North America Mobile Payment Market Forecast 2017-2025

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North America Mobile Payment Market Forecast 2017-2025

The North American mobile payment market is anticipated to collect $1534 billion by the end of the forecast period of 2017-2025, growing at an approximate CAGR of 22.18%. The rising awareness among the population, a developed infrastructure, the growing number of active users, and a huge number of people opting for mobile payments can be asserted as the major causes for the market growth in this region.

The market is mainly categorized according to its type of medium(Internet, SMS, USSD, contactless) and by the type of payment (mobile commerce, mobile person to person transfer (P2P), and various mobile commerce services that include in app billing, carrier billing, closed loop payments and prepaid mobile wallet). The United States is a major country contributing to the market growth in North America. Along with being the world’s biggest economy, the US is also in the forefront when it comes to technological innovations and scientific research, thus showing a strong growth for the technologically advanced mobile payments. The US market contributed to nearly 70% of the market share in the year 2016.

The pioneering companies in the market include Apple Inc, Bank Of America, M-Pesa, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Wallet, Mastercard, Paypal, The Western Union Company, Paymentwall, 99bill Corporation, Intuit Pay, Yeepay, Softcard, Google, We Pay Inc Izettle, etc.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Scope Of The Market Study
1.3. Who Will Find This Report Useful?
1.4. Study And Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Sources Of Data
2.1.1. Secondary Data
2.1.2. Primary Dat
2.2. Top Down Approach
2.3. Bottom Up Approach
2.4. Data Triangulation
2.5. Estimation Methodology
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Summary
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. North America Dominates The Global Mobile Payment Market
3.2.2. Mobile Payments Have Become A Mainstream Payment Method
3.2.3. Mobile Person To Person Transfer (P2p) Holds Major Chunk Of The North America Mobile Payment Market By Type Of Payment
4. Market Overview
4.1. Market Definition
4.2. Market Constituents
4.2.1. Banks And Telecom Companies
4.3. Regulatory Bodies
4.3.1. Financial Regulators
4.3.2. Telecom Regulators
4.3.3. Data Protection
4.4. Mobile Payment Platform Providers
4.4.1. Application Developers
4.5. Drivers
4.5.1. The North America Mobile Payment Market Is Driven By Acquisitions And Partnerships
4.5.2. Mobile Payment Is Being Preferred Over Traditional Banking Methods
4.5.3. Technological Advancement Blooming The Mobile Payment Market
4.5.4. Small Merchants And Businesses Accepting Mobile Payments
4.5.5. Extensive Use Of Mobile Payment By Unbanked Population
4.5.6. Mobile Payment Market Driven By Growth In E-commerce
4.6. Restraints
4.6.1. Security Threats Are The Major Concern
4.6.2. Spyware And Malware Attacks May Slow Down The Mobile Payment Market
4.6.3. Interoperability Is A Key Concern
4.7. Opportunities
4.7.1. Introduction Of More User-friendly Technologies To Create Scope For Mobile Payment Market
4.7.2. Entry Of Big Players In Mobile Payment Market To Create Huge Scope For North America Payment Market
4.7.3. Emphasis On User-convenience Giving Rise To Adoption Of Mobile Payment Systems
4.7.4. Cash Transaction Limit
4.7.5. Smart Cities Expected To Bring Significant Business For Mobile Payment Market
4.7.6. Unbanked Geographies Are The Opportunity Markets
4.8. Challenges
4.8.1. Unwillingness To Switch To New Technology
4.8.2. Huge Capital Requirement
4.8.3. New Additions To The Technology And Unclear Rules Confuse The Market Players And Customers
4.8.4. Lack Of Confidence And Late Arrival Scenario May Affect The Growth Of The Market
4.8.5. Addressing The Complexities Is A Concern
4.8.6. Lack Of Technological Standards
4.8.7. Mobile Payments Need To Create Space For Long Term Growth
5. North America Mobile Payment Market By Types Of Payment 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
5.1. Mobile Person To Person Transfer (P2p)
5.2. Mobile Commerce
5.2.1. Various Mobile Commerce Services
5.3. Prepaid Mobile Wallet
5.4. In App Billing
5.5. Carrier Billing
5.6. Closed Loop Payments
6. North America Mobile Payment Market By Medium 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
6.1. Sms
6.2. Internet
6.3. Contactless
6.4. Ussd
7. Key Analytics
7.1. Porters 5 Force Model
7.1.1. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
7.1.2. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
7.1.3. Threat Of Substitute Products
7.1.4. Threat Of New Entrants
7.1.5. Intensity Of Competitive Rivalry
7.2. Vendor Landscape
7.3. Opportunity Matrix
8. North America Mobile Payment Market By Countries 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
8.1. United States
8.2. Canada
8.3. Rest Of North America
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Market Share Analysis
9.2. Strategic Moves
9.3. Company Profiles
9.3.1. Apple Inc.
9.3.2. Alipay
9.3.3. Airtel Money
9.3.4. Boku
9.3.5. Bank Of America
9.3.6. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Wallet
9.3.7. Beijing Qiandaibao Payment Technology Ltd.
9.3.8. China Unionpay
9.3.9. Merchant Customer Exchange
9.3.10. M-pesa
9.3.11. Dwolla Corp
9.3.12. G-xchange
9.3.13. Google
9.3.14. Izettle
9.3.15. Intuit Pay
9.3.16. Mastercard
9.3.17. Square Inc
9.3.18. Tenpay Technology Ltd
9.3.19. The Western Union Company
9.3.20. We Pay Inc
9.3.21. Yeepay
9.3.22. 99bill Corporation
9.3.23. Softcard
9.3.24. Paytm
9.3.25. Paypal
9.3.26. Paymentwall
9.3.27. Obopay Inc
List Of Tables
Table 1 North America Mobile Payment Market By Countries 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Table 2 Mobile Payment Risks And Challenges
Table 3 North America Mobile Payment Market By Types Of Payment 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Table 4 Mobile Wallet Technologies
Table 5 North America Mobile Payment Market By Medium 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Table 6 North America Mobile Payment Market By Countries 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
List Of Figures
Figure 1 North America Mobile Payment Market By Types Of Mobile Payment 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 2 Evolution Of Payment System
Figure 3 Regulatory Bodies Impacting Mobile Payment Market
Figure 4 Percentage Of Phishing Attacks By Sector In 2015
Figure 5 Mobile Payments North America Product Mix By Value 2014
Figure 6 Impact Of Mobile Financial Services On Unbanked Geographies In 2016
Figure 7 North America Mobile Person To Person Transfer (P2p) Market 2017-2025 ($ Million)
Figure 8 North America Mobile Commerce Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 9 North America Prepaid Mobile Wallet Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 10 North America In App Billing Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 11 North America Carrier Billing Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 12 North America Closed Loop Payments Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 13 North America Sms Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 14 North America Internet Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 15 North America Contactless Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 16 North America Ussd Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 17 Us Mobile Payment Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 18 Number Of Smartphones And Tablet Users In Us From 2014 To 2020 (In Million)
Figure 19 Number Of Smartphone And Tablet Users In Canada 2014-2018 (In Million)
Figure 20 Canada Mobile Payment Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 21 Rest Of North America Mobile Payment Market 2017-2025 ($ Billion)
Figure 22 Market Share Of Mobile Payment Market 2015

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