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Low- and Non-alcoholic Drink - UK - February 2017

    ...for low-alcohol and non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beers, ciders and wines. Negative taste perceptions, low product visibility and limited promotional support are still holding the market back from realising its full potential.” – Richard Caines, Senior Food & ... Read More

  • Consumer Attitudes towards Financial Services Innovation - UK - February 2017

    ...and messaging. Customisation and security are the main two areas for banks to address. Consumers will demand control over their data and additional security measures in order to convince them to opt in.” – Paul ... Read More

  • Hobbies and Interests - UK - February 2017

    ...more popular than ever and a huge increase in participation in hobbies which involve minimal outlay such as baking and knitting.” – Helen Fricker, Senior Leisure Analyst This report will cover the following areas: How ... Read More

  • Low-cost Carriers in Asia - February 2017 looks at the following areas: Which are the leading LCCs in the region? What is the market share of LCCs in the major Asian aviation markets (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the ... Read More

  • Marketing to Over-55s - China - February 2017

    ...or advanced product features just because they can afford and not recognising the diversity of the senior consumers in terms of their values and pursuits.” Alina Ma, Senior Research Analyst This report looks at the ... Read More

  • Men's and Women's Beauty and Grooming Routines - UK - February 2017

    ...facing the day ahead. However, busy lifestyles are taking their toll, which could spell trouble for products that require a greater level of time commitment. Harnessing the potential of the evening routine is crucial, and ... Read More

  • Outdoor Entertaining - US - February 2017

    ...outdoor furniture and grills bodes well for the future of outdoor entertaining since the vast majority of outdoor entertainers prefer hosting informal events such as casual barbeques. Younger adults, homeowners, parents, and more-affluent adults are ... Read More

  • Ride Sharing and Alternate Transportation - US - February 2017

    ...have popped up across the globe, available now in practically every major metropolitan area. Due to advances in smartphone technology and capabilities, ride sharing has allowed millions of car owners to monetize their vehicles while ... Read More

  • The Millennial Beauty Consumer - US - February 2017

    ...strong skill levels and frequent experimentation. Interactive shopping experiences and YouTube tutorials provide avenues for reaching this tech-savvy generation, while advertising themes that focus on authenticity and self-expression also resonate." - Margie Nanninga, Beauty & ... Read More

  • Investment Trends - US - February 2017

    ...allow lower minimum balances, have lower trading costs, and often even offer access to humans. Demographics are also forcing changes, as Baby Boomers are decumulating now rather than investing, more women are earning higher incomes ... Read More

  • Christmas Shopping Habits - UK - February 2017

    ...We think that people are worried about rising prices in 2017 and that they pulled spending forward for that reason. We think they are right to be worried and that real incomes are going to ... Read More

  • Soap, Bath and Shower Products - UK - February 2017

    ...product innovations. There are, however, opportunities in the market to encourage trading up, such as focusing on lifestyle trends to promote the emotional and functional benefits of products, as well as product developments that emphasise ... Read More

  • Travel Insurance - UK - February 2017

    ...Containing costs has become even more important recently, as a result of higher foreign medical bills linked to a weaker Sterling. At the same time, providers need to constantly remind consumers to consider quality of ... Read More

  • UK Retail Briefing - February 2017 retail sales, 2015-16 Consumer spending on Clothing Q1 2014 - Q3 2016 Performance of clothing retailers in the UK over the Christmas period Outlook for 2017 We also include an Analyst Comment on the ... Read More

  • Children's Clothing - US - February 2017

    ...It will also challenge routine thinking by providing fresh, new perspectives that energizes your thought processes. Mintel research sources can include exclusive consumer data, brand/company research and insights from key trade members. This means that ... Read More

  • First Aid - US - February 2017 be modest as consumers continue to seek out products that provide value, durability, and functionality, and a shopping experience that is transactional rather than experiential. To best maximize growth potential, stakeholders can hone in ... Read More

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