Global Biopsy Devices Market Forecast 2024-2032

Global Biopsy Devices Market Forecast 2024-2032


The global biopsy devices market is estimated to prosper at a CAGR of 7.23% over the forecast period of 2024-2032. The market growth is elevated by several factors, including the rising prevalence of cancer, increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries, and a surge in the number of hospitals and diagnostic centers.


The global biopsy devices market is witnessing substantial growth, escalated by advancements in healthcare technology and a rising emphasis on early disease detection. Biopsy devices are vital in obtaining tissue samples for diagnostic purposes, aiding in the identification and characterization of various medical conditions, particularly cancer. The increasing prevalence of cancer and other chronic diseases, combined with a growing aging population, has resulted in a significant rise in demand for biopsy procedures globally.

The market encompasses a diverse range of biopsy devices, including needle-based instruments, core biopsy devices, and vacuum-assisted biopsy systems. Furthermore, technological innovations, such as minimally invasive biopsy techniques and advanced imaging guidance systems, contribute significantly to the market's ongoing expansion. The integration of modern technologies marks the evolving sphere to ensure more precise and efficient biopsy procedures.

Government initiatives supporting cancer screening programs, along with advancements like the integration of artificial intelligence in diagnostics, serve as additional growth enablers for the market. Continuous research and technological developments are expected to shape the future of this crucial healthcare sector, strengthening its role in providing essential diagnostic solutions in the ever-changing biopsy devices domain.


The global biopsy devices market growth analysis is conducted based on the geographical segmentation of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. North America is expected to be the eminent region in the global market, attributed to the ongoing expansion and increased investment in advanced infrastructure. Moreover, the upward course of healthcare expenditure is driving the adoption of biopsy devices, with the goal of enhancing disease detection and ultimately improving patient outcomes.


The global biopsy devices market industry rivalry is fiercely competitive, powered by companies striving for distinction through branding and technology. The relentless pursuit of innovation and market leadership shapes the strong domain of biopsy devices. Some of the major companies in the global biopsy devices market include INRAD Inc, DTR Medical, Cardinal Health, Boston Scientific, etc.

Our report offerings include:
• Explore key findings of the overall market
• Strategic breakdown of market dynamics (Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Challenges)
• Market forecasts for a minimum of 9 years, along with 3 years of historical data for all segments, sub-segments, and regions
• Market Segmentation caters to a thorough assessment of key segments with their market estimations
• Geographical Analysis: Assessments of the mentioned regions and country-level segments with their market share
• Key analytics: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Vendor Landscape, Opportunity Matrix, Key Buying Criteria, etc.
• The competitive landscape is the theoretical explanation of the key companies based on factors, market share, etc.
• Company profiling: A detailed company overview, product/services offered, SCOT analysis, and recent strategic developments

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1. Research Scope & Methodology
1.1. Study Objectives
1.2. Methodology
1.3. Assumptions & Limitations
2. Executive Summary
2.1. Market Size & Estimates
2.2. Market Overview
2.3. Scope Of Study
2.4. Crisis Scenario Analysis
2.4.1. Impact Of Covid-19 On Biopsy Devices Market
2.5. Major Market Findings
2.5.1. Growing Emphasis On Personalized Medicine
2.5.2. Expanding Applications Across Medical Specialities
2.5.3. Development Of Cost-effective Biopsy Solutions
3. Market Dynamics
3.1. Key Drivers
3.1.1. Rising Prevalence Of Cancer
3.1.2. Increasing Demand For Minimally Invasive Surgeries
3.1.3. Surge In The Number Of Hospitals And Diagnostic Centers
3.2. Key Restraints
3.2.1. High Risk Of Infection For Patients
3.2.2. High Cost Of Biopsy Procedures
3.2.3. Lack Of Skilled Professionals
4. Key Analytics
4.1. Key Market Trends
4.1.1. Surge In The Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.2. Shift Towards Preventive Healthcare
4.1.3. Advancements In Biopsy Technology
4.2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.2.1. Buyers Power
4.2.2. Suppliers Power
4.2.3. Substitutions
4.2.4. New Entrants
4.2.5. Industry Rivalry
4.3. Growth Prospect Mapping
4.4. Market Maturity Analysis
4.5. Market Concentration Analysis
4.6. Value Chain Analysis
4.6.1. Raw Materials
4.6.2. Manufacturers
4.6.3. Distribution
4.6.4. End-users
5. Market By Product
5.1. Needle- Based Biopsy Guns
5.1.1. Vacuum-assisted Biopsy (Vab) Devices
5.1.2. Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (Fnab) Devices
5.1.3. Core Needle Biopsy (Cnb) Devices
5.2. Biopsy Guidance Systems
5.3. Biopsy Needles
5.4. Biopsy Forceps
5.5. Other Products
6. Market By Application
6.1. Oncology
6.2. Gastroenterology
6.3. Pulmonology
6.4. Dermatology
6.5. Other Applications
7. Market By End Use
7.1. Hospitals
7.2. Ambulatory Surgical Centers
7.3. Diagnostic Centers
8. Geographical Analysis
8.1. Global
8.1.1. Market Size & Estimates
8.1.2. Global Biopsy Devices Market Drivers
8.1.3. Global Biopsy Devices Market Challenges
8.1.4. Key Players In Global Biopsy Devices Market
8.1.5. Country Analysis United States Canada
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. Market Size & Estimates
8.2.2. Europe Biopsy Devices Market Drivers
8.2.3. Europe Biopsy Devices Market Challenges
8.2.4. Key Players In Europe Biopsy Devices Market
8.2.5. Country Analysis United Kingdom Germany France Italy Spain Poland Belgium Denmark Rest Of Europe
8.3. Asia-pacific
8.3.1. Market Size & Estimates
8.3.2. Asia-pacific Biopsy Devices Market Drivers
8.3.3. Asia-pacific Biopsy Devices Market Challenges
8.3.4. Key Players In Asia-pacific Biopsy Devices Market
8.3.5. Country Analysis China Japan India South Korea Taiwan Singapore Australia & New Zealand Rest Of Asia-pacific
8.4. Rest Of World
8.4.1. Market Size & Estimates
8.4.2. Rest Of World Biopsy Devices Market Drivers
8.4.3. Rest Of World Biopsy Devices Market Challenges
8.4.4. Key Players In Rest Of World Biopsy Devices Market
8.4.5. Regional Analysis Latin America Middle East & Africa
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Key Strategic Developments
9.1.1. Mergers & Acquisitions
9.1.2. Product Launches & Developments
9.1.3. Partnerships & Agreements
9.1.4. Business Expansions & Divestitures
9.2. Company Profiles
9.2.1. Cardinal Health
9.2.2. Hologic Inc
9.2.3. Danaher Corporation
9.2.4. Conmed Corporation
9.2.5. Cook Medical
9.2.6. Dtr Medical
9.2.7. Inrad Inc
9.2.8. Boston Scientific
9.2.9. Medtronic Plc
9.2.10. Becton Dickinson And Company
9.2.11. Mammotome
9.2.12. Argon Medical Devices

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