Retail in USA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Country impact

Retail in USA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Country impact


The US will perform worse than a number of other countries that have also been significantly affected by COVID-19, including the UK and Germany, due to the huge number of job losses caused by the virus.

There has been a slowdown in the number of shops closing in April, and some are expected to start re-opening in May as some states start moving towards partially reopening, despite the US now being the country with the most cases of Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) country report analyses how the pandemic will impact retail spend in the USA.


  • COVID-19 is expected to lead to a 5.1% decline in the total retail market on 2019 - more than double that experienced in 2009 amid the financial crisis.
  • Consumer shopping behaviour regarding non-essential goods is likely to shift in the long term as many shoppers will become accustomed to purchasing less often and may realise they do not need to buy as much as they did before the crisis.
Reasons to Buy
  • Use our revised market forecasts out to 2024 to understand how the US retail market will perform.
  • Use our in-depth analysis to review how key retailers have responded to COVID-19.
  • Use our data on key consumer shopping and lifestyle habits to see how the population have responded to the impact of COVID-19.

Executive Summary
Market forecasts
Consumer behaviour
Retailer themes and responses
Market forecasts
Total retail market vs. pre-COVID-19 forecasts
Total retail growth vs. pre-COVID-19 forecasts
Consumer behaviour
Purchasing patterns snapshot
Purchasing patterns: non-food
Purchasing patterns: food
Purchasing patterns: drinks
Purchasing patterns: personal care
Consumer habits
Retailer themes and responses
Store closures
Contactless delivery
Grocers' activity
Product development for hospitals
List of Tables
Change in shopping behaviour for key non-food categories
Change in shopping behaviour for key food categories
Change in shopping behaviour for key drinks categories
Change in shopping behaviour for key personal care categories
List of Figures
Total retail market vs. pre COVID-19 forecasts, 2019-2024
Total retail growth vs. pre COVID-19 forecasts, 2019-2024
Top 3 products that consumers stockpiled, bought more of, bought less of and stopped buying
COVID-19 impact on consumer behaviour in terms of going out, preparing food at home and social media

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