Malaysia - In-depth PESTLE Insights

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Malaysia - In-depth PESTLE Insights


This PESTLE country analysis report on Malaysia provides a holistic view of the country, with insightful analysis of current and future issues, supplemented with relevant quantitative data to support trend analysis.


  • Understand the political system in Malaysia through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators.
  • Understand the economic situation in Malaysia through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues.
  • Understand customer demographics in Malaysia through analysis of income distribution and the rural-urban split, as well as healthcare and education.
  • Understand the technological landscape in Malaysia through analysis of relevant laws and policies, as well as patents data.
  • The political landscape section discusses the evolution of the political scenario in Malaysia, as well as the country's economic, social, foreign, and defense policies. The section also discusses the country's performance according to World Bank Governance Indicators.
  • The economic landscape section outlines the evolution of Malaysia's economy, as well as the country's performance in terms of GDP growth, composition by sector (agriculture, industry, and services), fiscal situation, international investment position, monetary situation, credit disbursement, banking sector, and employment.
  • The social landscape section analyzes the government's social welfare policies, as well as the country's performance in terms of healthcare, income distribution, and education.
Reasons to buy
  • What is the outlook in Malaysia in terms of political stability, policies towards business, and the popularity of the government?
  • How does Malaysia perform in terms of GDP growth, its fiscal situation, international investment position, monetary situation, and employment?
  • How does Malaysia perform in terms of healthcare, income distribution, and education?
  • How does Malaysia perform in terms of technology-intensive sectors like IT, life sciences, and R&D expenditure trends?

Key findings
Malaysia’s ties with China have strengthened, but authoritarianism poses a threat to democracy
The country has seen FDI growth, but high household debt burden is a problem
The country gives importance to healthcare, however restricted freedom continues to be a problem
While technology exports are on the rise, the shortage of skilled labor needs immediate attention
Malaysia is open to foreign investment, but there is still lack of patent protection
The country has effective environmental laws, but increasing presence of transboundary haze is a major challenge
PESTLE highlights
Political landscape
Economic landscape
Social landscape
Technological landscape
Legal landscape
Environmental landscape
Key fundamentals
Key Facts and Geographic Location
Key facts
Geographical location
PESTLE Analysis
Political analysis
Current strengths
Malaysia-Australia relations
Supportive Government Policies
Current challenges
Poor performer in establishing democratic institutions
Territorial dispute over Sabah
Controversy over 1MDB
Future prospects
Improving bilateral ties with Singapore
Improving bilateral ties with China
Future risks
Rising dissatisfaction among ethnic minorities
Growing authoritarianism
Economic analysis
Current strengths
Consistent economic progress/success
Safe haven for the investors
Current challenges
Rising household debt
Future prospects
Ambitious economic plan
Meeting long-term energy needs
Tourism Plan
Encouraging SMEs
Future risks
Inefficient bureaucracy
High government debt
Social analysis
Current strengths
Strength through diversity
Improved life style
Improvement on the HDI
A young society
Priority to healthcare
Current challenges
High youth unemployment rate
Unequal distribution of income
Restricted freedom
Future prospects
Ambitious Education Sector Reforms
Fight against terrorism
Resolving the issue of food security
Future risks
Human rights violations
Technological analysis
Current strengths
Strong digital infrastructure
Progress in innovations
Incentives for R&D activities
High technology exports
Increased Internet penetration
Current challenges
Low competitiveness of the industry
Low talent in ICT industry
Vulnerable to cybercrime
High piracy levels
Future prospects
Digital Malaysia initiative
Ambitious plan to develop ICT industry by 2020
Opportunities for Startups – technology based industries
Future risks
Skilled labor shortage
Legal analysis
Current strengths
Improvements in the corporate governance code
National competition policy
Openness to foreign investment
Current challenges
Lack of patent protection
Restrictive internet law
Future prospects
Improvement in ease of doing business
Future risks
A lack of transparency in legislative processes
New security law
Environmental analysis
Current strengths
Great bio-diversity
Effective environment laws and signatory to international pacts
Establishing environmental courts
Current challenges
Transboundary haze
Increasing deforestation
Future prospects
Efforts towards the development of renewable energy
Shift towards sustainable greener growth
Future risks
Bauxite mining creating health hazards
Lack of integration of sustainable development in sectoral policies
Political Landscape
Structure and policies
Key political figures
Structure of government
Federal government
State government
Key political parties and alliances
Composition of government
Key policies
Key policy areas
Social policy
Foreign policy
Governance indicators
Economic Landscape
Structure and policies
Financial authorities and regulators
Stock market
Key policies
GDP and growth rate
GDP composition by sector
Fiscal situation
Exports and imports
Current account
External debt
International investment position
Foreign direct and portfolio investments
Credit rating
Monetary situation
Interest rate
Social Landscape
Structure and policies
Demographic composition
Age and gender-wise composition
Urban/rural composition and migration
Religious composition
Healthcare services
Social welfare
Social welfare policies
Income distribution
Technological Landscape
Structure and policies
Intellectual property
Opportunity sectors
Legal Landscape
Structure and policies
Judicial system
Structure of the system
Tax regulations
Individual income tax
Corporate tax
Withholding tax
Goods and services tax (GST)
Corporate governance
Effectiveness of the legal system
Environmental Landscape
Structure and policies
Environmental regulations
Participation in global efforts, agreements, and pacts
Environmental impact
Ask the analyst
List of Tables
Table 1: Malaysia – key fundamentals
Table 2: Malaysia – key facts
Table 3: Analysis of Malaysia’s political landscape
Table 4: Analysis of Malaysia's economy
Table 5: Analysis of Malaysia's social system
Table 6: Analysis of Malaysia’s technology landscape
Table 7: Analysis of Malaysia’s legal landscape
Table 8: Analysis of Malaysia’s environmental landscape
Table 9: Mid-year population of Malaysia by age (percentage of total population), 2016
Table 10: Patents granted by the USPTO
List of Figures
Figure 1: Map of Malaysia
Figure 2: Targets by 2020
Figure 3: Malaysia – key political events timeline
Figure 4: Key political figures in Malaysia
Figure 5: Composition of the Malaysian parliament , 2016
Figure 6: Malaysia’s historical GDP growth, 2006–2016
Figure 7: GDP and GDP growth rate in Malaysia, 2011–21f
Figure 8: GDP composition by sectors, 2016
Figure 9: Agriculture output of Malaysia, 2011-16
Figure 10: Industrial output of Malaysia, 2011-16
Figure 11: Service output of Malaysia, 2011-16
Figure 12: External trade of Malaysia, 2012-16
Figure 13: Consumer price index and consumer price index-based inflation in Malaysia, 2011-21f
Figure 14: Unemployment in Malaysia, 2011-21f
Figure 15: Major religions of Malaysia
Figure 16: Total expenditure on healthcare in Malaysia, 2009-15
Figure 17: Government expenditure on education in Malaysia, 2011-16
Figure 18: Internet users and growth rate in Malaysia, 2012-16
Figure 19: Carbon dioxide emissions in Malaysia, 2008-15

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