As our name suggests, Emerging Markets Direct is a fast paced publishing company headquartered in the USA with research bureaus in Sofia, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. We produce and deliver to an institutional client base industry research and analysis on topical themes in the Emerging Markets. We also publish IntelliNews ™, which for over 12 years has been a trusted source market moving daily news, weekly overviews, and monthly reports covering Emerging Europe, MENA and Asia. In addition to our principal editorial desks, Emerging Market Direct analysts editors and journalists are located in London and 14 countries. Including China, Russia, Poland, India and the UK.
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120 Reports from Intellinews

  • Ukraine Country Report - March, 2019

    ... is unimportant as Ukraine continues to grow well below its potential thanks to the war with Russia and the failure of the government to push through radical reforms. The acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - March, 2019

    ... the whole of 2018. Russia’s economy is growing again, but that growth is way below potential. The forecast for growth in 2019 is 1.3-1.8% and the same again for 2020 before growth starts to respond ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - February, 2019

    ... IMF published along with the text of the request for Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) and cancellation of arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) of the Ukrainian government, reports the Kyiv Post. “Investment, particularly foreign direct ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - February, 2019

    ... but real incomes in 2018 fell for the fifth year in a row. There was a federal budget surplus of 2.2% -- the first surplus in years – but growth for the full year came ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - September, 2018

    ... has already revised the 2018 full-year GDP growth to 1.9%, while the CBR expects GDP growth in the range of 1.5-2% for the full year. Inflation has already ticked up to over 3%, partly due ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - September, 2018

    ... However, GDP growth will slow in 2019 as political uncertainty takes hold ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections next year. Inflation has slowed on the back of a bumper harvest, but fundamental downside pressures are ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - August, 2018

    ... picking up while non-performing loans (NLPs) in the banking sector are coming down. Even the collapsed commercial bank Privatbank is back in profit. However, the recovery remains under par given the depth of the previous ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - August, 2018

    ... GDP growth forecast for this year was recently revised down to 1.9%, while the outlook for industry has dipped back into the red after the manufacturing PMI turned red in May and June. Inflation and ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - July , 2018

    ... exports, the economic growth is not gathering the momentum that one would expect following such a deep collapse in 2017 when GDP contracted by 15%. The nation's real GDP accelerated from a 2.2% y/y growth ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - July , 2018

    ... red after the manufacturing PMI turned red again in May and June. This has had an adverse affect on incomes and retail turnover, both of which fell in June. However, overall the economy is recovering ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - June, 2018

    ... the momentum it should have in a post-crash bounce-back and remains very vulnerable to external shocks. Moreover, in the next few years it remains vulnerable to a lack of funding to meet its external obligations ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - June, 2018

    ... $44 for this year. That is providing the state with windfall revenues it can use to channel into its RUB8 trillion spending plan to revive the economy and lift incomes. This is having multiple effects ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - May, 2018

    ... official data, Ukraine’s real GDP rose 2.5% y/y in 2017. GDP grew 0.1% quarter-on-quarter in 1Q17, 0.8% q/q in 2Q17, 0.5% q/q in 3Q17 and 0.5% q/q in 4Q17. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - May, 2018

    ... not only for the oligarchs themselves, but also for the entire Russian economy. The new sanctions didn’t just hit Putin’s friends who made their billions with state contracts inside Russia; they targeted the owners of ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - April, 2018

    ... this year. The engine of recovery seems to have shifted from last year's primary production to a broader base, but the development is still shaky. Retail sales rose by 2% y/y in January-February. This represented ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - April, 2018

    ... driven by investment in 2017, which increased 18.2% y/y, and consumption, which accelerated to 7.8% y/y from 2.1% y/y in 2016. Consumption was helped by a growth in incomes, which are now $300 per month, ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - October, 2017

    ... forecasts for the whole year have been raised slightly from 2% to 2.1% in September, mainly thanks to higher than expected oil prices. Analysts see GDP rising by 1.5 % p.a. through 2019 on the ... Read More

  • Ukraine Country Report - October, 2017

    ... after a hard crisis. Mid-term prospects look reasonably bright as the economy continues to show fundamental strength. Key macro indicators, including inflation and the BoP, are consistent with a slow but sustainable recovery. The next ... Read More

  • Russia Country Report - September, 2017

    ... offset weakness in other GDP components, most notably consumption and public spending. Therefore, analysts remain cautious on Russia's growth prospects this year, despite the strong performance seen in 2Q17. Growth over the first half of ... Read More

  • Turkey Country Report - July , 2017

    ... up by 3.5% y/y in May, marking the best growth in output since August 2015. The indicators suggest that Turkey’s economic growth will be stronger in the second quarter than it was in the first, ... Read More

  • Turkey Country Report - June, 2017

    ... by 6.7% y/y in April, marking the best growth in output recorded in 20 months and exports surged 16% y/y in May. Business confidence index rose 3% m/m to 112.4 in June, the highest level ... Read More

  • Poland Country Report - June, 2017

    ... included 4.7% y/y growth in private consumption. Investment, which due to the recent recovery in the construction sector was widely predicted to have rebounded from the deep lull into which it fell in 2016, surprised ... Read More

  • Romania Country Report Apr17

    ... attempt to boost the growth significantly above the potential growth. The 3.5% budget deficit projected for this year by the European Commission might be acceptable if aimed at financing infrastructure works able to sustain future ... Read More

  • Turkey Country Report - April, 2017

    ... camp in the referendum now raises difficult questions over Turkey’s near-term political and economic outlook as well as its relations with the EU. The government is arguing that the executive presidential system will bring better ... Read More

  • Poland Country Report - May, 2017

    ... 3-3.2%, which was anyway a reduction on earlier predictions of an economic expansion of 3.8%. What economic expansion there was in 2016 was driven almost solely by household consumption, powered by rising wages and falling ... Read More

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