Brave New World of Unified Commerce – 13th Annual IHL/RIS News Study

Brave New World of Unified Commerce – 13th Annual IHL/RIS News Study

Retail is undergoing a dramatic transformation, the greatest since internet was introduced to the stores. What were once silos among many different channels for many retailers are being merged to get to a single view of the customer. Let’s face it, she wants to shop when she wants to, where she wants to, and how she wants to and be recognized for the great customer she is regardless of the channel. The technology purchases are being made now to let this happen in the future.

We have titled our 13th annual study with RIS News as “Brave New World of Unified Commerce”.

A great deal has been made about the words cross channel or omni-channel as horrible buzzwords, but what can’t be denied is the investments retailers are making to get to this Holy Grail or Nirvana of retail where everything works together. That being said, there is also the real reality of limited budgets and the timing it takes from point of decision to systems being fully deployed in stores and online.

This study hits all of the major technologies and most important, when are retailers buying each and when will they be functional for associates and ultimately customers. This study covers the following:
IT Spending, Store Growth, IT Hiring
Who Didn’t Make EMV Deadline and Who’s Fault?
Value of Multi-Channel Shopper by Segment
Rise of Distributed Order Management (DOM)
Retail is moving to the cloud…but how fast?
Planned spending on Predictive Analytics, Beacons, Data Visualization, RFID and more
Analytics for action by associates and data visualization
Internet of Things at the store level
Mobile enablement of associates and engagement with consumers
State of readiness for Ship from Store and other Unified Commerce functions.

With responses from many of the top retailers in North America, we have produced the results in a detailed, but very easy to read study. You also get the raw data to do your own analysis by segment.

The report is designed for use by Retailers, Hardware Providers, Software Providers, Service Providers and others who might have a vested interest in the North American retail market. The complete outline with chart titles is below.

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Study Highlights
1.3 Leaders and Laggards
1.4 Key Findings
2.0 Growth in All Forms – Things Looking Up
2.1 Growth in Many Areas
2.2 IT Hiring Growth
2.3 Enterprise and Store-Level IT Spend Growth
2.4 IT Spend by Segment
2.5 Store Growth and Remodels – What That Means
3.0 Offline or Online – How Channels Drive Business
3.1 Sales Channel Insights
2.2 Online vs Offline Sales
2.3 Influence of Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce on Bricks and Mortar Sales
2.4 Influence of Stores on E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
2.5 Profitability of Multi-Channel Customers
4.0 Top Store Priorities
4.1 Top Store System Priorities
4.2 Priorities by Segment
4.3 Purchase Timeframe by Retail Segment
4.4 Purchase Timeframe by Tier
5.0 Emerging Technologies
5.1 Budget Plans for Emerging Technologies like Beacons, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, RFID and Internet of Things (IoT)
5.2 Emerging Technology Plans by Segment
5.3 Leaders and Laggards and Emerging Technology Plans
6.0 WiFI Infrastructure Spending
6.1 WiFi for Associates
62 WiFi for Customers
7.0 What Happened to EMV
7.1 Who Made Deadline and Who Missed
7.2 Whose Fault Was It For Those Who Missed?
8.0 Unified Commerce
8.1 When Will Retailers Be Ready?
8.2 Key Functions and Timeframe for Deployment
8.3 Unified Commerce Key Findings
9.0 A Look at Retail Software
9.1 Where is the Retail Software Spend by Category
4.2 Cloud Spend by Tier
4.3 Software Insights
10.0 Study Background and Methodolody

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