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Over-the-Top (OTT) Video in Africa and the Middle East - OTT Video Content and Pricing Strategies

Over-the-Top (OTT) Video in Africa and the Middle East - OTT Video Content and Pricing Strategies


The Over-the-Top (OTT) video market in the AME region has strong regional players in the market such as icflix,, beIN, STARZ Play, OSN, and iROKOtv, which now face relatively new international players with Netflix and Amazon having recently entered the market. The OTT video players are increasingly tailoring their content according to regional demand, cultural tastes, and offering their content in several languages to cater to local viewers.

Subscription video on demand (SVoD) and advertising-funded video on demand (AVoD) are the most prominent business models in the region and several OTT video providers have opted for hybrid models which include any combination of transactional video on demand (TVoD), AVoD, and SVoD. Additionally, there are a limited number of pure TVoD offerings in AME in more affluent countries in the region.

OTT video services as fixed or mobile broadband-based multiscreen services that are delivered over the open Internet, as opposed to a closed IPTV environment. OTT video service providers come in a variety of forms, including pay-TV operators, broadcasters, Internet distributors, online retailers, production studios, media companies, telecom operators, and IT vendors.

The report Over-the-Top (OTT) Video in Africa and the Middle East - OTT Video Content and Pricing Strategies, offers a thorough study of the OTT video market in the AME region. The report analyzes different OTT video service providers operating in the region on various parameters such as content offerings, pricing, key trends, challenges and opportunities. The report consists of following sections -

  • The OTT video content strategies: This section provides a general analysis of OTT video market analysis, content trends, key competitive attributes and OTT video content delivery formats for AME markets.
  • The OTT video pricing strategies: This section examines more specifically the region’s OTT video business models and pricing strategy. The section also provides results from the GlobalData OTT Video Content Index, to show the overall level of content intensity offered by various OTT video platforms that is based on the various types of content a single platform can provide, from own produced content, to local language titles and niche content.
  • Case Studies: Three case studies are presented of the leading OTT service providers in the region: Netflix, icflix, and STARZ Play. These case studies offer a focus on latest innovations produced by the companies.
  • Key findings and recommendations: It consists of a summary of key findings and a set of recommendations for telecom operators, OTT players and regulators.
Companies mentioned in this report: Amazon, Apple, beIN, BoxOffice Online, DSTV, Facebook, Google, icflix, Iflix, iROKOtv, istikana, Microsoft, Netflix, OSN, Samsung, Shahid, Starz Play, YouTube.

  • The OTT video market in the AME is dynamic with the presence of both regional players and international players. Several of the players such as Netflix and icflix are relatively new in the region, indicating an increasing interest in the largely untapped region.
  • Most content providers tend to use hybrid business models, with an emphasis on SVoD and AVoD models. Pure TVoD offerings are limited in the region and are usually offered in more affluent countries.
  • Availability of high definition video quality is in its early stages as many countries, especially in Africa, have limited broadband infrastructure. As such many OTT players do not focus on video quality as a major selling point. However, what is becoming increasingly prevalent is allowing subscribers to view content across several platforms, simultaneously.
Reasons to buy
  • Offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of over-the-top video (OTT) video content and pricing strategies in the AME markets.
  • The report investigates OTT video provider content trends, key competitive attributes and a market overview, looking in particular at the various challenges and opportunities facing them, with examples from OTT providers in the region.
  • To study the AME’s most competitive OTT video players, this report draws on GlobalData’s proprietary OTT Video Content Index, which ranks OTT video players based on objective indicators measuring various typical OTT video player content offerings.
  • The report discusses concrete opportunities in the OTT video market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for service providers, telcos and regulators.
  • Boasts of high presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately, for the executive-level audience.

Executive summary
Section 1: OTT Video Content Strategies
OTT video definition and market context
OTT video content trends overview
Section 2: OTT Video Pricing Strategies
OTT video business models and pricing strategy
Section 3: OTT Video Provider Company Snapshot
Company Snapshot - STARZ Play
Company Snapshot - icflix
Section 3: Case Studies
Company Snapshot - Netflix
Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations
Key findings
OTT video content index
Companies mentioned
Acronyms and definitions
About the authors
Contact information
List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Types of OTT video providers
Exhibit 2: OTT video providers in Africa and the Middle East by type, 2018
Exhibit 3: Select OTT video content trends, Africa, and the Middle East, 2018
Exhibit 4: OTT video content offers, 2018
Exhibit 5: OTT Video content delivery format, Africa and the Middle East, 2018
Exhibit 6: Pricing of SVoD OTT providers, 2018
Exhibit 7: Pricing of TVoD OTT providers, 2018
Exhibit 8: OTT video players positioning framework
Exhibit 9: SVoD OTT video player positioning in Africa and the Middle East based on pricing and content strategy, 2018
Exhibit 10: Indicative OTT video content index composition list

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