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Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

This report analyzes the Global market for Prescriptive Analytics in US$ Million. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2022. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for North America, and Rest of World. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. The report profiles 48 companies including many key and niche players such as -

Datawatch Corporation
Frontline Systems, Inc.
IBM Corporation

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Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study
The Power of Business Analytics: A Primer
Analytical Disruption Fuels the Emergence of the Era of Prescriptive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics: Market Overview
Prescriptive Analytics Sits on Top ofthe Analytics Value Tree
Limitations in Conventional BI Put Focus onPrescriptive Analytics
Plethora of Benefits Offered Instigate RobustOpportunities
Typical Impact of Prescriptive Analytics: A Snapshot
Bright Prospects Ahead for Prescriptive Analytics
Major Factors driving Growth
Factors Hindering Growth
Favorable Macro-Economic Scenario Lends Traction to Prescriptive Analytics Demand
Table 1: World Real GDP Growth Rates in % (2016-2019P): Breakdown by Country/Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Inclination towards Automated Decisions Creates Robust Business Case for Prescriptive Analytics
Growing Complexity in Decision-Making TiltsMomentum in Favor of Prescriptive Analytics
Cloud Prescriptive Analytics to Play Pivotal Role in Future Growth of the Market
Table 2: Soaring Importance of Cloud Computing in World IT infrastructure Spending to Accelerate Cloud Prescriptive Analytics Deployments: Percentage Breakdown of Annual Spending for IT Solutions by Infrastructure Type (2015, 2017 & 2020P) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Superiority over On-Premise Platforms GeneratesInterest in Cloud Prescriptive Analytics
Faster Internet & Higher Bandwidth Spurthe Commercial Feasibility of SaaS Prescriptive Analytics
Table 3: Growing Internet Speeds Provides the Support Platform for the Proliferation of Low Latency SaaS Prescriptive Analytics Services: Breakdown of Average Internet Speeds (in Mbps) for Select Countries (2017) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
On-Premise Platforms Remain in Contention
Machine Learning Drives Prescriptive Analytics
Tailored Approaches to Embedding Prescriptive Analytics in Organizations: A Key Trend AmongInsight-Driven Enterprises
Decision-Based Approach Scores over LayerBased Deployment Strategies
Growing Prominence of Big Data Bodes Well for Prescriptive Analytics as the Future ofBig Data Syntheses
Big Data Projects On the Roll
Table 4: Widening Role of Big Data Enabled Strategies in Enterprise Environments Lends Support to Robust Adoption of Prescriptive Analytics: World Big Data Technology and Services Revenues in US$ Billion for Years 2015, 2018E and 2022P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 5: World Big Data Technology and Services Market by Region/Country (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 6: Global Adoption Rates (In %) of Big Data Technologies by Industry for the Years 2012 & 2018E (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Why Prescriptive Analytics is the Future ofBig Data Synthesis?
Proliferation of IoT to Benefit the Evolution of IoT-Enabled Prescriptive Analytics
Table 7: The Ballooning IoT Ecosystem Fuels Interest in Prescriptive Analytics as a Linchpin for Driving Value from IoT Data & Projects: Breakdown of the Installed Base of IoT Connected Devices (In Million Units) by Segment for the Years 2015, 2018E and 2022P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Rise in Cyber Crime & the Need for Crime Prediction & Prevention to Spur Opportunities for PrescriptiveAnalytics
Table 8: As a Must-Have Security Technology, Growing Cybersecurity Investments to Benefit the Evolution of Prescriptive Analytical Models of Cybercrime Prevention: Global Cybersecurity Spending (In US$ Billion) for the Years 2014, 2018E & 2022P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 9: World Cyber Security Market by Region/ Country (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 10: World Cyber Security Market by Sector (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Banking & Financial, Government & Aerospace, Medical Care, Manufacturing, IT & Telecom, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Off-the-Shelf Solutions – the Next Major Milestone
Working on Hybrid Data: The Cornerstone of Prescriptive Analytics Success
Operations Research: A Significant Contributor to Prescriptive Analytics’ Capabilities
Business Process Definition: The Critical Step in Modeling Prescriptive Analytics Process
Assembling Existing Tools and Services - The Other Ways Round to Address Resource Needs
Scientific Tools: Critical to Effectiveness of Prescriptive Analytics
Monte Carlo Simulation in Prescriptive AnalyticsHelp Decision Making in Uncertainty
Large Enterprises Remain Major Beneficiaries of Prescriptive Analytics
Transportation – An Early Adopter of Prescriptive Analytics
Large Data Sets Make Travel and TransportationIndustry Prime for Prescriptive Analytics Implementation
Optimization-Led Prescriptive Analytics Push Innovation Ahead in Supply Chain
Prescriptive Analytics Takes S&OP to a Whole New Level
Healthcare Sector Transformation Augurs Well for Adoption of Prescriptive Analytics
Opportunity Indicators
Table 11: Progressive Momentum in Healthcare IT Spending to Generate Parallel Opportunities for Prescriptive Analytics: World Healthcare IT Spending in US$ Billion for Years 2014, 2018E and 2022P (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 12: World Healthcare IT Market by Country/Region (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Spending for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 13: Global Healthcare IT Market by Sector (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Spending for Hospitals, Insurance, Life Sciences, and Physician Practices (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Process Optimization – An Added Advantageof Prescriptive Analytics in Healthcare
Use Cases of Prescriptive Analyticsin Healthcare Sector
Bringing Disparate Processes under One Umbrella
Data Prep – A Major Stumble Block for Adoptionin Healthcare
Retailers Gain Big Way with Prescriptive Analytics
Select Leading Retail Enterprises by Country:A Snapshot
Table 14: Global Retail Sector by Region/Country (2017): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 15: Global Retail Sector by Product Category (2017): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Clothing & Accessories, Diversified, FMCG, and Leisure Goods (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Oil & Gas – A Major Application Area
Table 16: World Crude Oil Production by Country (2014-2016): Breakdown of Crude Production (in 1,000 Barrels per day) for Brazil, China, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Venezuela and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 17: Global Oil & Gas Demand (in Million Tons of Oil Equivalent): 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030, & 2035 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Prescriptive Analytics Optimizes Developmentof Unconventional Resources
Need for Optimal Fracking in Oil & Gas Sector DrawsAttention towards Prescriptive Analytics
Equipment Maintenance and Pricing – the OtherApplication Areas with Significant Benefits
Prescriptive Analytics to Emerge as a Game Changer Analytical Tool in HR Functions
Core Areas & Functions within the HRM/HCMLandscape: A Snapshot
Table 18: Global Human Capital Management (HCM) Technologies Market (2017): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Compensation Management, Core HR, Learning, Performance Management, Recruitment, and Workforce Management (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A Peek into Various Business Analytics Solutions
BI Tools
Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Defining Prescriptive Analytics
The Working of Prescriptive Analytics
Approaches to Prescriptive Analytics
Stochastic Optimization
List of Major Scientific Disciplines used in Prescriptive Analytics
Deployment Methods
Cloud-based SaaS
6.1 Focus on Select Players
Ayata (USA)
Compellon (USA)
Datawatch Corporation (USA)
Frontline Systems, Inc. (USA)
IBM Corporation (USA)
NGDATA (Belgium)
Profitect, Inc. (USA)
River Logic, Inc. (USA)
SAP SE (Germany)
SAS Institute, Inc. (USA)
TIBCO Software Inc. (USA)
6.2 Product/Service Launches
Hitachi Rolls Out Knowledge Base*2 Analytic Solution for Prescriptive Maintenance
World Careers Network Announces Enhanced Prescriptive Analytics Capabilities
Compellon™ Rolls Out Compellon20|
for Credit Unions
ThinkSCM Launches AI-based Prescriptive Analytics Tool
DemandJump Introduces Traffic Cloud™
HAVI Introduces Prescriptive Marketing Platform for Restaurant Industry
6.3 Recent Industry Activity
Compellon Inks Strategic Partnership with Clarabridge
River Logic Signs Partnership Deal with TBM Consulting Group
Datawatch Snaps Up Angoss Software
Mazars Acquires Zettafox
DataRobot Takes Over Nutonian
River Logic Teams Up with Barkawi Management Consultants
AIMMS Renews Partnership with UniSoma
Table 19: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for Prescriptive AnalyticsSoftware by Geographic Region - North Americaand Rest of World Markets IndependentlyAnalyzed with Annual Revenue Figuresin US$ Million for Years 2015 through 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 20: World 8-Year Perspective forPrescriptive Analytics Software by GeographicRegion - Percentage Breakdown of Revenuesfor North America and Rest of World Marketsfor Years 2018 and 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
8. COMPANY PROFILES Total Companies Profiled: 48
The United States (38)
Canada (3)
Europe (6)
- Germany (1)
- The United Kingdom (3)
- Rest of Europe (2)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (1)

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