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Global Liver Cancer Drugs Market 2019-2023

Global Liver Cancer Drugs Market 2019-2023

About this market

Liver cancer is among the leading causes of cancer-related deaths, globally. The increase in incidence of risk factors like hepatitis B and C and underlying cirrhosis will lead to the rise in risk of liver cancer depending on the etiology. The increase in incidence of life-style diseases like fatty liver is a major risk factor for liver cancer. Furthermore, the increase in incidence of new risk factors like diabetes, obesity, and related non-alcoholic fatty liver disease may also be associated with the increase in incidence of liver cancer. The current disease management for liver cancer is the same for all patients with different etiologies. Advances in disease management for the causative factors may reduce the incidence of liver cancer. Technavio’s analysts have predicted that the liver cancer drugs market will register a CAGR of over 10% by 2023.

Market Overview

Advancements in diagnostics methods

Long-term survival requires advanced diagnostic methods, which may detect small tumors that are often present in asymptomatic patients. Elevated levels of the serum marker alfa-fetoprotein are often indicative of the disease when combined with ultrasonography. Liver biopsy is also a diagnostic method used by many professionals. Various serologic markers may help to improve surveillance accuracy. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are currently used for liver imaging for surveillance. However, they can be used for the diagnosis and staging of liver cancer.

Only curative option is surgical resection and transplantation

The surgery is often associated with high recurrence rate of tumors. Patients with recurrent tumors are evaluated for liver transplantation. However, a major challenge for liver transplantation is the number of insufficient donor livers. Another challenge is that the disease is often diagnosed in the advanced stage when surgery or transplantation may not be feasible.

For the detailed list of factors that will drive and challenge the growth of the liver cancer drugs market during the 2019-2023, view our report.

Competitive Landscape

The market appears to be concentrated and with the presence of few companies. This market research report will help clients identify new growth opportunities and design unique growth strategies by providing a comprehensive analysis of the market’s competitive landscape and offering information on the products offered by companies.

  • Executive summary
  • Scope of the report
    • Preface
    • Currency conversion rates for US$
  • Market landscape
    • Market ecosystem
      • Table Global oncology therapeutics market
      • Table Segments of global oncology therapeutics market
    • Market characteristics
      • Table Market characteristics
    • Market segmentation analysis
      • Table Market segments
  • Pipeline analysis
    • Table Late-stage pipeline drugs for liver cancer
  • Market sizing
    • Market definition
      • Table Market definition - Inclusions and exclusions checklist
    • Market sizing 2018
      • Table Market size 2018
    • Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table Global market: Size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table Global market: Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
  • Five forces analysis
    • Table Five forces analysis 2018
    • Table Five forces analysis 2023
    • Bargaining power of buyers
      • Table Bargaining power of buyers
    • Bargaining power of suppliers
      • Table Bargaining power of suppliers
    • Threat of new entrants
      • Table Threat of new entrants
    • Threat of substitutes
      • Table Threat of substitutes
    • Threat of rivalry
      • Table Threat of rivalry
    • Market condition
      • Table Market condition - Five forces 2018
  • Market segmentation by type
    • Table Type - Market share 2018-2023 (%)
    • Comparison by type
      • Table Comparison by type
    • Immunotherapy - Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table Immunotherapy - Market size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table Immunotherapy - Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
    • Targeted therapy - Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table Targeted therapy - Market size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table Targeted therapy - Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
    • Market opportunity by type
      • Table Market opportunity by type
  • Customer landscape
    • Table Customer landscape
  • Geographic landscape
    • Geographic segmentation
      • Table Market share by geography 2018-2023 (%)
    • Geographic comparison
      • Table Geographic comparison
    • Americas - Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table Americas - Market size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table Americas - Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
    • EMEA - Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table EMEA - Market size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table EMEA - Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
    • APAC - Market size and forecast 2018-2023
      • Table APAC - Market size and forecast 2018-2023 ($ billions)
      • Table APAC - Year-over-year growth 2019-2023 (%)
    • Key leading countries
      • Table Key leading countries
    • Market opportunity
      • Table Market opportunity
  • Decision framework
  • Drivers and challenges
    • Market drivers
    • Market challenges
      • Table Impact of drivers and challenges
  • Market trends
  • Vendor landscape
    • Overview
      • Table Vendor landscape
    • Landscape disruption
      • Table Landscape disruption
  • Vendor analysis
    • Vendors covered
      • Table Vendors covered
    • Vendor classification
      • Table Vendor classification
    • Market positioning of vendors
      • Table Market positioning of vendors
    • Bayer
      • Table Bayer - Vendor overview
      • Table Bayer - Business segments
      • Table Bayer - Organizational developments
      • Table Bayer - Geographic focus
      • Table Bayer - Segment focus
      • Table Bayer - Key offerings
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb
      • Table Bristol-Myers Squibb - Vendor overview
      • Table Bristol-Myers Squibb - Business segments
      • Table Bristol-Myers Squibb - Organizational developments
      • Table Bristol-Myers Squibb - Geographic focus
      • Table Bristol-Myers Squibb - Key offerings
    • Eisai
      • Table Eisai - Vendor overview
      • Table Eisai - Business segments
      • Table Eisai - Organizational developments
      • Table Eisai - Geographic focus
      • Table Eisai - Segment focus
      • Table Eisai - Key offerings
    • Merck
      • Table Merck - Vendor overview
      • Table Merck - Business segments
      • Table Merck - Organizational developments
      • Table Merck - Geographic focus
      • Table Merck - Segment focus
      • Table Merck - Key offerings
    • Ono Pharmaceutical
      • Table Ono Pharmaceutical - Vendor overview
      • Table Ono Pharmaceutical - Business segments
      • Table Ono Pharmaceutical - Organizational developments
      • Table Ono Pharmaceutical - Geographic focus
      • Table Ono Pharmaceutical - Key offerings
  • Appendix
    • Research methodology
    • List of abbreviations
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