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Nuggela & Sulé: Successful shampoo with a cosmeceutical approach built on alternative "natural"-based therapies

Nuggela & Sulé: Successful shampoo with a cosmeceutical approach built on alternative "natural"-based therapies


Nuggela & Sulé is an onion shampoo sold in Spain. Since its launch in 2014, it has enjoyed great success. This case study looks at how this shampoo differs from more mass-market traditional brands, analyzes the reasons for its success, and provides an insight into the changing behavior of Spanish consumers when purchasing products like shampoo.

Key Findings

Understand the characteristics of Nuggela & Sulé shampoo.

Discover how Nuggela & Sulé succeeds with its innovative cosmeceutical approach.

Learn from this intelligent strategy and understand further opportunities in the haircare segment.

Reasons To Buy

What is Nuggela & Sule and how does it differ from 'traditional' shampoos?
How has the company tapped in to the trend for 'natural' products?

What marketing strategies does the company employ?

Key Highlights

Nuggela & Sulé is inspired by traditional remedies based on the use of onion juice for haircare. It is sold as a natural shampoo and as a complete haircare treatment to stimulate growth and increase shining and softness.

The product brings a traditional remedy to shampoo at a time when alternative natural remedies are on the rise in Spain. Online marketing activities, mainly based on beauty bloggers, have helped to increase brand awareness and influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

Natural therapies together with alternative health-enhancing formats are on the rise, and therefore offer a good opportunity for cosmetic companies to capitalize. Online marketing strategies are essential to new product launches and should be a significant part of marketing budgets.

Onion shampoo enjoys great success thanks in part to professional distribution
Inspired by nature & ancient traditions, with clear benefits
A professional solution with an elevated price
Strong PR campaign focused on beauty bloggers
A clear success only one year after its launch
Taps into natural trend, concerns about image and exploits online recommendations
Clear benefit capitalizes on consumers' personal image concerns
Spanish consumers show clear preference for natural beauty products
Ancient remedies and alternative therapies growing in Spain
The product was backed by a professional approach to convince consumers of its quality
Success based on the power of online recommendations
Cosmeceutical approach, natural claims, & internet marketing keys to success in beauty sector
Cosmeceutical approaches may stimulate growth
Natural concepts support a more premium, profitable approach
Internet marketing strategies a must for new product launches
Traditional remedies an important avenue of future product development
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List of Figures
Figure 1: A natural composition based on three main ingredients
Figure 2: Finalist at Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Awards 2015, organized by Correo Farmaceutico
Figure 3: YouTube channel from Farmacia Morlan (Morlan Pharmacy) recommending the use of the shampoo
Figure 4: Nuggela & Sulé advertising and its impact
Figure 5: Example favorable review by shampoo users
Figure 6: Spain: Use of anti-aging products targeted at scalp/hair, 2014
Figure 7: Consumers who think the following marketing claims would encourage them to buy a product in the beauty and grooming sector (%), 2015
Figure 8: Spain: market value growth in the segment of traditional medicine ($m), 2011–16
Figure 9: Spain versus European average: market value growth ($m) in traditional medicine, 2011–16
Figure 10: Spain: How trustworthy do you consider endorsement of cosmetics/toiletries made by professional associations to be?, 2013
Figure 11: Spanish shoppers show preference for healthy formats and products
Figure 12: Spain: consumers who are concerned about the presence of chemicals in beauty grooming products (%), out of those who expect to increase their spend on beauty products, 2014

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