U.S. Nail Salons: An Industry Analysis

U.S. Nail Salons: An Industry Analysis

The U.S. nail salons industry, populated by nearly 28,000 small businesses, had been growing strongly through 2019, reaching a value of $8 billion (actually $17.3 billion when counting sole proprietor nail technicians not working in a retail facility). This growth came to a halt with the pandemic of 2020, which closed many salons for months. However, the industry is recovering as more Americans are vaccinated and shops re-open.

This new Marketdata report is a comprehensive business analysis covering the nature and operations of the nail salons business, services provided, key operating ratios/metrics, dollar size and growth of the industry from 2007 to 2025 Forecast, economic structure of the business (ratios: national, by state, by major city), analysis of franchising (profiles of top 10 franchisors), and more.

The effects of the pandemic are discussed, as well as the outlook for recovery in 2021, and a long-term forecast to 2025. The report also analyses the average yearly revenues per nail salon (for franchises and non-franchises), profitability (industry income statement), and how Asian immigrants built the industry in the 1970s, and the discrimination they faced. Report includes a directory of industry reports, trade associations and magazines.

Sources include U.S. Census Bureau surveys, County Business Patterns, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nails Magazine, Professional Beauty Association, and original Marketdata research.

Nature of the Industry
Definition and number of nail salons and nail technicians, mobile salons, full-service salons, states with highest no. of nail salon workers
Major industry trends and issues: an industry built by immigrants, discrimination against Asian owners/workers, snapshot of the New York market
Key Industry Statistics: amount spent on nail care, customer demographics, nail tech training, work hours, avg. salaries, pricing, etc.
Effects of the pandemic on the industry: closures, cost of protective equipment, how operations changed, house calls, reduced capacity, income declines, top owner concerns.
- Share of consumers of hair and nail salons by age group.
Market Size, Growth, Forecasts
Estimates of industry size/no. of nail salons by U.S. Census Bureau vs. Nails Magazine, other sources, why some estimates don’t make sense
Discussion & analysis of historical growth trends, during last recession, recovery since then, current situation, rationale
Discussion of major factors affecting industry growth
2020 Performance: Effects of The Pandemic: Analysis & discussion, BLS payroll data
2021 Industry Outlook: Prospects for a recovery: Analysis & discussion, recent BLS payroll data
2025 Industry Forecast: Long-term outlook: Analysis & discussion, demand factors
- Number & Receipts of U.S. Nail Salons: Employers with Payrolls: 2007-2025 F
- Number & Receipts of U.S. Nail Salons: Non-Employers without Payrolls: 2007-2025 F
- Total Size of the U.S. Nail Salons Industry: Employers & Non-Employer: 2007-2025 F
- Non-employer Establishments, by Revenue Class: 2018
- Number of nail technicians in the U.S. from 2006 to 2018
Industry Economic Structure & Operating Metrics
- Summary of key industry metrics, NAICS code for the industry, discussion of employer vs. non-employer establishments, number and avg. salary of nail technicians
- Number of nail salon establishments, by employment size: 2017 & 2012
- Industry snapshot: 2007, 2012, 2017: no. of firms, estabs., receipts, employees
- Labor costs & productivity, sales/payroll ratio
- Avg. receipts per nail salon: 2017, 2019
- Avg. receipts, avg. payroll, avg. no employees: 2007, 2012, 2017

Industry ratios (no. of firms, establishments, receipts, payroll as % receipts for 2017 & 2012) by:

• legal form of organization -corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships: no. of employees).
• Single vs. multi-unit firms, by size
• Concentration Ratios: ratios for top 4, 8, 20, 50 largest firms
• Receipts size of establishments (under $100,000 to $5 mill.)
• No. of nail salons, receipts & avg. receipts per establishment, alpha by state: 2019

Geographic Analysis
- Top 7 states, by no. of nail salons
- Top 6 states, by receipts
• No. of nail salons, receipts & avg. receipts per establishment, by state, ranked by number – 2019 (County Business Patterns, Marketdata estimates)
• No. of nail salons, receipts & avg. receipts per establishment, by major city: 2017.

Nail Technicians Data
- No. of nail techs: 2006-2018
- Employment of manicurists & pedicurists, by state, May 2020
- Annual mean wage of manicurists & pedicurists, by state, May 2020
- Metropolitan areas with the highest employment level in Manicurists and Pedicurists
- Top paying metropolitan areas for Manicurists and Pedicurists

Nail Salon Operating Costs & Metrics
- Discussion of FabJob Guide and BLS data on nail salon owner’s potential earnings and salon profit margins, factors affecting profitability
- Sample Profit & Loss Monthly Statement for an Average Nail Salon: 2019 (Marketdata estimates)
- Frenchie’s Franchise Sample Annual Income Statement: Salon in year 4,
- Avg. price of nail services, by type (Nails Magazine data)
- Services provided by nail salons, percent offered (Nails Magazine data)
Nail Salon Franchising
(Headquarters address, no. of franchises, purchase costs, financial data when available)
- Summary – discussion of franchising benefits, sample earnings of Frenchie’s franchisees in 2018
- Top 10 nail salon franchisors, no. of units, systemwide revenues
- Brief profiles of nail salon franchises
• Regal Nails
• Frenchie’s
• Bellacures
• PROSE Nail Salons
• Davi Nails
• Namaste Nail Sanctuary
• Miniluxe
• Nail Garden
• Camile Albane
• Hammer & Nails Grooming
Reference Directory
List of nail salon trade associations, journals, special industry reports, articles, other key contacts – address & phones

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