Toy Market Worldwide and Leading Manufacturers

Toy Market Worldwide and Leading Manufcturers

The Toy Industry Assessment provides an overview of the toy space worldwide and includes specific analyses as this relates to the leading U.S. toy retailers and U.S. toy manufacturers. It scrutinizes developments in the major product categories – Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, Electronic Learning, Hybrids [Skylanders etc] and Games and Puzzles including shelf space movements for the first four. It also provides sales projections for ToysRUs, Mattel, Hasbro, Leapfrog and Jakks Pacific.

The data points provided in the Assessment are based on three source levels:

The first is the proprietary Klosters Retailer Panel which includes stores from the top ten toy retailers in the U.S. Feedback from the Klosters Retailer Panel is updated bi-weekly and includes sell-through numbers, shelf space metrics and inventory levels as well as observations from the side of shop floor personnel and store management as to consumer behavior and manufacturers’ problems or opportunities.

The second is feedback provided by national buyers at the leading retailers both in the U.S. and Europe – Amazon, Target, ToysRUs and Wal-Mart in the U.S. and Amazon, ASDA, Carrefour, ToysRUs and others in Europe.

The third are contract-producers who manufacture for the leading toy companies including Mattel, Hasbro, Leapfrog and Jakks.
All tables relating to sales projections are based on these three source levels but do not include the impact of currency fluctuations.
The specific subjects covered are listed under the separate Page Index for this issue.

The Toy Industry Assessment is issued every quarter and complements the monthly Klosters Toy Newsletter.

1 Toy Industry Assessment©
2 Klosters Trading Corporation
3 Distribution Restriction
4 Methodology
5 Page Index
7 2015 Toys Sales Picture
8 U.S. Consumer Confidence
9 U.S. Toy Market Growth - NPD versus Klosters
10 U.S. Toy Market Seasonality
11 The Total U.S.Toy Market by Category
12 The influence of the Game and Hobby Channel
13 Game and Hobby Consumer Profile
14 The influence of the Hybrids
15 The Total U.S. Toy Market History including Hybrids and Game and Hobby Sales
16 U.S. Toy Retailer Market Shares
17 ToysRUs Status
18 ToysRUs Sales Projection
19 Dollar Stores Status
20 Wal-Mart Status
21 Toy Price Comparison
22 Target Status
23 WMT and TGT Toy Space History
24 WMT and TGT Historical Toy Space
25 Amazon Status
26 U.S. Online Toy Sales
27 Worldwide Toy Market Projection
29 Toys and Movies in 2015
30 Action Figure Movies 2015 Table
31 Action Figure Movies 2016 Table
32 Fashion Doll Movies 2015 Table
33 Fashion Doll Movies 2016 Table
34 Preschool Movies 2015 Table
35 Preschool Movies 2016 Table
37 Mattel Overall Status
38 Fashion Dolls Status
39 Fashion Doll Developments Disney
40 Elena of Avalor
41 Descendants – a Monsters Challenge
42 Descendants – the D
43 Fashion Doll Developments – MGA
44 Vi + Va Fashion Dolls
45 Mc2 Doll - McKeyla McAlister
46 The New Bratz Dolls
47 Fashion Doll Developments - Mattel
48 Barbie’s Princesses
49 Barbie Princess – Princess Alexa
50 Barbie Princess – Princess Kara
51 Mattel’s Female Action Figures
52 DC Super Hero Gir
53 Hello Barbie Delay
54 Hello Barbie
55 Best Selling Dolls U.S. Retail
56 Best Selling Fashion Dolls European Retail
57 Fashion Dolls Historical Market Shares
58 Fashion Dolls U.S. Market Shares Today
59 Fashion Dolls U.S. Shelf Space Status
60 Mattel Boy/Girls Other Products
61 BoomCo Shelf Space
62 Mattel Action Figure U.S. Shelf Space Status
63 Mattel Boy/Girl Sales Projection 2015
64 Fisher Price Status
65 Fisher Price Top Properties
66 Fisher Price New Licenses
69 American Girl Status
70 Shop-in-Shop at Palacios Mexico
71 Mega Overall Status
72 Mega new Licenses
73 Mega Minions
74 Construction Toys U.S. Shelf Space Status
75 Other Construction Toy Competitors
76 Mattel Sales Projection 2015
78 Hasbro Overall Status
79 Hasbro Boy Category Status
80 Ant Man
81 Effect of the Hybrids on Action Figures and new Entries
82 Lego Dimensions Lord of the Rings
83 Disney Infinity Star Wars
84 Best Selling Action Figures U.S. Retail
85 Best Selling Action Figures European Retail
86 Hasbro Action Figures U.S. Shelf Space Status
87 Playmation – Disney’s Role
88 Playmation
89 Kre-O Status
90 Hasbro Boy Sales Projection 2015
91 Hasbro Girl Category Status
92 Hasbro Preschool Status
93 Hasbro Games and Puzzles Status
94 Hasbro’s Board Games Ranking
95 Hasbro Sales Projection 2015
97 Leapfrog Overall Status
98 Leapfrog’s New Consoles
99 Leapfrog Platinum Assessment
100 Leappad Platinum
101 Best Selling ELP U.S. Retail
102 Best Selling ELP European Retail
103 ELP Shelfspace Total Range
104 Leapfrog Category Shelf Space
105 Leapfrog Sales Projection 2015
107 Jakks Pacific Overall Status
108 Disguise
109 Jakks Sales Projection 2015
111 Disney Overall Status
112 Disney Movies and Toys
113 Disney Sales Picture
114 Infinity
115 Infinity Star Wars
116 Amiibo
117 Hybrids - New Product Entries
118 Lego Dimensions
119 Hybrids Shelf Space Status
120 Hybrid Sales
121 Tsum Tsum Babies
122 Tsum Tsum Babies Target Endcap

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