North America Opioids Drug Market Forecast 2019-2027

North America Opioids Drug Market Forecast 2019-2027


The North America opioids drug market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.29% throughout the forecast period of 2019-2027. This regional market has been valued $ XX million and is predicted to reach $XX million by 2027. Circumstances like the rising incidences of opioid abuse and addiction and stringent regulatory conditions for opioid drug sales in the healthcare sector are impeding the growth of the market in the region.


The countries of the U.S. and Canada are mainly considered for this particular market study. The United States contributes the largest shares for the market. The increasing cases of road accidents & surgeries are proliferating the market growth. The opioid drugs are prescribed for relieving the pain associated with injury caused due to severe accidents which occurs very frequently in the congested transport routes in developed nations like that of the United States, Canada, among others. Also, some of these cases can lead to unfortunate cases of extreme spinal cord injuries that can cause associated incurable pains. Here, mostly opioids meds are prescribed. Pharmaceutical companies are investing in the development of novel opioid drugs due to its growing demand in the novel therapeutics for pain management.


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (Sun Pharma), Indivior, Inc., Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc., BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc., Cipher Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc., Egalet Corp., Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC, Insys Therapeutics, Inc., Allergan PLC, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Lannett Co. Inc., Mylan NV, Pfizer, Inc., Purdue Pharma LP, Sanofi-Aventis S.A., Lupin Ltd. and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. are some of the competing market players.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Scope Of The Market Study
1.3. Who Will Find This Report Useful?
1.4. Study And Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Sources Of Data
2.1.1. Secondary Data
2.1.2. Primary Data
2.2. Top Down Approach
2.3. Bottom-up Approach
2.4. Data Triangulation
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Summary
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. Oxycodone Holds The Largest Market Share In Terms Of Product
3.2.2. Anesthesia Is The Majorly Used Application
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Scope & Definition
4.2. Market Drivers
4.2.1. Increasing Road Accidents And Surgical Procedures
4.2.2. Escalating Palliative Care For Patients Suffering Intensely
4.2.3. Usage Of Abuse Deterrent Formulations To Restrict The Opioid Abuse
4.2.4. Growing Occurrence Of Chronic Pain
4.3. Market Restraints
4.3.1. Misuse Of Opioids
4.3.2. Stringent Regulatory Framework
4.4. Market Opportunities
4.4.1. Increasing Use Of Extended-release Opioid Formulations
4.4.2. Wide Range Of Applications Of Opioids In The Therapeutic Management
4.5. Market Challenges
4.5.1. Increasing Number Of Lawsuits Cases Against Opioids Manufacturers
4.5.2. Rising Occurrence Of Deaths Related To Opioid Overdose
5. Market By Products
5.1. Buprenorphine
5.2. Fentanyl
5.3. Hydrocodone
5.4. Morphine
5.5. Oxycodone
5.6. Tramadol
5.7. Other Products
6. Market By Application
6.1. Pain Relief
6.1.1. Cancer Pain
6.1.2. Postoperative Pain Management
6.1.3. Low Back Pain
6.1.4. Orthopedic
6.1.5. Neuropathic
6.1.6. Fibromyalgia
6.2. Anesthesia
6.3. Cough Suppression
6.4. Diarrhea Suppression
6.5. Deaddiction
7. Key Analytics
7.1. Porter’s Five Force Model
7.1.1. Threat Of New Entrants
7.1.2. Threat Of Substitute
7.1.3. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
7.1.4. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
7.1.5. Threat Of Competitive Rivalry
7.2. Regulatory Framework
7.3. Pipeline Analysis
7.4. Industry Events In Opioid Drugs Market
7.5. Technologies Advancement
7.6. Opportunity Matrix
8. Geographical Analysis
8.1. North America
8.1.1. The United States
8.1.2. Canada
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Market Position Analysis
9.2. Company Profiles
9.2.1. Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
9.2.2. Allergan Plc
9.2.3. Biodelivery Sciences International, Inc.
9.2.4. Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.
9.2.5. Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.
9.2.6. Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
9.2.7. Egalet Corp.
9.2.8. Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc
9.2.9. Indivior Inc.
9.2.10. Insys Therapeutics, Inc.
9.2.11. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
9.2.12. Johnson & Johnson
9.2.13. Lannett Co. Inc.
9.2.14. Lupin Ltd.
9.2.15. Mylan Nv
9.2.16. Pfizer Inc.
9.2.17. Purdue Pharma Lp
9.2.18. Sanofi-aventis S.A.
9.2.19. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (Sun Pharma)
9.2.20. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
List Of Table
Table 1 North America Opioids Drug Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 2 Anesthetic Effects Of Drugs At Different Opioid Receptors
Table 3 Fda Approved Opioids With Adf Labelling
Table 4 Number Of Lawsuits Cases Settled By Opioids Manufacturing Companies And Pharmacies 2015–2027
Table 5 North America Opioids Drugs Market By Products 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 6 North America Buprenorphine Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 7 North America Fentanyl Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 8 North America Hydrocodone Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 9 North America Morphine Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 10 North America Oxycodone Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 11 North America Tramadol Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 12 North America Other Products Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 13 North America Opioids Drugs Market By Application 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 14 North America Opioids Drugs Market By Application 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 15 North America Pain Relief Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 16 North America Pain Relief Market By Types 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 17 North America Cancer Pain Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 18 North America Postoperative Pain Management Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 19 North America Low Back Pain Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 20 North America Orthopedic Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 21 North America Neuropathic Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 22 North America Fibromyalgia Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 23 North America Anesthesia Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 24 North America Cough Suppression Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 25 North America Diarrhea Suppression Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 26 North America Deaddiction Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Table 27 List Of Er/La Opioid Branded Drugs 2017
Table 28 Lists Of Er/La Opioid Generic Drugs 2017
Table 29 Cdc Guidelines On Prescribing Opioids
Table 30 Pipeline Analyses Of Opioid Drugs
Table 31 North America Opioids Drugs Market By Country 2019-2027 ($ Million)
List Of Figures
Figure 1 North America Opioids Drug Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Figure 2 Number Of Deaths In The United States Due To Drug Overdose 2010–2016
Figure 3 North America Opioids Drugs Market Share By Products 2018 & 2027 (%)
Figure 4 North America Opioids Drugs Market Share By Application 2018 & 2027 (%)
Figure 5 Porter’s Five Force Model
Figure 6 North America Opioids Drugs Market Regional Outlook 2018 & 2027 (%)
Figure 7 The United States Opioids Drugs Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Figure 8 Number Of Opioid Prescriptions Dispensed In The United States 2015-2017 (Millions)
Figure 9 Number Of Drug Overdose Deaths In The United States 2010-2016
Figure 10 Canada Opioids Drugs Market 2019-2027 ($ Million)
Figure 11 Opioids Market Position Analysis 2017

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