Mobile Gaming Piracy: Market Analysis, Initiatives and Solutions to Defeat Game Piracy in 3G, LTE and the Cloud Ecosystem

With mobile gaming taking on an increasingly more prominent role among gamers, and representing an increasingly important source of revenue for game developers, the issue of mobile gaming privacy has become a very hot topic. Pirated games are by definition those games that have stolen intellectual property in the form of a look-alike game, core design, engineering, or even actual software.

Billions of dollars are at stake to the rightful owners of mobile game offerings. Furthermore, a single successful piracy can create a manifold effect from the gamer’s perspective as their as their mobile/wireless device may be compromised and/or their private data may be leaked, including bank account & credit card information.

This research evaluates the mobile security ecosystem as it pertains to piracy, mobile gaming vulnerability patterns/behaviors, piracy incidents case studies by platform, vendor solutions, country specific gaming market & security issues, business impact of piracy, and strategies to protect security and reduce piracy threats.

Countries Analyzed in the Report:

USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, India, China, Japan, Australia, Emerging Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa

Target Audience:

  • Mobile network operators
  • In-app virtual currency providers
  • Social and location game providers
  • Government and regulatory institutions
  • Mobile game developers and publishers
  • Mobile network infrastructure providers
  • Mobile anti-virus and security software providers
  • Content and application mediators and aggregators

General Methodology

Mind Commerce Publishing's research methodology encompasses input from a wide variety of sources.

We rely heavily upon our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in terms of their market knowledge, unique perspective, and vision. We utilize SME industry contacts as well as previous customers and participants in our market surveys and interactive interviews.

In addition, we rely upon our extensive internal database, which contains modeling, qualitative analysis, and quantitative data. We review secondary sources and compare to our primary sources to update previous findings (for prior version reports) and/or compile baseline information for technology and market modeling.

We share preliminary models with industry contacts (select previous clients, experts, and thought leaders) to verify the veracity of initial modeling. Prior to final report production (analysis, findings, and conclusions), we engage in an internal review with internal SMEs as well as cross-expertise, senior staff members to challenge results.

We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of an integrated process which involves both quantitative as well as qualitative factors. We follow the following 3-step process for forecasting.

Forecasting Methodology

Step 1 - Forecasts Input: The inputs for the present and historical revenues are derived from industry players. Financial and other quantitative data for individual sub-market categories are derived from original research and tested with interviews with major industry constituents.

Step 2 - Forecasting of Future Years: Mind Commerce extends forecasts based on a variety of factors including demand drivers as well as supply side data. Key success factors and assumptions are considered.

Step 3 - Validation of Data: The final step is to validate projections, which is accomplished in consultation with both internal and external industry experts, including both topic and regional experts. Adjustments are made to the forecasts based on factors identified throughout this process.

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Mobile Gaming Ecosystem & Role Of Market Player
2.1 Overview Of Mobile Gaming Ecosystem
2.2 Gaming Pass In Mobile Gaming Eco System:
2.3 Mobile Gaming Eco-system Review (% Denotes On Revenue Sharing)
2.4 Advancement Of Mobile Device Opens The Way For Gaming
2.5 Major Market Player In Mobile Gaming Ecosystem:
2.6 Most Popular Mobile Games Worldwide
2.6.1 Android’s Popularity To The Mobile Gaming Industry:
3.0 Mobile Gaming Security & Piracy Ecosystem Analysis
3.1 Cybercriminal In Mobile Gaming Ecosystem:
3.2 Game Developer’s Articulation About Pirated Game(Android Versus Ios)
3.3 Pirated Game Contributor In Mobile Gaming Industry
3.4 Role Of Mobile Gaming Software Market In Security:
3.4.1 Obstacle In Business:
3.4.2 Abundance Of Gray Channel:
3.4.3 Availably Of Cheap Pirated Software:
4.0 Cybercriminal In The Mobile Gaming Ecosystem
4.1 Hackers In The Smartphone Gaming
4.2 Global Attack Of Cybercriminal In Mobile Gaming:
4.3 Hacking The Vita
5.0 Pirated Mobile Gaming Market Overview
5.1 Most Popular Pirated Games:
5.1.1 Pirated Angry Bird Game:
5.1.2 Pirated Fruit Ninja:
5.1.3 Pirated Dead Trigger:
6.0 Smartphone: Pioneering The Mobile Gaming Industry
6.1 Global Market Size Of Mobile Games:
6.2 National Wide Mobile Gamer Analysis:
6.3 Worldwide Mobile Gamers (Players & Payers)
6.4 Country Wise Mobile Gamers Analysis
6.4.1 Usa: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.2 Uk: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.3 France Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.4 Germany: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.5 India: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.6 China: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.7 Japan: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.8 Australia: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.9 Middle East: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.10 Emerging Asia: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
6.4.11 Africa: Mobile Device Used For Gaming
7.0 Mobile Gaming Security & Piracy Incident And Business Impact Analysis
7.1 Incident Percent By Device Targeted Game Tablet Vs. Mobile
7.2 Incident Percent Split In Regions & Country
7.3 Business Model Wise Incident Split (I.E. Free-to-play, Social, Paid Download, In-game Transaction Model Etc.)
7.3.1 New Business Model To Stop Gaming Piracy
7.3.2 Free To Play Paves The Way
7.3.3 Free To Play Acquired By Big Companies
7.3.4 Top 5 Smartphone& Tablet Manufacturer Company
7.3.5 Mobile Game Developer Company Analysis:
7.3.6 Global Mobile Gaming Revenue
7.3.7 Future Of Mobile Gaming
8.0 User Perspective Analysis
8.1 Tendency To Use Pirated Mobile Game
8.2 Why Gamer Prefer Pirated Game Over Original Game
8.3 Analysis Of Gamer Tendency Of Regions For Playing Pirated Mobile Game
8.3.1 Factors Influencing Pirated Gaming
8.3.2 Region Wise Pirated Gamers
9.0 Legislation By Country To Manage Mobile Gaming Security & Piracy
9.1 Japan Makes First Game Piracy Arrest Under New Law:
9.2 Usa’s Initiative: Android App Piracy Sites Seized For Copyright Crackdown
9.3 Uk: Registry Key To Validate Genuine Game
9.4 Russia’s Inatiative: Better Service From Ant Pirated Game
9.5 China: Jailbreaking Prevention By Apple
10.0 Mobile Gaming Company/Solutions For Mobile Gaming Security & Piracy
10.1 Antivirus Software Companies Initiative: 2012’s Top 5 Antivirus For Mobile Gaming
10.1.1 Netqin Antivirus:
10.1.2 Lookout Antivirus:
10.1.3 Droid Free Antivirus:
10.2 Game Developer Company’s Initiative:
10.2.1 Zynga Introduces Privacy Villa
10.2.2 Wombat Security Makes Cyber Games To Teach Cyber Security:
11.0 Mobile Gaming Security & Piracy Case Analysis
11.1 Chinese Hackers Earn Large Revenue From Mobile Gaming
11.2 Apple Grants Game Center Support To Pirated Ios Apps
11.3 Jail Breaking Used To Install Pirated Game
11.4 Security Vulnerability Of Samsung Mobile Gaming
11.5 Developer Forced To Make Android Game Free Due To Rampant Piracy
11.6 Threats In Mobile Bingo Gaming
11.7 Piracy On Android Is Out Of Control
11.8 Smartphone Gaming Makes Parents Anxious:
12.0 Conclusions & Recommendations
12.1 Conclusion
12.1.1 Is Security & Piracy Threat For Mobile Gaming?
12.1.2 Lack Of Privacy Leads Fall In Mobile Gaming
12.1.3 Security Lacking In Mobile Gaming
12.2 Recommended Solution To Prevent Piracy & Security Threats
12.2.1 4 Keys To Shape The Patent Gaming Industry
12.2.2 Mobile Gaming Security For User
List Of Figures
Figure 1: Structure And Main Activities Of Mobile Gaming Ecosystem (Copyright: Science Direct)
Figure 2: Gaming Pass In Mobile Gaming Ecosystem
Figure 3: Mobile Gaming Ecosystem Revenue
Figure 4: Speedy Gaming Advancement (2006-2012)
Figure 5: Apple’s Android Leading The Gaming Industry
Figure 6: Cybercriminal In The Mobile Gaming Ecosystem (Copyright: Lookout Securities)
Figure 7: Piracy By Gaming Platform
Figure 8: Country Wise Pirated Gaming Industry Contributor
Figure 9: Virus-infected Games Developed For Windows Mobile Smartphones (Identified By Lookout Securities)
Figure 10: Global Attack Of Cybercriminal In Mobile Gaming(Source: Norton Security)
Figure 11: Hacker Attacking In Sony Vita
Figure 12:pirated Angry Birds Game In China
Figure 13: Fruit Ninja Pirated Version On A Chinese Tablet
Figure 14: Pirated Dead Trigger
Figure 15: Forecasted Market Size Of Mobile Gaming Industry (Source:pocketgamer.Biz)
Figure 16: National Wide Mobile Gamer Analysis(Source:newzoo 2012)
Figure 17: Worldwide Mobile Gamers (Players & Payers) (Source:newzoo 2012)
Figure 18:mobile Gaming Usa(Source:newzoo 2012)
Figure 19: Mobile Gaming Uk (Source: Newzoo 2012)
Figure 20: Mobile Gaming France (Source: Newzoo 2012)
Figure 21:mobile Gaming Germany (Source: Newzoo 2012)
Figure 22: Mobile Gaming In India
Figure 23: Mobile Gaming In China
Figure 24: Mobile Gaming In Japan
Figure 25: Mobile Gaming In Australia
Figure 26: Mobile Gaming In Middle East
Figure 27: Mobile Gaming In Emerging Asia
Figure 28: Mobile Gaming In Africa
Figure 29:global Gaming Threat Tablet Versus Mobiledevice
Figure 30:incident Percent Split In Regions & Country(2011-2012 September)
Figure 31: Freemium Games Model
Figure 32:impact Of Freemium Versus Premium Games (Copyrigth: Cross-screen Monetization Of Games In Europe And The Us.)
Figure 33: Cityville Hometown In Iphone
Figure 34: Zynga’s Business Performance (Copyright: Zynga)
Figure 35: Global Mobile Gaming Revenue
Figure 36: Factors Influencing Pirated Gaming
Figure 37: Region Wise Pirated Gamers
Figure 38:pirated Mobile Gaming Device Attaches Criminal Penalties To The Sale Of Such Devices.(Photo: Jean Snow/Wired)
Figure 39: Android Piracy Sites Seized For Copyright Crackdown
Figure 40: Team Fortess2 Free-to-play Game
Figure 41:netqin Antivirus
Figure 42:lookout Antivirus
Figure 43: Driod Antivirus
Figure 44:zynga’s Privacyville
Figure 45: Pirated Android Games On China Mobile Market
Figure 46:pirated Soccer Granted By Apple
Figure 47: Gaming From Galaxy S2 Bugs Attack
Figure 48: Dead Trigger
Figure 49: Mobile Bingo Gaming
Figure 50: Process Of Pirated Games By Android
Figure 51: Free To Play Smart Way To Earn Money From Gamer
Figure 52:gaming From Tablet Device
Figure 53: Word Of Mouth Influences Downloading Games
List Of Tables
Table 1: Major Player In The Mobile Gaming Market
Table 2: Popular Mobile Games Worldwide
Table 3: Top 5 Smartphone& Tablet Manufacturer Company

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