The U.S. Tattoo Parlors & Tattoo Removal Market: An Industry Analysis

The U.S. Tattoo Parlors & Tattoo Removal Market: An Industry Analysis

Tattoos and body art in the U.S. have soared in popularity lately, especially amongst Millenials, fueling an industry comprised of 20,000+ tattoo parlors or studios. The industry, which also includes body piercing, is estimated to be worth $3 billion, and is growing strongly. According to polls, 21% of Americans now have a tattoo (up from 16% in 2003), but sometimes they have regrets about getting them, thus opening up a new market—tattoo removal, which is driven by new laser equipment and technology. This is a fragmented market of local artists, but it can be quite lucrative, especially with multiple artists renting space and working for a studio.

This is a completely new Marketdata report. The following topics are covered: why demand exists, history and evolution of tattoo parlors and the services they offer, typical operations/staff, separate analyses and $ size of the markets for: tattoo studios, tattoo removal, and body piercing, trends and forecasts to 2020, operating ratios and profit margins, end-user demographics, estimated start-up costs, franchising, competitor profiles, and a comprehensive list of resources for follow-up. Includes custom online ISPA/Marketdata survey of med spas and their participation in tattoo removal services.

Introduction: Report Scope, Sources of Information, Methodology
Executive Overview of Major Findings
Highlights of all report chapters: nature of the tattoo studios business, typical services, reasons for recent growth, revenues, profits, industry structure, $ size of the combined tattoo studios market, tattoo removal market, body piercing market - 2007-2020 Forecast, 2014-2015 performance, customer demand/demographics, market trends and key issues, avg. tattoo artist salary, key operating ratios, outlook & forecasts, avg. income statement for tattoo parlor, franchising efforts, technology developments, dangers of infection, more.
Nature & Operations of Tattoo Parlors
Summary and history of tattoos in the United States: discussion
Estimated number of tattoo parlors, $ size of the market
Good/typical locations for a tattoo parlor (home, retail, college, flea mkt.)
Avg. salary of a tattoo artist: commissions, rental of retail store space, subcontractor status, training/expertise, apprentices, building clientele
Tattoo studio operations: start-up costs, avg. revenues, expenses (rent, tools, marketing, equipment), profits,
Table: Estimated income statement: avg. revenues and expenses, by type
Potential dangers with inks, infections, FDA’s role
Types of common tattoos, technology – smart tattoos
Body piercings, costs.
Customer Demand & Demographics
Who gets tattoos? – results of surveys/polls by Harris Polls, U.S News, other companies (2003, 2008, 2012 data)
Percent of Americans with a tattoo (by age, race, sex, region, reasons, etc.)
Attitudes toward persons with tattoos
Piercings, Henna tattoos
Findings of study by Public Opinion Laboratory at Northern Illinois University: characteristics of people with tattoos & body piercings (by gender, race, income, marital status, year of birth)
Market Size and Growth
The Tattoo Parlors Market
Summary & discussion of various estimates of no. of tattoo parlors, $ size of the industry (U.S. Census Bureau data, articles, trade groups, other mkt. research firms)
2012 Census data, product line sales, avg. annual receipts per establishment (tattoo studios, tattoo removal, body piercing services)
How the business holds up in recessions, reasons for growing popularity of tattoos
Estimated no. of parlors, avg. revenues per parlor/artist
Marketdata estimates of $ annual revenues of tattoo parlors, tattoo removal, body piercing market: 2014-2015 performance, 2007-2020 Forecast, discussion of market estimates by U.S. News, other sources.
The Tattoo Removal Market
Types of laser equipment used (Q-switched lasers, pulse dye, CO2 lasers, diode, erg, yag, Palomar Medical Technologies etc.)
Cost per session and no. of treatments needed, total cost
American Academy of Dermatology 2004 survey findings
Training of personnel
Setting up a tattoo removal business: office layout, regulations, equipment, types of leases for laser machines, technology, marketing, staff)
Tattoo removal demographics: sex, seize of tattoos, type ink used, typical patient motivations for removal, pricing, avg. revenue per patient)
Marketdata estimates of $ annual revenues of tattoo removal market: 2014-2015 performance, 2007-2020 Forecast, rational for estimates, discussion of estimates by other sources.
Market size & potential: data from Dr. Tattoff company 10K info., Census, Dermatology Assn. – no of procedures.
Cynosure’s PicoSure FDA approved device, company profile, revenues
Skinial USA company profile
Med Spas & Tattoo Removal: Findings of Custom ISPA/Marketdata Online Survey (Oct. 2015 survey of med spa owners: do they offer tattoo removal, sex mix of clients, use of existing/new staff, biggest competitors, cost per session, no. of sessions, total cost, plans to add service in next year, age & sex of clients, brands of laser equip. used)
The Body Piercing Market
Discussion of market size, based on Zales 10K (owns Piercing Pagoda), and 2012 Census Bureau data
Profile of Piercing Pagoda, 2012 financials from Zales financial summary (2009-2013, no. of sites, revenues per site, total revenues)
Piercing Pagoda History & Description
Acquisition of Piercing Pagoda by Zales (Oct. 2000)
Marketdata estimates of $ annual revenues of body piercing market: 2014-2015 performance, 2007-2020 Forecast.
Franchising & Company Profiles
Why franchising hasn’t caught on in this industry
Profiles of some companies that tried to franchise (background, cost to Purchase, interview comments by management, financials when avail.)
Deja Vu Tattoo & Piercing Studios
Piercing Pagoda (Zales)
Dr. Tattoff Tattoo Removal
Delete - Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon
Reference Directory of Industry Information Sources
Name/address/phone/key contacts: trade groups, journals, magazines, directories, special surveys, consultants, etc.

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