Partner Transitioning to Transformation Phase III: Building an Incubation Business

Partner Transitioning to Transformation Phase III: Building an Incubation Business

This series of papers is based on IDC research into partners across Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) that struggle with transformational issues despite well knowing that the markets they currently address are rapidly changing and the opportunities they saw in the past are shrinking in favor of new solutions and payment methods. By providing a logical road map, partners can begin to map out their own journeys and address the issues contained herein to begin a new, exciting journey of growth and addressable markets."IDC is constantly asked by partners, 'How can we transform into a company with a culture like Google?' This paper addresses exactly the formula for a successful incubation strategy by logically building a zero-employee firm (ZEF) and then building that into a successful start-up," says Nigel Parsons, Research Director, IDC Asia/Pacific Cloud Partner Programs.

Please Note: Extended description available upon request.

Executive Snapshot
New Market Developments and Dynamics
Precursors to Building an Incubation Market
Situation Overview
A First Step: Recognizing How Your Customers Value Your Relationship
Stage 1: Discovery Stages
Asset Discovery
Employee Perception Matrix
Stop Giving It Away for Free/No More "Mr. Nice Guy"
Organizational Phases
The Zero-Employee Firm
Stage 2: Internally Transform
Better to Be Fast Rather Than Slow
Intellectual Asset Development
Stage 3: What to Offer?
What Not to Offer
Stage 4: Review and Improve
Automation of Operations
Hiring Staff with the "Right Stuff"
Digitally Born
Commit to the Long View
Next Steps
Advice for the vendor, distributor, partner, and incubator
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