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North America Induction Motors Market Forecast 2019-2027

North America Induction Motors Market Forecast 2019-2027


North America induction motor market finds its application in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The induction market in the North America region is growing at a CAGR of 11.30% owing to the high mandate of smart homes coupled with home appliances in the region during the forecasting years of 2019-2027.


The smart home penetration is increasing rapidly in the North America region. The smart homes that use home automation systems provide the potential for wide adoption of induction motors for automation processes. Likewise, increased investments is also driving the residential segment in the induction motor application market.

The key challenge that is hindering the market growth is the fluctuating cost of raw materials like silicon, aluminum, and steel which are the main components of the motor, thereby impacting the demand of the induction motor in the region.


Siemens AG, Oriental Motor Corporation, Regal Beloit Corporation, WEG Electric Corporation, ABB Ltd. (Asea Brown Boveri), Danaher Corporation ,MMC Electric Company Pvt. Ltd. (Dynaflux), Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions, Brook Crompton Company, General Electric Company, Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd., Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Rockwell Automation, Inc. and Johnson Electric are the major companies in mentioned in the report.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Scope Of The Market Study
1.3. Who Will Find This Report Useful?
1.4. Study & Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Sources Of Data
2.1.1. Secondary Data
2.1.2. Primary Data
2.2. Top-down Approach
2.3. Bottom-up Approach
2.4. Data Triangulation
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Summary
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. Three Phase Segment Accounted For Largest Revenue Share
3.2.2. Residential Segment To Witness Highest Cagr
3.2.3. Development Of Carbon Nanotube Yarns
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Etymology Of Induction Motors
4.2. Parent Market Analysis: Ac Motor
4.3. Market Definition & Scope
4.4. Market Drivers
4.4.1. Rising Demand For Electric Vehicles Across The World
4.4.2. Affordable Price Of Induction Motors
4.4.3. Low Maintenance Cost As Compare To Other Motors
4.4.4. Technological Advancements In Induction Motors
4.5. Market Restraints
4.5.1. Highly Fragmented Market
4.5.2. High Installation Cost Of Manufacturing Facility
4.6. Market Opportunities
4.6.1. Surging Automation Industries
4.6.2. Growing Demand For Energy-efficient Motors
4.7. Market Challenges
4.7.1. Volatility In Raw Material Prices
5. Market By Type
5.1. Single Phase
5.2. Three Phase
6. Market By Application
6.1. Commercial
6.2. Industrial
6.3. Residential
7. Key Analytics
7.1. Porter’s Five Force Model
7.1.1. Threat Of New Entrants
7.1.2. Threat Of Substitute
7.1.3. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
7.1.4. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
7.1.5. Threat Of Competitive Rivalry
7.2. Key Buying Criteria
7.2.1. Price
7.2.2. Efficiency
7.2.3. Speed Rating
7.2.4. Insulation
7.3. Opportunity Matrix
7.4. Vendor Landscape
7.5. Value Chain Analysis
7.5.1. Raw Material Suppliers
7.5.2. Manufacturers
7.5.3. Distributors & Retailers
7.5.4. End-users
7.6. Investment Analysis
7.6.1. By Application
7.6.2. By Type
8. Geographical Analysis-north America
8.1. United States
8.2. Canada
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Market Share Analysis
9.2. Key Company Analysis
9.3. Corporate Strategies
9.3.1. Product Launch
9.3.2. Roadmap
9.4. Company Profiles
9.4.1. Abb Ltd. (Asea Brown Boveri)
9.4.2. Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions
9.4.3. Brook Crompton Company
9.4.4. Danaher Corporation
9.4.5. Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
9.4.6. General Electric Company
9.4.7. Johnson Electric
9.4.8. Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd.
9.4.9. Mmc Electric Company Pvt. Ltd. (Dynaflux)
9.4.10. Nidec Motor Corporation
9.4.11. Oriental Motor Corporation
9.4.12. Regal Beloit Corporation
9.4.13. Rockwell Automation, Inc.
9.4.14. Siemens Ag
9.4.15. Weg Electric Corporation
List Of Tables
Table 1: North America Induction Motors Market, By Country, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Table 2: Worldwide Sales Of Electric Vehicles In 2017 (Month-wise Sales)
Table 3: Country-wise Stock Targets Of Electric Vehicle Till 2020
Table 4: Comparison Between Synchronous & 3-phase Induction Motors
Table 5: Contrast Between Different Commercially Available Motor Technologies
Table 6: Comparison Of Efficiency Classes
Table 7: North America Induction Motors Market, By Type, 2019-2027, (In $ Million)
Table 8: North America Induction Motors Market, By Application, 2019-2027, (In $ Million)
Table 9: Opportunity Matrix
Table 10: Vendor Landscape
Table 11: North America Induction Motors Market, By Country, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Table 12: List Of Product Launches
Table 13: List Of Roadmap
List Of Figures
Figure 1: North America Induction Motors Market, By Application, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 2: Wages Related With Automatable Activities Across The World
Figure 3: Timeline Of Induction Motors
Figure 4: Rising Household Income In Key Countries, 2014-2016, (In $ Million)
Figure 5: Worldwide Sales Of Light Duty Electric Vehicles, 2014-2024 (In Million Units)
Figure 6: Worldwide Price Fluctuations In Iron Ore Prices, 2010-2016, (In $ Per Metric Ton)
Figure 7: North America Induction Motors Market, By Single Phase, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 8: North America Induction Motors Market, By Three Phase, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 9: North America Induction Motors Market, By Commercial, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 10: North America Induction Motors Market, By Industrial, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 11: North America Induction Motors Market, By Residential, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 12: Porter’s Five Force Analysis
Figure 13: Key Buying Impact Analysis
Figure 14: Value Chain Analysis
Figure 15: Investment Analysis Of Induction Motors Market, By Application, In 2018
Figure 16: Investment Analysis Of Induction Motors Market, By Type, In 2018
Figure 17: North America Induction Motors Market, Regional Outlook, 2018 & 2027 (In %)
Figure 18: United States Induction Motors Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 19: Canada Induction Motors Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)

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