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North America Polyurethane Market Forecast 2018-2026

North America Polyurethane Market Forecast 2018-2026


Increasing automobile production in North America is expected to fuel the demand for polyurethane products in the region for the forecast period of 2018-2026. Over these projected years, the market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of 6.27%.


The North America polyurethane market is segmented on the basis of type, end-users and products. A shifting trend towards lightweight automobiles for enhancing the fuel efficiency is expected to fuel the market demand for polyurethane in this region. The US and Canada are the major markets in this region, with the latter expected to witness the highest CAGR over the forecast period. The country’s expanding residential construction industry is anticipated to be a major contributor to this growth. On the other hand, the US’s major demand comes from its automotive, furniture and bedding, and construction materials sectors.


Major polyurethane manufacturing companies operating in this market are The Dow Chemical Company, Dic Corp, Recticel S.A, Lubrizol Corp, Nippon Polyurethane Industry Corp Ltd, Huntsman Corp, Covestro, Bayer Ag, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, Woodbridge Foam Corp, and RTP Company.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Scope Of The Market Study
1.3. Who Will Find This Report Useful?
1.4. Study And Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Sources Of Data
2.1.1. Secondary Data
2.1.2. Primary Data
2.2. Top Down Approach
2.3. Bottom-up Approach
2.4. Data Triangulation
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Summary
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. Increased Investments In R&D
3.2.2. Growing Demand From Electronics Industry
3.2.3. Flexible Foam To Hold Major Chunk Of The Market
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Definition
4.2. Drivers
4.2.1. Increasing Penetration In Automobiles And Furniture Industry
4.2.2. Multiple Utility Due To Versatile Properties
4.2.3. Increasing Demand For Energy Efficiency
4.2.4. Innovative Applications
4.2.5. Lightweight
4.3. Restraints
4.3.1. Degradation Of Pu Waste Is A Major Environmental Concern
4.4. Opportunities
4.4.1. Polyurethane Scores Over Metals In All Aspects
4.4.2. Sharp Correction In The Crude Oil And Petroleum Product Prices
4.5. Challenges
4.5.1. Industry Moving Towards Bio-based Pu
4.5.2. Fluctuating Crude Oil Prices
5. Market By End-user
5.1. Furniture And Bedding
5.2. Building And Construction
5.3. Automobiles
5.4. Footwear
5.5. Electrical And Electronics
5.6. Other Markets
6. Market By Product
6.1. Flexible Foam
6.2. Rigid Foam
6.3. Elastomers
6.4. Adhesives And Sealants
6.5. Coatings
6.6. Other Materials
7. Market By Type
7.1. Thermoplastic
7.2. Thermosetting
8. Key Analytics
8.1. Porter’s 5 Force Analysis
8.1.1. Threat Of New Entrants
8.1.2. Threat Of Substitute Products
8.1.3. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
8.1.4. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
8.1.5. Intensity Of Competitive Rivalry
8.2. Value Chain Analysis
8.2.1. Raw Material Suppliers
8.2.2. Manufacturers
8.2.3. Converters
8.2.4. Distributors
8.2.5. Retailers
8.2.6. End-users
8.3. Regulatory Framework
8.4. Vendor Landscape
8.5. Opportunity Matrix
9. Geographical Analysis
9.1. United States
9.2. Canada
10. Competitive Landscape
10.1. Company Profile
10.1.1. Bayer Ag
10.1.2. Basf Se
10.1.3. Covestro
10.1.4. Dic Corp
10.1.5. Eastman Chemical Co
10.1.6. Huntsman Corp
10.1.7. Lubrizol Corp
10.1.8. Mitsubishi Chemical Corp
10.1.9. Mitsui Chemicals Inc
10.1.10. Nippon Polyurethane Industry Corp Ltd
10.1.11. Rampf Holding Gmbh & Co Kg
10.1.12. Recticel S.A.
10.1.13. Rtp Company
10.1.14. The Dow Chemical Company
10.1.15. Woodbridge Foam Corp
List Of Tables
Table 1 North America Polyurethane Market By Country 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Table 2 Innovations In Polyurethane
Table 3 North America Polyurethane Market By End-user 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Table 4 North America Polyurethane Market By End-user 2018-2026 (Kilo Tons)
Table 5 Companie’s Polyurethane Foam-based Insulation Products
Table 6 Basf’s New Pu Technologies And Applications For Automobiles
Table 7 Benefits Of Polyurethane Automotive Applications
Table 8 North America Polyurethane Market By Product 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Table 9 North America Polyurethane Market By Product 2018-2026 (Kilo Tons)
Table 10 Consumer And Commercial Pu Products
Table 11 Advantages Of Polyurethane Sealants
Table 12 Product Labeling
Table 13 North America Polyurethane Market By Type 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Table 14 North America Polyurethane Market By Type 2018-2026 (Kilo Tons)
Table 15 North America Polyurethane Market By Country 2018-2026 ($ Million)
List Of Figures
Figure 1 North America Polyurethane Market By End-users 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 2 North America Furniture And Bedding Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 3 North America Building And Construction Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 4 North America Automobiles Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 5 North America Footwear Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 6 North America Electrical And Electronics Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 7 North America Others Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 8 North America Flexible Foam Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 9 North America Rigid Foam Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 10 North America Elastomers Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 11 North America Adhesives And Sealants Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 12 North America Coatings Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 13 North America Others Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 14 North America Thermoplastic Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 15 North America Thermosetting Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 16 United States Polyurethane Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)
Figure 17 Canada Polyurethane Market 2018-2026 ($ Million)

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