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Sports Nutrition: Pumping Iron

Sports Nutrition: Pumping Iron


This case study assesses the rise of sports nutrition, a market that is growing in many of the stagnant developed economies. It looks at the factors behind the growth, evaluates the market's potential and what could happen in the future.

Features and benefits

  • An introduction to sports nutrition and the market structure.
  • Examination of why the sports nutrition market has continued to grow strongly in economies where economic growth has been constrained for some time.
  • Evaluation of the challenges the sports nutrition industry faces and possible avenues the industry could explore to maintain expansion.

Sports Nutrition is a broad term which covers a variety of products aimed at enhancing performance via nutrition. The market historically was the consideration of strength and endurance sports, but has recently expanded beyond these market niches to grow robustly, with all market players profiting.

Health concerns coupled with shrewd marketing have made the products accessible to ""active lifestyle"" consumers. Other factors such as product innovation and the accessibility of health clubs have also contributed. As such, the market has thrived, and has begun to shift its distribution channels, making it more accessible to a wider audience.
0While the market has enjoyed robust growth recently, there are some threats to market players. Regulation is one of the most potent, as some sports nutritional supplements have faced reputational damage when subject to a lawsuit or product recall. Sports Nutrition remains a complex product and lack of understanding may constrain growth.

Your key questions answered
  • What is Sports Nutrition?
  • How has sports nutrition grown so strongly in recent years?
  • What are the threats and challenges facing the sports nutrition industry?
  • What does the future hold for sports nutrition?

What is Sports Nutrition?
The Sports nutrition market has been growing
The market's value has grown strongly with forecasts upbeat
Market players are reaping the benefits
Big Pharma also profiting
Consumers are more concerned about health
Gyms have remained accessible despite economic uncertainty
The UK proves extremely receptive to budget gyms
The US is adapting and continues to grow
Innovation has made products more accessible
Novo Bites: alternatives to potato chips
Sports Nutrition companies' marketing strategies are working
MusclePharm's new product range led to colossal gains
The Arnold Schwarzenegger series: vindication of the sponsorship strategy?
FitMiss: segmentation of marketing strategies?
Sports Nutrition is marketed as part of a lifestyle change
New distribution channels raise industry awareness
Sports Nutrition's ambiguous legal status
Hydroxycut contained ephedra and was linked to liver failure
GNC among retailers forced to stop selling mislabeled products
Sports nutrition requires research to verify its claims
Creatine's recent controversy
An innovative market means high costs
MusclePharm has continually made losses since inception
Marketing campaigns can backfire
The Protein World backlash: context
The Protein World backlash
The company reports increased sales despite controversy
How sports nutrition can continue to make gains
Could targeting older generations pay off?
Developing economies
Industry will tend towards consolidation
The patent cliff may force rethink from Big Pharma
Opportunity for artisanal products
Strong growth but poor form risks injury
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