Global Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market Outlook: 2015-2021

Global Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market Outlook: 2015-2021

Microbubbles are composed of gas core stabilized by a shell of proteins, lipids, or polymers and have unique ability to respond to ultrasound, and thus are used as ultrasound contrast agents. The field of ultrasound contrast imaging has been literally bursting in the last decade. Incessant engineering advances in ultrasound technologies over the last decade have resulted in widespread usage of ultrasound for clinical applications. The potential benefits of ultrasound such as low-cost, convenience, and real-time capability of ultrasound images has led to wide acceptance of this technology. When compared with other imaging modalities, the ultrasound molecular imaging has many advantages such as good temporal resolution, quantitative data, real-time practice, noninvasiveness, relatively inexpensive cost, and no ionizing radiation.

Microbubbles/ ultrasound contrast agents for medical imaging have been swiftly translated from exploratory research to clinical application. It helps to sharpen the image, improve the reliability of the scan and reduce the need for unnecessary downstream testing. In addition, microbubbles can be employed for diagnostic imaging and as a therapeutic tool. These are safe, convenient, completely radiation-free, versatile, and routinely used by physicians throughout the world to obtain a reliable ultrasound diagnosis.

The global microbubbles/ ultrasound contrast agents market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.7% to reach $797.5 million by 2021 from 2015. The research report on microbubbles market provides comprehensive analysis of the global market and helps in understanding the driving forces for the growth of this market. The report also provides analysis of major applications such as molecular imaging, gene therapy, drug delivery, and stem cell delivery with their application areas, trends, challenges, and opportunities in this market. In addition, the report analyzes the global microbubbles market by various disease areas such as renal disorder, cardiovascular, and neurology with their drivers, restraints, ongoing research, and future potential.

The market has been segmented by geography as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW) with a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis. North America is the major market in the global microbubble market and is expected to dominate this market during the forecast period followed by Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Lantheus Medical Imaging with its DEFINITY ultrasound contrast imaging agent dominated the global microbubbles/ ultrasound contrast agents market in 2014. The other major players in the global microbubble market include Bracco Imaging S. p. A., Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, and GE Healthcare.

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1 Introduction to Global Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market
1.1 Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market Ecosystem
1.2 Report Elucidation
1.3 Market Buzz and Foreground
1.4 Types of microbubble shells
1.5 Effects on microbubbles under ultrasound
1.6 Research Methodology
1.6.1 Secondary Research
1.6.2 Primary Research
1.6.3 Market Analytics
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Insights
3.1 Commercially Available Microbubbles
3.2 Global Penetration of Commercially Available Microbubble Contrast Agents
3.3 Pipeline Analysis
3.4 Market Share Analysis
3.5 Drivers
3.5.1 Technological Advancements to increase the adoption of microbubble contrast agents Evolution of Microbubbles Miniaturization of Ultrasound Devices Wearable Ultrasound Pain Therapy Device Flow Focusing Microfluidic Devices (FFMDs) Handheld Ultrasound Scanners Phone-based Ultrasound Systems New Generation Ultrasound Transducers
3.5.2 Advantages of microbubble contrast agents over other technologies
3.5.3 Favorable reimbursement policies for contrast-enhanced procedures to drive the market
3.5.4 Rising demand for diagnostics and image-guided procedures influences the sales of microbubbles
3.6 Restraints
3.6.1 Complexity involved in conducting CEUS procedures to limit the market growth
3.6.2 Limited training and financial resources restraints the market growth
3.7 Opportunities
3.7.1 Increase in researches related to microbubbles
3.7.2 Rise in off-label usage of microbubble contrast agents
3.8 Trends
3.8.1 Journey through black-box warning
3.8.2 Expansion – a key growth strategy followed by market players
4 Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market, Future Prospects, By Application
4.1 Molecular Imaging
4.1.1 Production of Microbubbles for molecular imaging Passive Targeting Active Targeting Ligand Attachment to performed microbubbles
4.1.2 Advantages of use of microbubbles in molecular imaging
4.1.3 Application Areas Angiogenesis Angiosarcoma Oncology
4.1.4 Trends In Molecular Imaging Development of Novel Microbubbles to Improve the Target Binding Development of Novel Microbubbles to Suit the Modalities Used in Imaging Photo Acoustic Imaging (PAI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
4.1.5 Challenges
4.1.6 Opportunities Researches to Improve Understanding of Microbubble Behavior Active Targeting
4.2 Gene Therapy
4.2.1 Introduction
4.2.2 Methods of Gene Therapy Membrane Sonoporation Bi-layer Sonoporation Modulation of Vascular Integrity Stimulating Endocytotic Uptake Active Deliver of DNA Vectors Beyond the Vasculator Loading of Drug on Microbubble Surface
4.2.3 Study Considerations Microbubble Surface Architecture Microbubble Size Molecular Targeting Ultrasound Parameters
4.2.4 Recent Researches
4.2.5 Industry Speaks
4.3 Drug Delivery
4.3.1 Introduction
4.3.2 Drivers Growing Number of Researchers In The Field of Drug Delivery Using Microbubbles Rising Incidence & Mortality Of Cancer & Cardiac Disease To Create Need For Better Drug Therapies Growing Researches Involving Targeted Drug Delivery Using Microbubbles
4.3.3 Recent Researches
4.3.4 Industry Speaks
4.4 Stem Cells Delivery
4.4.1 Introduction
4.4.2 Recent Researches
5 Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market, Future Prospects, By Disease Area
5.1 Renal Compramized Functions
5.1.1 Ultrasound applications in kidney Diagnosis between Solid Renal Masses and Pseudo-tumors Differentiation between Cystic and Solid Lesions of the Kidneys Characterization of Complex Cystic Renal Masses Renal Infections Renal Trauma Renal Artery Stenosis Assessment of Percutaneous Ablation Therapy Kidney Fibrosis Kidney Transplantation
5.1.2 Future Potential Imaging Drug Delivery Recent Researches
5.1.3 Study Considerations Circulation Period Microbubbles Concentration Ultrasound Energy Size of the objest
5.1.4 Drivers Regulatory Changes to Boost Clinical Research Related to Kidney Feasible Solution for Identification of Malignant Renal Vein Invasion
5.1.5 Restraints Retention of Microbubbles
5.1.6 Industry Speaks
5.2 Cardiovascular
5.2.1 Introduction
5.2.2 Sonothrombolysis Introduction Mechanism Drivers High Incidence of Stroke Improvisation in therapies to boost the application in Sonothrombolysis Future Potential
5.2.3 Targeted Microbubbles Introduction Structure of Targeted Microbubbles Recent Researches VEG-fR2 receptor (BR-55) Clot-targeted Microbubbles Endothelial Epitopes as Targets WBCs as Carriers of Microbubbles Accessible Targets for Targeted Microbubbles Future Potential
5.2.4 Gene Therapy Ultrasound Target Microbubble Destruction (UTMD) in Cardiovascular Gene Delivery to Treat Diabetes Future Potential
5.2.5 Recent Researches
5.2.6 Industry Speaks
5.3 Neurology
5.3.1 Introduction
5.3.2 The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
5.3.3 Study Considerations Non-linear Behavior of Microbubbles Assessing the Nature of Target Drug Safety Assessment
5.3.4 Drivers Limitations of Alternative Strategies for Drug Delivery Across BBB Advantages Offered by Microbubble in Drug Delivery in Brain
5.3.5 Opportunities Development of Novel Microbubbles Increasing Researches Focused on Opening of BBB
5.3.6 Recent Researches
5.3.7 Industry Speaks
5.4 Other Diseases
5.4.1 Crohn’s Disease Introduction Recent Researches
5.4.2 Atherosclerosis Introduction Recent Researches
6 Recent Researches on Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents
7 Microbubbles/Ultrasound Contrast Agents Market, By Geography
7.1 North America
7.2 Europe
7.3 Asia-Pacific
7.4 Rest of the World
8 Company Profiles
8.1 Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.
8.2 Bracco SpA
8.3 GE Healthcare
8.4 Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited

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