Floorcoverings Market Report Research & Analysis UK 2019-2023

Floorcoverings Market Report Research & Analysis UK 2019-2023

MTW Research have published the 4th edition Floorcoverings Market Research & Analysis 2019 market report providing a comprehensive review of the 2019 UK Floorcoverings market with forecasts to 2023. The report also includes an up to date review of the recent and future impact of Brexit on the floorcoverings market.

Written for floorcovering manufacturers and distributors, the report reviews the entire domestic & non-domestic floorcoverings market focusing on trends in the domestic sector. Invaluable for business planning, marketing plans & growing sales quickly, the report is available immediately in a variety of formats for dissemination with colleagues.

The report illustrates and discusses the performance of the domestic and non-domestic UK floorcoverings market for carpets market, laminate & wood flooring trends, tiles and other flooring product trends in recent years, with analysis of product mix and share by distribution channel between 2013 and 2019, with forecasts to 2023.

1 Page profiles for 50+ leading manufacturers and 60+ leading retailers are provided, along with 3 years financial history to illustrate the recent performance of the market. Revised and updated discussion for 2019 of key macro and micro market influences impacting the sector are provided with thought-provoking qualitative comment on future opportunities and threats. This report combines the best of both statistically relevant quantitative data from the industry, coupled with relevant and insightful qualitative comment and analysis.

The 230+ Page Floorcoverings Market Report Includes:-

UK Floorcoverings Market by Value 2013-2023

Floorcoverings Market Trends & Influences, Design Trends, Fashions etc

Product Mix, Market Sizes & Trends for Domestic Carpets Market, Laminate / Wood, Flooring Tiles Market etc.

Distribution Channel Share – DIY, retailers, high street etc shares in 2013, 2019 & 2023

1 Page Profile for 120+ Flooring Retailers & Manufacturers, Turnover / Profit & Rankings for Each Company

Floorcovering Retailers Industry Structure & Detailed Analysis 2013-2023

SWOT & PEST, Ansoff Growth Prospects, Positive & Negative Influences, Future Prospects

Quantitative market sizes based on industry sales, supported by detailed discussion of market trends, sector mix, specification criteria, influences & future prospects are provided.

Product Shares & Market Sizes & Product Trends 2013-2023 Provided for:-

Domestic Carpet Market – Tufted carpets, woven, needlepoint, knotted etc.

Wood Flooring / Laminate Floorcoverings Market– Engineered hardwood floors, solid wood & laminate market

Ceramic Floor Tiles Market

Other Floorcoverings – Natural Stone, Cork, Rubber, Vinyl, Lino etc

This exclusive, 4th edition report represents the only comprehensive yet affordable ‘off the shelf’ report written specifically for the UK Floorcoverings Market which combines statistically valid, quantitative financial data and qualitative research and trend comment.

The methodology for this report is unique in the level of quantitative data included such as analysis of sales, profit & balance sheet data from the industry coupled with primary research information from Government sources, manufacturers, contractors, and other trade sources. This was supported by secondary research from trade journals, company reports, Companies House, Government statistics, trade associations, company websites and existing knowledge in this sector. The report is unique in that a 2018 turnover & profit estimate is provided for every company reviewed.

This unique report represents a comprehensive yet cost effective tool for understanding the historical, current and future performance of the UK Floorcoverings Market. Written specifically for suppliers in the industry, this unique, easy to use & independent report represents an invaluable tool to increase sales in the Floorcoverings Market.

Key Features Of This 230+ Page Floorcoverings Market Report Include:-

MARKET SIZE - Floorcoverings Market Statistics including…

Floorcoverings Market Size by Value 2013 – 2019, Forecasts to 2023, Current & Constant Prices

Share by Domestic & Non-Domestic Floorcovering Applications 2013-2023

Analysis of Floorcoverings Market Performance 2013-2019, Key Market Trends 2019-2023

Future Prospects for Floorcoverings Market, Positive & Negative Influences

Added Value Opportunities Available to the Floorcoverings Industry

MARKET TRENDS & INFLUENCES - Quantitative & Detailed Qualitative Market Trends 2013-2023, including…

PEST Analysis –Politico-Legal, Economic, Environmental, Social & Technological

SWOT Analysis – Key Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Key Floorcovering Market Influences - economic, political, legal, housebuilding, housing, social trends, product development etc

Housebuilding Market Trends, Self Build Market 209-2023, Childrens Bedroom Floorcoverings Market 2013-2023

Ansoff Matrix – Identification of Future Growth Areas & Mix by Strategy to 2023

Market KPIs – Profit, Assets, Debt, Net Worth 2013-2023 for 110+ floorcovering retailers and manufacturers

Sales per Employee in Floorcoverings Retail Industry – 2013–2023

PRODUCT & CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION - Domestic Market Size 2013-2023 , Trends & Share for…

Carpets Market, Laminate / Wood Flooring Market, Tiles market, Others (Stone, Vinyl, Cork etc)

Share by Flooring Product 2013, 2019 & 2023

Distribution Channel Mix 2013, 2019 & 2023 – retailers, merchants, Internet, DIY etc

INDUSTRY STRUCTURE & 120+ COMPANY PROFILES - Review of Floorcovering Market Structure & Company Profiles, including...

Floorcovering Retailers Market Mix by Growth/Decline, Credit, Age, Turnover & Employees

Floorcoverings Retailers Market Share by UK Geographical Region

Floorcoverings Retailers Rankings – by Turnover, Profit, Assets, Debt, Worth & Employees

60+ Retailer & 50+ Manufacturer Profiles – 1 Page Profile & Financial Charts, 3 Years Financials Charts

Financial Data for 110+ Companies– 3 Year Turnover, Profit, Emps, Assets, Debt & Worth

Sales Leads– Mailing Address, Telephone & Contact Name for Each Company

AVAILABLE ONLY AS PART OF THE ‘ULTIMATE PACK’ - All Formats of the Report, Spreadsheet & Mailing List, including...

Hard Copy – Lasered & Bound in ‘Lay Flat’ Format for Fast Reference in Meetings etc.

CD-ROM - MS Word & PDF Copies – Cut & Paste into your own Reports / Presentations

PDF Report – Emailed to Your Desktop the Same Day, Easy to Share With Colleagues

Spreadsheet & Mailing List - More Detailed Analysis, Supplied on CD-ROM in MS Excel which includes…

1.1 Key Features & Benefits of this Research & Analysis Report
2.2.1 Domestic & Non-Dom Floorcoverings Market Size 2013-
2.2.2 Floorcoverings Market Size 2013-2023 – Constant Prices
2.2.3 Floorcoverings Market – Share by Product 2013-
2.2.4 Floorcoverings Market – Share by Domestic & Non-Dom2013-
2.3.1 Domestic Floorcoverings Market Size 2013-2023 – Current Price
2.3.2 Domestic Floorcoverings Market Size 2013-2023 – Constant Prices
2.3.3 Future Prospects
2.4.1 PEST Analysis – Illustration of Key Market Forces
2.4.2 Political & Legal Influences & Trends
Short Term Impact of Brexit
Long Term Impact of Brexit
2.4.3 Economic Influences & Trends
2.4.4 UK Housebuilding Market – New Build Dwellings 2013-
2.4.5 Social Housing Market - New Build Starts by Volume 2019-
2.4.6 UK Self Build Market 2013-2023 by Volume
2.5 SWOT ANALYSIS – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
2.6 Floorcoverings Sales Shares for England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland 2019
2.6.1 Value Share by England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland
2.6.2 Floorcoverings Sales by English Region
2.7 Key Specification Criteria & Design Trends & Fashions in Floorcoverings
3.1 Share by Key Floorcovering Type – 2019, 2013 &
3.2 Domestic Carpets Market 2013-
3.2.1 Domestic Carpets Market Sales 2013-
3.2.2 Market Trends & Influences on Domestic Carpets Market in
3.2.3 Childrens’ Carpets Market Size & Number of Childrens Bedrooms 2019
3.2.4 Type of Carpets Specified in UK Homes in
3.3 Laminate & Wood Floorcoverings Market 2013 –
3.3.1 Laminate Floorcoverings Market Product Trends
3.3.2 Wood Floorcoverings Market Product Trends
3.4 Ceramic Floor Tiles Market 2013-2023
3.5 Stone, Vinyl, Lino & Other Floorcoverings Market 2013-
4.1 Floorcoverings Manufacturers Profiles & KPIs
50+ Manufacturers' 1 Page Profiles, 3 Year Financials, Company Overview & ‘At a Glance’
5.1 Share by Key Distribution Channel 2019, 2013 & 2023
5.2 Floorcovering Retailers Market – Industry Structure
5.2.1 Market Mix by Growth/Decline Over Last 12 Months
5.2.2 Industry Share by Credit Rating in
5.2.3 Industry Mix by Age of Companies in
5.2.4 Industry Share by Number of Employees in
5.2.5 Industry Mix by Turnover Band in
5.2.6 Industry Mix by Geographical Region in
5.3 Key Market Trends in the Floorcoverings Retail Industry 2013-
5.3.1 Floorcoverings Retailers Market Profitability 2013-
5.3.2 Floorcoverings Retailers Industry Assets 2013-
5.3.3 Floorcoverings Retail Industry Debt 2013-
5.3.4 Floorcoverings Retail Market Net Worth 2013-
5.3.5 Sales per Employee in Floorcoverings Retail Market 2013-
5.4 Floorcoverings Retailers Industry Ranking & Turnover Estimates
5.4.1 Floorcoverings Key Retailers Listing
5.4.2 60+ Floorcoverings Retailers Ranking By Turnover
5.4.3 Floorcoverings Retailer Turnover Estimates
5.4.4 Floorcoverings Retailers Ranking by Profitability
5.4.5 Floorcoverings Retailers Ranking by Assets
5.4.6 Floorcoverings Retailers Ranking by Debt
5.4.7 Floorcoverings Retailers Ranking by Net Worth
5.5 Floorcoverings Retailers Profiles, KPIs & ‘At a Glance’
60+ Retailers 1 Page Profile, 3 Year Financials & ‘At a Glance’
The 230+ Page Floorcoverings Market Report Table of Charts:-
1: Domestic & Non-Dom Floorcoverings Market 2013–
2: Floorcoverings Market – UK 2013 – 2023 Constant
3: Floorcoverings Market Share Key Product Sector
4: Floorcoverings Market Share Key Product Sector 2013
5: Floorcoverings Market Share Key Product Sector
6: Share by Domestic & Non-Domestic Applications 2019
7: Floorcoverings Share by Domestic & Non-Dom
8: Share by Domestic & Non-Domestic Applications 2023
9: Domestic Floorcoverings Market – UK 2013– 19 Value
10: Domestic Floorcoverings Market – UK 2013 – 2023
11: Floorcoverings Market Growth by Ansoff Strategy
12: PEST Analysis for UK Floorcoverings Market in 2019
13: UK Economic Annual Performance– GDP 2008-2019
14: UK Economic Annual Performance– Inflation (CPI)
15: UK Economic Annual Performance– Interest Rates
16: UK Unemployment Numbers 2008-
17: Total New Build Home Starts UK: 2013-
18: UK New Home Build Activity Split by LA, HA & Private
19: UK Private Sector New Build Home Starts 2013-2023
20: UK Housing Associations New Build Housing Starts
21: Local Authority New Build Housing Starts UK 2013 - 2023
22: Self Build Market Housing Starts UK 2013 -
23: Key Strengths & Weaknesses in the Floorcoverings Market
24: Key Opportunities & Threats Floorcoverings Market 2019-
25: Domestic Floorcoverings Sales by UK Country
26: Floorcoverings Sales by English Region
27: Floorcoverings Market – Value by English Region 2019
28: Share by Product in Domestic Floorcoverings Market 2019
29: Domestic Floorcoverings Product Mix by Value
30: Forecast Share by Product in Floorcoverings Market
31: Domestic Carpets Market by Value 2013-2023 £M
32: Children’s Bedroom & Playroom Carpet Market Value 2013-
33: Laminate & Wood Floorcoverings Market by Value 2013-
34: Ceramic Floor Tiles Market by Value 2013-2023 £M
35: Stone, Lino, Vinyl & Other Floorcoverings Market by Value
36-102: 50+ Floorcovering Manufacturers Sales Data & 3 Year Financials
103: Share by Distribution Channel for Domestic Floorcoverings
104: Share by Distribution Channel for Floorcoverings Market 2013
105: Share by Distribution Channel for Floorcoverings Market 2023
106: Market Share by Floorcoverings Retailer Sales Growth
107: Market Share by Credit Rating in the Floorcoverings Retai
108: Market Share by Company Age in the Floorcovering Retail
109: Mix by Number of Employees in the Floorcovering Retail
110: Share by Turnover Band in the Floorcovering Retail Market
111: Mix by Location Type in the Floorcoverings Retail Market 2019
112: Floorcoverings Retailers Market Profitability 2013 – 2023 £M
113: Floorcoverings Industry Assets 2013 – 2023 £M
114: Average Floorcoverings Retailers Assets 2013 – 2023 £M
115: Floorcoverings Retail Market Debt – UK 2013 – 2023 £M
116: Floorcovering Retail Market Average Debt 2013 – 2023 £M
117: Floorcoverings Retail Market Net Worth – UK 2013 – 2023 £M
118: Floorcoverings Retailers Average Net Worth
119: Floocoverings Retailer Sales Per Employee
120: Floorcoverings Retailers Company Listing
121: Floorcoverings Retailers Ranked By Turnover
122: Floorcoverings Retailer Sales Estimates 2015 £M
123: Floorcoverings Retailers Ranked By Profit
124: Floorcoverings Retailers Ranked By Assets
125: Floorcoverings Retailers Ranked By Debt
126: Floorcoverings Retailers Ranked By Net Worth
127-194: 60+ Floorcoverings Retailers 3 Year Financials

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