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Minitel Reports provides the world’s leading companies with the valuable insight and powerful inspiration to produce strategic, innovative, targeted, and effective marketing strategies for more than 30 years.

Recognized internationally as a market analyst, Mintel creates around 600 Reports into US, European, and UK-specific markets every year. Our series of Reports provides you a fresh perspective of all the main food and drink, retail, leisure, consumer goods, and travel markets. Mintel also carries a strong reputation for our research into changing consumer lifestyles and the effects on business.

Every Report includes an innovative breakdown of a market’s dynamics and prospects, allowing you to strategize efficient business plans for both the long-and short-term.

While breakdown of a market’s main influencers assists you to follow competitors or pin-point new entry points, creative consumer research gives you the opportunity to sharpen your services to consumer demand; an excellent method of boosting sales and growing your market share.

Use Mintel Reports to identify what drives or scares consumers from making purchases, what their perspective of your business is, and discover how to best reach valuable target audiences.
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  • Dark Spirits - US - November 2018

    ... habits and preferences have benefited many dark spirit brands, especially super- premium brands. Dark spirit drinkers tend to be enthusiastic about dark spirits and while some enjoy trying various spirit brands, the relatively high cost ... Read More

  • European Retail Briefing - November 2018

    ... Analyst Comment - Discounting - not as easy as it looks An overview of the latest European Retail sales Highlights of the latest Retail trend observations across Europe. Monthly headlines and retail news across Europe Read More

  • Fish and Shellfish - US - November 2018

    ... five years, driven by growing commodity prices and consumer interest in healthy, high-protein foods. A healthy reputation is one clear advantage that fish and shellfish have over other proteins. Yet, convenience and price present challenges ... Read More

  • Health Supplements - China - November 2018

    ... particularly since e-commerce is emerging. Enhancing product options and innovations is also important to attract consumers.” – Vicky Zhou, Research Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Opportunity for probiotic supplements The importance of ... Read More

  • ISAs - UK - November 2018

    ... rates will act as a greater incentive to save, while stocks and shares ISAs continue to increase in popularity. The lifetime ISA, despite a difficult start, has the potential to become a popular product in ... Read More

  • Luxury Cars - US - November 2018

    ... economy, high consumer confidence, and improving wages, more and more consumers are able to splurge on a luxury vehicle. Brands will need to compete intensely with each other for the coveted Millennial luxury shopper for ... Read More

  • Marketing to Teens - China - November 2018

    ... shown in aesthetics and humane knowledge. They do not reject advertising per se, but demand humour and high-quality contents, which can serve as daily social currency to enhance communication. When it comes to snacks, healthy ... Read More

  • Supermarkets - Europe - November 2018

    ... Western Europe, while competition is increasing. Aldi and Lidl are expanding hard on the back of their improved formats, and online competition is eating into non-food sales. There is some scope for expansion in Eastern ... Read More

  • Supermarkets - Germany - November 2018

    ... but the propensity of German consumers to split their spending across wherever is most convenient, best value or highest quality makes it difficult for each to grow their appeal without diluting their point of difference ... Read More

  • Supermarkets - Italy - November 2018

    ... is ongoing consolidation in what has traditionally been a highly fragmented market. Once reluctant to embrace the online channel, most of the leading players have now recognised the need to offer an e-commerce service and ... Read More

  • Wine - US - November 2018

    ... in 2015, settling to a more moderate 1-2% annual growth projected through 2023. Wine growth has outpaced total alcohol, while wine share remained steady. Wine is the second most popular alcohol, behind beer, and has ... Read More

  • Baby Supplementary Food - China - November 2018

    ... value is expected to maintain steady growth in the next five years. Products with organic, local and functional claims are attracting greater attention in the market. Consumers are becoming more rational in choosing products and ... Read More

  • Consumers and Gadget Insurance - UK - November 2018

    ... indispensable technology and sustainable-minded consumers. Simple, relevant products that provide clear value appeal to owners, but insurers also need to find a spot at the all-important moment of purchase.” - Irene Salazar, Financial Services Analyst ... Read More

  • Foodservice Online Ordering and Delivery - US - November 2018

    ... for convenience and younger consumers looking to relax at home. The majority of consumers still prefer to order directly from restaurants, but interest in third party delivery companies is growing especially among younger consumers." - ... Read More

  • Gastrointestinal Remedies - UK - November 2018

    ... alleviate GI symptoms arising from stress, IBS and shifts in dietary habits. With these issues likely to continue, the market is set to see continued investment from those who appear to prefer the convenience of ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Azerbaijan - November 2018

    ... hospitable culture, it offers something for everyone, from luxurious modern city breaks to historic journeys along the ancient Silk Road, and a burgeoning eco- and wellness tourism.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This report ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Mongolia - November 2018

    ... year 2017, however, appears to have marked a big turning point with the number of international tourists growing by 16.1%. The Mongolian government hopes that this strong growth will continue through to 2020, as the ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Taiwan - November 2018

    ... in the number of tourists – strong interregional travel due to better air connectivity, vibrant economies and the emergence of a middle class from source markets in South East Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand and ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Uzbekistan - November 2018

    ... heritage attractions, it is aiming to expand its tourism offerings such as ecotourism, adventure tourism and gastronomy, to appeal to a broader tourist base and to spread tourism revenue throughout all its provinces. With further ... Read More

  • Car Aftermarket - UK - November 2018

    ... such a development has also narrowed price differentials resulting in a move away from value brands as well as reducing volume sales. Looking ahead, the UK’s departure from the EU in March 2019 is another ... Read More

  • Childrenswear - UK - November 2018

    ... children and teens. However, while clothing specialists and supermarkets are flourishing in the childrenswear space, specialist childrenswear retailers are struggling. The large specialist chains must offer more in order to compete and truly stand out." ... Read More

  • Hotels - UK - November 2018

    ... economy and upscale sectors. However, demand for mid-market hotels remains strong and many consumers are willing to pay ‘a bit extra’ for an enhanced level of experience.” – John Worthington, Senior Analyst This report examines ... Read More

  • Luxury Travel - UK - November 2018

    ... brand loyalty. Offering flexibility, personal advice and good deals is key to achieving this. However, companies will need to go further in order to win the battle, by helping travellers to find an experience that ... Read More

  • Managing a Healthy Lifestyle - UK - November 2018

    ... time and expense. Encouragingly consumers are very open to guidance and advice, helping them to cut through the all the noise around health and steering them towards healthier choices.” – Emma Clifford, Associate Director, UK ... Read More

  • Pizza and Italian Restaurants - UK - November 2018

    ... menu choices and retail formats in order to maintain demand. While the spate of emerging pizza or Italian fads looks to have potential to retain the interest of its core consumer groups, operators must ensure ... Read More

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