8 Practices That Boost Corporate Innovation

Please Note:This is a downloadable video (MP4 format). The program is part of a overall series Innovation Performance, "The Innovation Performance 10-9-8 Webinar Series."

8 Practices That Boost Corporate Innovation

Program Description

The webinar will open with a strong case that R&D output levels have been declining for four decades, a 65% decline over the period. Career innovators will find these macro trends to be fascinating. We will then look at changes to portfolio management practices over roughly that same period. This provides a good baseline to consider your company's current portfolio composition, and possibly rethink the future.

Having described the magnitude of the competitive opportunity, the program will turn the corner and head into the eight-year stretch of spending going on right now. The pattern is encouraging. We will argue the pattern has not been seen since the 1990s and it resulted in the Technology Boom.

We'll then describe each of the eight practices. They span strategy, tactics, and operations.

GGI has respected the management science of R&D, product development, and innovation since its founding - that is our reputation. Best Practices are a big claim. Each analysis to determine a Best Practice costs $2-3 million to perform. These 8 Great Practices have solid underpinnings, which we will share with you. They are, or are in the zone of, Best Practices.

Bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples we cite to enable all participants to further their investigation on the subjects of specific interest.

There will be two polls.

The 8 ""Generalized"" Innovation Boosting Areas

(The webinar content is highly specific.)
• Messaging Strategically
• Slotting Investments
• Evaluating Proposals
• Scrutinizing Plans
• Innovating Thinking
• Managing Competencies
• Modulating Spending
• Measuring Performance

Webinar Take-Aways

This webinar focuses on eight processes, tools, and techniques that are known to increase innovation creativity and execution, and/or the value of investments in innovation, in corporations.

• 8 practices that will produce tangible value through innovation for most industries.
• A look at the next 5-8 years of innovation and what to expect based on recent trends.s
• Changes to portfolio management practices and where they appear to be going.
• A long-view of innovation performance decline and a renewed sense of the opportunity.

66 Minutes



01 – Messaging Strategically
02 – Slotting Investments
03 – Evaluating Proposals
04 – Scrutinizing Plans
05 – Innovating Thinking
06 – Managing Competencies
07 – Modulating Spending
08 – Measuring Performance


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