Demographics in Healthcare - Thematic Research

Demographics in Healthcare - Thematic Research


Demographics (the statistical data of a population) are of major importance when making business decisions, as they allow for the identification of population segments by specific characteristics. Insurers need to understand in detail the trends and dynamics of global populations in order to provide adequate risk recovery solutions. The personalization of risk and changing customer behavior means insurance providers will need to target their propositions to key customer groups. Additionally, healthcare providers must understand the populations they serve, and how these populations change over time, in order to provide top-tier care and keep costs low.

Population demographics and their relationship to healthcare is critical to understand for payors who want to have competitive coverage, providers who want to keep their costs low and their value of care high, and health technology firms (healthIT) who want to identify opportunities in the healthcare industry across payors, providers, and other service suppliers. Aging populations tend to require more care, and if not controlled, more costly acute interventions. As populations age, government budgets will continue to be strained, and this will lead to a greater consumer-based approach in the healthcare space. Payors, providers, and healthIT firms that can offer direct-to-consumer healthcare benefits and care will find an opportunity among patients who want greater control over their own health.

This report explores the theme of demographics in Healthcare, through coverage of current and future trends, as well as the impact on payers, providers and healthIT.


  • This report is a thematic brief, which identifies those companies most likely to succeed in a world filled with disruptive threats. Inside, we predict how each theme will evolve and identify the leading and disrupting companies.
  • The report covers the segments of Demographics in health care. It includes case studies of emerging demographics trends.
Reasons to Buy
  • Companies who invest in the right themes become success stories; those who miss the big themes end up as failures.
  • Corporate executives and investors who want to outperform their competitors need to understand all the themes that impact their sector. However, many of these themes are, by definition, outside of the core competencies of company boardrooms because they typically originate from external industries.
  • This Demographics in Healthcare thematic report provides a top-down outlook at the key players and trends in demographics in the Healthcare sector. It includes key players providing big data tools and services.

  • Executive Summary
  • Players
    • Table Figure 1: Who are the leading players in the demographics in healthcare theme and where do they sit in the value chain?
  • Trends
    • Technology Trends
      • Table Technology Trends
    • Healthcare Trends
      • Table Healthcare Trends
  • Industry Analysis
    • Market Size and Growth
      • Table Figure 2: Government spending on healthcare continues to rise across top global healthcare markets.
      • Table Figure 3: The proportion of government healthcare expenditure in GDP continues to rise over the long term across all top global healthcare markets.
      • Aging Populations
        • Table Figure 4: Populations in key healthcare markets are aging, which will put increasing pressure on healthcare cost control, as older patients tend to require increased and more costly care.
      • Demographic Risk Factors
        • Table Figure 5: Risk factors for poor health outcomes, such as diabetes prevalence, are on the rise, while risk factors such as tobacco use are dropping.
        • Table Figure 6: Risk factors such as overweight prevalence among adults are on the rise in many key healthcare markets.
    • Case Studies
      • Teladoc Health – Enabling continuity of care during the global pandemic
      • Amazon – Amazon Pharmacy, the online pharmacy of the future is here
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Table Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Companies
    • Healthcare Provider Companies
      • Table Healthcare Provider Companies
    • Healthcare Payor Companies
      • Table Healthcare Payor Companies
    • HealthIT Companies
      • Table HealthIT Companies
  • Glossary
    • Table Glossary
  • Further Reading
    • GlobalData Reports
      • Table GlobalData Reports
  • Our thematic research methodology
    • Table Figure 7: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard
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