Renewable Energy in Oil and Gas - Thematic Intelligence

Renewable Energy in Oil and Gas - Thematic Intelligence


Transitioning to renewable energy seems like a logical path for oil majors due to growing pressures to decarbonize. Renewable power generation and biofuels are among the approaches adopted by oil and gas industry leaders to support the global energy transition. The industry can leverage its decade-long expertise in offshore operations, refining, retailing, and other such operations to strongly position itself in the renewables energy market. Leading oil and gas companies have gradually pivoted their business portfolio with increasing renewable energy investments.


  • This report highlights the growing importance of renewable energy in the global energy mix and reviews involvement of oil and gas players in this space.
  • It provides an overview of the competitive positions held by oil and gas players in the renewable energy theme.
  • It identifies the various trends influencing the renewable energy theme.
  • It alludes to technologies that have evolved to exploit the harvested renewable energy.
  • It analyses the solar, wind power, and biopower value chains and identifies top players across different segments of the value chains.
Reasons to Buy
  • To understand the purview of renewable energy theme within GlobalData’s Energy Transition Framework.
  • Identify the key industry, technology, macroeconomic, and regulatory trends impacting the renewable energy theme.
  • Overview of technologies used to harness renewable energy.
  • Understand the renewable energy value chain and the key players in it.
  • Includes a snapshot of industry signals such as deals, patents, hirings, and company fillings related to renewable energy theme.
  • Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies; and oilfield and services companies based on their competitive positioning in the renewable energy theme.

Executive Summary
Technology Briefing
Our energy transition framework
Renewable energy sources
Solar power
Wind power
Geothermal power
Tidal power
Oil and gas trends
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Industry Analysis
60% of the global power mix comes from fossil fuels
Oil companies are strengthening their renewable energy portfolio
Big oil is expanding into solar power projects
Oil and gas companies leverage offshore expertise to develop wind power projects
Government mandates galvanize oil and gas industries’ investments in biofuels
Technologies beyond renewable sources
Green hydrogen could be the next step through renewables
Energy storage is critical for grid-scale renewable projects
Renewable energy contracting activity among oil majors
M&A trends
Venture financing trends
Patent trends
Company filings trends
Hiring trends
Value Chain
Equipment manufacturers
Engineering, procurement, and construction companies
Oil and gas companies
EPC companies
Sector Scorecards
Integrated oil and gas sector scorecard
Who’s who
Thematic screen
Valuation screen
Risk screen
Further Reading
GlobalData reports
Our Thematic Research Methodology
About GlobalData
Contact Us
List of Tables
Table 1: Oil and gas trends
Table 2: Technology trends
Table 3: Macroeconomic trends
Table 4: Regulatory trends
Table 5: Key M&A transactions associated with the renewable energy theme in the last four year
Table 6: Key venture financing deals associated with the renewable energy theme in the last two years
Table 7: Oil and gas companies
Table 8: EPC companies
Table 9: Glossary
Table 10: GlobalData reports
List of Figures
Figure 1: Who are the leading oil and gas players in the energy transition theme?
Figure 2: GlobalData’s thematic framework for the energy transition
Figure 3: Solar photovoltaic cell
Figure 4: Solar thermal power plant operation
Figure 5: Solar CPV working
Figure 6: Wind power plant working
Figure 7: Hydropower plant working
Figure 8: Geothermal power plant working
Figure 9: Tidal power plant working
Figure 10: Power generation from renewable energy sources is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% until 2030
Figure 11: The share of fossil fuels in global power generation is waning
Figure 12: LCOE for offshore wind has the steepest fall from 2015 onwards
Figure 13: The project cost of solar PV plants fell 51% between 2015 and 2022
Figure 14: Solar power holds the pole position among active renewable capacities of oil and gas players
Figure 15: European oil majors lead the renewable push
Figure 16: Asia Pacific leads in renewable energy capacity by oil and gas players
Figure 17: NextEra Energy leads the active solar power projects capacity
Figure 18: TotalEnergies leads in active solar power project capacity among oil and gas companies
Figure 19: Iberdrola leads the active wind power projects capacity
Figure 20: BP and Shell lead in wind power capacity pipelines among oil and gas players
Figure 21: The US has the most active and upcoming renewable refineries
Figure 22: Oil and gas companies exploring biofuels amid a favorable regulatory environment
Figure 23: BP leads oil and gas companies in enacting green hydrogen capacity
Figure 24: TotalEnergies has a significant lead in energy storage capacity among oil majors
Figure 25: Europe and North America saw the most renewable energy contracting activity between 2019-2022
Figure 26: BP led the renewable energy contracting activity among oil and gas companies during 2019-2022=
Figure 27: The renewable energy story
Figure 28: Renewable energy-related M&A activity has grown in the last three years
Figure 29: The acceleration of renewable energy-related venture capital financing activity started in 2021
Figure 30: China leads the patent publication activity in the renewable energy theme
Figure 31: EPC companies lead the patent filling activity in the renewable energy theme between 2011 and 2022
Figure 32: Filling mentions for renewable energy theme has seen a nearly three-fold increase from 2016
Figure 33: Hiring trends by oil and gas companies for renewable energy theme, January 2020-December 2022
Figure 34: The renewable energy value chain - Solar power, wind power, biopower
Figure 35: The renewable energy value chain - Equipment manufacturers
Figure 36: The renewable energy value chain - EPC companies
Figure 37: The renewable energy value chain - Utility owners
Figure 38: Who does what in the integrated oil & gas companies’ space?
Figure 39: Thematic screen
Figure 40: Valuation screen
Figure 41: Risk screen
Figure 42: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard

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