Europe Battery Market Forecast 2019-2027

Europe Battery Market Forecast 2019-2027


The European battery market is predicted to be valued $xx million by the year 2027 and will be growing at a CAGR of 5.32% during the forecast years of 2019-2027. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and the remaining countries constituting the Rest of Europe segment are considered for the market study.


The European Commission has premeditated to encourage foreign direct investments from Asian automobile manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota, for a superior boost to the automotive industry of the region which will fuel the battery market growth further in the coming years.

The United Kingdom is predicted to have a significantly enhanced market growth, which can be mainly reasoned to the universities and various research groups who are continuously striving to promote the research on batteries.

Also, there are several major private players investing liberally for amplifying the deployment of data centers in the United Kingdom and since, SLA is used for energy storage in data centers, therefore, and growth in data centers in the United Kingdom will be proliferating the battery market in the country.


The major companies operating in the Europe market are Panasonic Corporation, East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc., GS Yuasa Corporation, A123 Systems, LG Chem Ltd., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Duracell International, Inc., LLC, NEC Corporation, C&D Technologies, Inc. (acquired by KPS Capital Partner), Saft Groupe S.A., BYD Company, Ltd., Eveready Industries India Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, Exide Technologies, Johnson Controls, Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd., Crown Battery Manufacturing Company, EnerSys.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Scope Of The Market Study
1.3. Who Will Find This Report Useful?
1.4. Study And Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Sources Of Data
2.1.1. Secondary Data
2.1.2. Primary Data
2.2. Top-down Approach
2.3. Bottom-up Approach
2.4. Data Triangulation
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Summary
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. Rising Number Of Vendors & Collaborations
3.2.2. Increase In The Popularity Of Agm Batteries
3.2.3. Development Of Next Generation Batteries Urine-powered Batteries Sodium-ion Batteries Gold Nanowire Batteries Super Battery Photosynthesis Powered Batteries
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Scope & Definition
4.2. Market Drivers
4.2.1. Booming Automotive Industry
4.2.2. Growing Demand For Energy Storage Systems
4.2.3. Positive Outlook Of Electric Vehicle Market
4.2.4. Widening Applications In Motive Industrial Sector
4.3. Market Restraints
4.3.1. Volatility In Raw Material Prices
4.3.2. Pollution & Operational Challenges Related To Lead-acid Batteries
4.4. Market Opportunities
4.4.1. Growing Consumption Of Rechargeable Batteries In Consumer Electronics
4.4.2. Surge In The Demand Of Ups Systems
4.4.3. Battery Technology Transforming The Defense Industry
4.5. Market Challenges
4.5.1. Regulatory Compliance
4.5.2. Supercapacitors-alternative To Battery
4.5.3. Threat Of Counterfeit Batteries
5. Market By Battery Type
5.1. Lead Acid Battery
5.2. Lithium Ion Battery
5.3. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
5.4. Nickel Cadmium Battery
5.5. Other Batteries
6. Market By Application
6.1. Automotive
6.2. Industrial
6.3. Portable
7. Key Analytics
7.1. Porter’s Five Force Model
7.1.1. Threat Of New Entrants
7.1.2. Threat Of Substitute
7.1.3. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
7.1.4. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
7.1.5. Threat Of Competitive Rivalry
7.2. Opportunity Matrix
7.3. Vendor Landscape
7.4. Value Chain Analysis
7.5. Legal, Policy & Regulatory Framework
8. Geographical Analysis - Europe
8.1. United Kingdom
8.2. Germany
8.3. France
8.4. Spain
8.5. Italy
8.6. Rest Of Europe
9. Company Profiles
9.1. A123 Systems, Llc
9.2. Byd Company, Ltd.
9.3. C&D Technologies, Inc. (Acquired By Kps Capital Partner)
9.4. Crown Battery Manufacturing Company
9.5. Duracell International, Inc.
9.6. East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.
9.7. Enersys
9.8. Eveready Industries India Ltd.
9.9. Exide Technologies
9.10. Gs Yuasa Corporation
9.11. Hitachi, Ltd.
9.12. Johnson Controls
9.13. Lg Chem Ltd.
9.14. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
9.15. Nec Corporation
9.16. Panasonic Corporation
9.17. Saft Groupe S.A.
9.18. Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.
9.19. Shenzhen Bak Battery Co., Ltd.
9.20. Toshiba Corporation
List Of Tables
Table 1: Europe Battery Market, By Country, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Table 2: Worldwide Sales Of Electric Vehicles In 2017 (Month-wise Sales)
Table 3: Country-wise Stock Targets Of Electric Vehicle Till 2020
Table 4: Europe Battery Market, By Battery Type, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Table 5: Europe Battery Market, By Application, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Table 6: Opportunity Matrix
Table 7: Vendor Landscape
Table 8: Legal, Policy & Regulatory Framework
Table 9: Europe Battery Market, By Country, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
List Of Figures
Figure 1: Europe Battery Market, By Battery Type, 2018 & 2027 (In %)
Figure 2: Worldwide Automotive (Cars & Commercial Vehicles) Production, 2015-2020 (In Million)
Figure 3: Motor Vehicle Production In Key Geographies, 2015 & 2016 (In ‘000 Units)
Figure 4: Worldwide Sales Of Light Duty Electric Vehicles, 2015-2024 (In Million Units)
Figure 5: Average Annual Opec Crude Oil Price, 2010-2018 (In $ Per Barrel)
Figure 6: Average Prices For Lead Worldwide, 2014-2018 (In $ Per Metric Ton)
Figure 7: Average Lithium Carbonate Price, 2010-2017 (In $ Per Metric Ton)
Figure 8: Average Selling Price Of Zinc, January 2016-january 2017 (In $/Lb)
Figure 9: Europe Battery Market, By Lead Acid Battery, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 10: Europe Battery Market, By Lithium Ion Battery, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 11: Europe Battery Market, By Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 12: Europe Battery Market, By Nickel Cadmium Battery, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 13: Europe Battery Market, By Other Batteries, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 14: Europe Battery Market, By Automotive, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 15: Europe Battery Market, By Industrial, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 16: Europe Battery Market, By Portable, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 17: Porter’s Five Force Analysis
Figure 18: Value Chain Analysis
Figure 19: Europe Battery Market, Regional Outlook, 2018 & 2027 (In %)
Figure 20: United Kingdom Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 21: Germany Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 22: France Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 23: Spain Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 24: Italy Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)
Figure 25: Rest Of Europe Battery Market, 2019-2027 (In $ Million)

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