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Minitel Reports provides the world’s leading companies with the valuable insight and powerful inspiration to produce strategic, innovative, targeted, and effective marketing strategies for more than 30 years.

Recognized internationally as a market analyst, Mintel creates around 600 Reports into US, European, and UK-specific markets every year. Our series of Reports provides you a fresh perspective of all the main food and drink, retail, leisure, consumer goods, and travel markets. Mintel also carries a strong reputation for our research into changing consumer lifestyles and the effects on business.

Every Report includes an innovative breakdown of a market’s dynamics and prospects, allowing you to strategize efficient business plans for both the long-and short-term.

While breakdown of a market’s main influencers assists you to follow competitors or pin-point new entry points, creative consumer research gives you the opportunity to sharpen your services to consumer demand; an excellent method of boosting sales and growing your market share.

Use Mintel Reports to identify what drives or scares consumers from making purchases, what their perspective of your business is, and discover how to best reach valuable target audiences.
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1445 Reports from Mintel International Group Ltd.

  • Airlines - UK - August 2017

    ...casting a shadow on the industry. There are concerns over the Open Skies Agreement, airline ownership rules and declining consumer disposable income. However, while companies may cut back on business travel, holidaymakers should prop up ... Read More

  • Contraceptives and Sexual Health - US - August 2017

    ...category sales only improved incrementally from 2016-17, as the male contraceptives segment struggled. Reliance on previous product experiences and a degree of embarrassment involving the purchase process have also undermined growth potential. Products that focus ... Read More

  • Credit Cards - UK - August 2017 the market for a plastic safety net. Rapid growth over the past five years has attracted attention from the regulators, and any intervention is likely to mean future growth is subject to limitations.” – ... Read More

  • European Retail Briefing - August 2017

    ... Read More

  • Frozen Breakfast Foods - US - August 2017

    ...cater to consumer demand for easy-to-use and portable breakfast foods. Interestingly, a chief competitor to the category, restaurant breakfast menus, may well be encouraging consumers to view breakfast foods as an any-time-of-day meal, a notion ... Read More

  • Luxury Goods Retail - International - August 2017

    ...number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) continues to grow and the economy in a number of the key luxury markets is recovering. As such, underlying demand for luxury goods was strong in 2016 and ... Read More

  • Pet Food - UK - August 2017

    ...pets. However, pet obesity rates in the UK are rising; brands that look to emphasise the diet-friendly credentials of food should find favour in an increasingly health-conscious society.” – Alyson Parkes, Research Analyst This Report ... Read More

  • Sports and Energy Drinks - UK - August 2017

    ...This interest suggests areas for operators to explore in order to build relevance among a wider audience, and as well as offering opportunities in the post-soft drinks levy operating environment.” – Kiti Soininen, Category Director ... Read More

  • Sports Betting - UK - August 2017

    ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Kazakhstan - August 2017

    ...lack skills and expertise, with jobs in the sector traditionally held in low regard. Kazakhstan is, however, a country in the midst of a major transformation – one that the government hopes will bring far-reaching ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Malaysia - August 2017

    ...and European colonial influences visible throughout its cities, languages, gastronomy and landscapes. Following a difficult year in 2015 after the two Malaysian Airlines disasters in 2014, tourism arrivals have once more bounced back and the ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Thailand - August 2017

    ...trends.” - Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports This report looks at the following areas: What is meant by ‘zero-dollar’ tours? Why is King Rama V especially revered in Thailand? Over the past ... Read More

  • Trends in Health & Wellness - China - August 2017

    ...the importance of emotional healthcare is increasingly acknowledged, more people tend to eat healthy food and do sports not just for health but to induce happy feelings. They also actively participate in trendy, exciting recreational ... Read More

  • UK Retail Briefing - August 2017

    ...annual growth by month, Jan 2016-July 2017 Online sales as a proportion of all retailing, by month, Jan 2016- July 2017 Share of online sales, by store based or pureplay retailer, 2009-2017 Analysis of Amazon ... Read More

  • Winter Holiday Shopping - US - August 2017 their winter holiday spending. Consumers are doing more holiday shopping online and that has changed other shopping preferences, including purchase timing and deal-seeking behavior. Retailers need to offer the best deals, both in terms ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Private Label Alcoholic Drinks - UK - August 2017

    ...elicit more trust from consumers. Similarly, flagging up the skills and expertise of their in-house experts will help to build confidence in private label ranges.” - Emma Clifford, Senior Food and Drink Analyst This report ... Read More

  • Hispanics and Household Products - US - August 2017

    ...categories in which Hispanics exhibit high levels of satisfaction and limited motivation to change. As functional factors are the foundation in these categories, brands may have to look beyond these attributes for ways to stand ... Read More

  • Tea and RTD Tea - US - August 2017

    ...of US adults drink tea, 60% drink RTD options, and 49% drink bagged/loose-leaf varieties. Good news comes from the fact that a higher percentage of drinkers are increasing tea consumption than are decreasing. Strong performance ... Read More

  • The Insurance Purchase Decision - US - August 2017 find new customers where possible, often among young people or those who are entering a new lifestage. Once they get a new customer, interactions between customer and insurer will be infrequent, so it is ... Read More

  • The Natural Consumer - US - August 2017

    ...the future to natural living, they aren’t entirely sure what “natural” means. The perceived high cost of natural products and already favorable perceptions of personal health will prevent some from pursuing a more natural lifestyle." ... Read More

  • The Over-65s and Financial Services - UK - August 2017

    ...providers, or marketed to via patronising representations of how life should be at this age. Recognising the diversity of financial needs among this age group is important if providers are to meet their needs effectively.” ... Read More

  • Yogurt - China - August 2017

    ...for new approaches to build association with certain occasions. Though better-for-you is the ultimate trend, yogurt brands should not take away all the pleasure of indulgent taste.” – Cheryl Ni, Research Analyst: Food & Drink ... Read More

  • The Spanish Hotel Sector - Spain - August 2017

    ...and Turkey are diverting tourists to the perceived safety of the Iberian Peninsula, which is boosting hotel performance.” - Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This report looks at the following areas: What has been the ... Read More

  • The Leisure Outlook - UK - August 2017

    ...takeaway. As the pay squeeze intensifies, more people are turning to free activities such as museums and galleries. Meanwhile, people are continuing to focus on active lives and exercise which is driving the gym industry. ... Read More

  • Bathrooms and Bathroom Accessories - UK - August 2017

    ...Designers have a significant opportunity to help households manage their bathroom clutter by injecting additional storage solutions, including shelves and fitted furniture. Those retailers that think beyond designing a basic layout, to adding storage and ... Read More

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