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Carbon mixed together with raw iron produces steel, one of the strongest, valuable, accessible, and malleable metals available. Iron alone is too soft to create bridges and other buildings. Combined in an alloy compounds, it provides powerful strength to metals to produce many types of steel. The most widely seen form of steel is stainless steel, often implemented for surgical instruments, utensils for eating, and a wide variety of other day-to-day tools. Producing steel starting from iron is successfully done through one of many methodologies. Basic Oxygen Process (BOP), electric-furnace processes, or open-hearth process are the three main processes. In BOP, a container open to the air named a basic oxygen furnace into which pure oxygen is infused is used. In the electric-furnace method, electric arcs are applied to melt pig iron or scrap steel. Since the heat is more easily controlled, this process is used to make higher specification alloy, carbon, and steel tools. The open-hearth method uses iron ore, pig iron, and scrap metal burned until they total mix together. The carbon fuses with oxygen, pours off as a slag, and the iron turns into molten steel. Steel is applied for ship production, jet production, bridge building, automobile, construction, and many more.
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