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Europe Narrow Band Iot Market Forecast 2017-2024


The Europe Narrow-Band Internet of Things market was estimated to be $242 million by the year 2016 and further expected to reach $14841.03 million by the year 2024. The CAGR of the Europe Narrow-Band IOT market is estimated to be 73% during the period 2017-2024. The surge in demand for IOT, rising demand for LPWAN, the requirement for low cost and low power connectivity technology, intelligent network bandwidth management are some of the dominant factors motivating the narrow IOT market in the Asia-pacific region.


The narrow band internet of things market is segmented by deployment type on the basis of Guard band, In-band and standalone. It is further segmented by end-user application on the basis of agriculture, automotive & transportation, building automation, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, safety& security and other applications. The IOT market is also segmented by devices on the basis of Alarms & detectors, smart appliances, smart meters, trackers, wearable devices and others. Low data transmission speed and security and privacy concern are limiting the narrow band IOT market.


Major players in the Narrow band IOT market are AT&T, Commsolid GMBH, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies co. ltd, intel corporation, Microsoft, Mistbase AB, Qualcomm Incorporated, Samsung electronics, Sprint corporation, T mobile, U-blox holding AG, Verizon communications and Vodafone.

1. Research Scope
1.1. Study Goals
1.2. Study And Forecasting Years
2. Research Methodology
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Market Overview
3.2. Market Definition And Scope
3.3. Key Findings
3.3.1. Wearable Devices: Revenue Generating Segment
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Drivers
4.1.1. Increase In Demand For Iot
4.1.2. Increasing Demand For Lpwan
4.1.3. Requirement For Low Cost And Low Power Connectivity Technology
4.1.4. Intelligent Network Bandwidth Management
4.1.5. Smart Applications And Connected Devices Drive Demand For Connectivity
4.1.6. Telco Expecting Traction Of Nb-iot Before 5g Sets In
4.2. Market Restraints
4.2.1. Low Data Transmission Speed
4.2.2. Security And Privacy Concerns
4.3. Market Opportunities
4.3.1. Rising Acceptance Of Smart Technology
4.3.2. Development Of Lpwa Based Devices
4.3.3. Governments World Overdeveloping Smart Cities
4.3.4. Used Across Technologies
4.4. Market Challenges
4.4.1. Long Tail Ecosystem Containing Module, Application Platform, And Device
4.4.2. Fragmented Development Of Iot And Interoperability Issues
5. Market Segmentation
5.1. By Deployment Type
5.1.1. Guard Band
5.1.2. In-band
5.1.3. Standalone
5.2. By End-user Application
5.2.1. Agriculture
5.2.2. Automotive & Transportation
5.2.3. Building Automation
5.2.4. Energy
5.2.5. Healthcare
5.2.6. Infrastructure
5.2.7. Manufacturing
5.2.8. Retail
5.2.9. Safety & Security
5.2.10. Other Application
5.3. By Devices
5.3.1. Alarms & Detectors
5.3.2. Smart Appliances
5.3.3. Smart Meters
5.3.4. Trackers
5.3.5. Wearable Devices
5.3.6. Others
6. Key Analytics
6.1. Parametric Analysis
6.1.1. Number Of Connected Devices Worldwide
6.1.2. Iot Enabled Sensors Market
6.1.3. Lpwa Technology
6.2. Porter’s Five Force Model
6.3. Key Buying Criteria
6.3.1. Application
6.3.2. Cost Effectiveness
6.3.3. Technological Advancements
6.4. Key Market Insights
6.4.1. Top 3 Emerging Countries
6.4.2. Top Revenue Generating Segments
6.4.3. Top Growing Markets And Emerging Trends
6.5. Strategic Recommendation
6.6. Strategic Conclusions
7. Geographic Analysis
7.1. Europe
7.1.1. Uk
7.1.2. Germany
7.1.3. Spain
7.1.4. Italy
7.1.5. Rest Of Europe
8. Competitive Landscape
8.1. Market Share Analysis
8.2. Top Winning Strategies
8.3. Case Studies: Top Competitive Moves
8.4. Company Profile
8.4.1. At & T
8.4.2. Commsolid Gmbh
8.4.3. Ericsson
8.4.4. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
8.4.5. Intel Corporation
8.4.6. Microsoft
8.4.7. Mistbase Ab
8.4.8. Qualcomm Incorporated
8.4.9. Samsung Electronics
8.4.10. Sprint Corporation
8.4.11. T-mobile
8.4.12. U-blox Holding Ag
8.4.13. Verizon Communications
8.4.14. Vodafone
Table List
Table#1 Comparison Of Narrow Band Iot With 3gpp
Table#2 Europe Narrow Band Iot Chipset Market By Deployment Type 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Table#3 Allowed Lte Directories For Connection In-band Narrow Band Iot
Table#4 Standalone Development Boards And Kits In The Market
Table#5 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By End-user Application 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Table#6 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Devices 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Table#7 Impact Of Lpwa
Table#8 Europe Narrow-band Iot Market By Countries 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Table#9 Government Regulation In Uk
Figures List
Figure#1 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By End User 2016 And 2024(%)
Figure#2 Europe Nb-iot Market By Devices 2016 & 2024 ($ Million)
Figure#3 Europe Iot Market 2016-2023 ($ Billion)
Figure#4 Falling Cost Of Sensors From 2010 To 2024
Figure#5 Europe Narrow Band Iot Chipset Market By Guard Band Type 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#6 Europe Narrow Band Iot Chipset Market By In Band Type 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#7 Europe Narrow Band Iot Chipset Market By Standalone 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#8 Europe Iot Deployment By End-user Industry (2015)
Figure#9 Europe Narrow Band End User By, Region (2015)
Figure#10 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Agriculture Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#11 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Automotive And Transportation Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#12 Market Share Of Biot Contract 2014 & 2020 (%)
Figure#13 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Building Automation Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#14 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Energy Application 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#15 Key Advantages Of Iot In Healthcare Industry
Figure#16 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Healthcare Application 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#17 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Infrastructure Application 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#18 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Manufacturing Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#19 Estimated Impact Of Iot In Retail Business In Next 5 Years (% Percentage)
Figure#20 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Retail Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#21 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Safety And Security Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#22 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Other Application 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#23 Europe Narrow Band Iot Market By Devices (2016)
Figure#24 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Alarm & Detectors 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#25 Share Of Smart Connected Major Home Appliances Shipment By Region 2014-2020 (%)
Figure#26 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Smart Appliances 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#27 Europe Smart Meter Market 2017-2024 ($ Billion)
Figure#28 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Smart Meters 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#29 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Trackers 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#30 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Wearable Devices 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#31 Europe Narrowband Iot Market By Other Devices 2017-2024($ Million)
Figure#32 Growth In Number Of Iot Devices 2017-2024 (Billion Units)
Figure#33 Iot Sensors Shipment 2017-2024 (Billion)
Figure#34 Porter’s Five Force Model In Electronic Enclosures Market
Figure#35 Top Emerging Countries 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#36 Top Revenue Generating Segments 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#37 Investment Proposition, By Segments In Narrowband Iot Market (2016)
Figure#38 Europe Rfid Market2017-2024 ($ Billion)
Figure#39 Europe Building Automation And Control System Market By Region, 2015
Figure#40 Uk Narrow-band Iot Market 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#41 Smart Home Technology Market Europe, 2015
Figure#42 Germany Narrow-band Iot Market 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#43Internet Penetration Rate In Spain, 2014-2017
Figure#44 Spain Narrow-band Iot Market 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#45 Italynarrow-band Iot Market 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#46 Rest Of Europe Narrow-band Iot Market 2017-2024 ($ Million)
Figure#47 Market Share Analysis Of Europe Narrow Band Iot Market (2016)
Figure#48Market Share Of Iot Companies In Terms Of Revenue, 2015

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