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In-Flight Wi-Fi Services

In-Flight Wi-Fi Services

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for In-Flight Wi-Fi Services in terms of number of Commercial Flights with Wi-Fi Services. The Global market is further analyzed in terms of revenues (US$ Million) from In-flight Wi-Fi Services on Commercial Airlines. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2022. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. The report profiles 65 companies including many key and niche players such as -

AeroMobile Communication
Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Hughes Satellite Systems Corporation

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Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions And Scope of Study
Entering an Era of Connectivity Above the Clouds
IFE forms a Strong Base for Increasing Demand for In-flight Wi-Fi Services
A Glimpse of Current/Emerging IFE Services
Surge in Mobile Population and Technology Advancements Spur Growth
Satellite Connectivity Gathers Pace
Table 1: Available Technologies forin-flight Wi-Fi
US Stays Ahead in In-flight Internet Connectivity
Table 2: Global Connected Aircraft Market(2015-2022): Breakdown of Number ofConnected Commercial Aircraft by Region(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Asia-Pacific to Drive Growth in In-Flight Wi-Fi Services Adoption
Healthy Commercial Aerospace Outlook Drives Demand for IFC Technologies
Table 3: Global Air Passenger Traffic (RPK)Growth (%) by Route Area: 2013 & 2014(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 4: Global Air Passenger Traffic in TrillionRevenue Passenger Kilometers (RPKs):2011 through 2034 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart)
Rise in Aircraft Fleet Drive Long-term Opportunities
Table 5: Global Aircraft Deliveries Estimatesand Forecasts (2014 - 2020) (in Units)(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 6: Demand for New Airplanes byRegion (2015-2035) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
IFC in terms of ASMs
Table 7: Ranking of Airlines by AvailableSeat Miles (ASMs) (includes correspondingGraph/Chart)
Table 8: Airlines offering Wi-Fi as a percentageof ASMs (2015) (includes correspondingGraph/Chart)
Enterprise Mobility – A Business Case for In-flight Wi-Fi Services
Enterprise Shift Towards All-IP Communications Bodes Well for In-flight Wi-Fi Services
Long-Haul Flight Business Travellers Drive Demand for Wi-Fi Services
In-flight Wi-Fi Popular on Business Routes
Leisure Segment to Drive IFC Growth
Rise in Smartphone Use and ‘Social Networking on the Move’ Drives Market Expansion
Table 9: Mobile Social Networking Market Worldwide (2015E): Active Social Accounts as Percentageof Population in Select Countries (includescorresponding Graph/Chart)
Market Challenges Ahead
Key Players in In-Flight Connectivity Space
Table 10: World Commercial Aerospace In-flightWi-Fi Market (2015E): Percentage ShareBreakdown of In-flight Wi-Fi by Company(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 11: World Commercial Aerospace In-flightWi-Fi Market (2014): Percentage Share Breakdownof FSS/ HTS In-flight Wi-Fi by Service Provider(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Key Internet Service Providers & Major Airline Customers
High Throughput Satellites – The Next Phase in In-flight Connectivity
HTS Satellites Timeline
Asia and Middle East Airlines Eye HTS Satellite Services
In-flight Wi-Fi – No Longer an Ancillary Service
In-Flight Streaming Grows in Popularity
Airlines Compete Over Offering Faster In-Flight Services
Service Providers Focus on Technology Upgrades to Improve In-flight Wi-Fi Speed
Gogo’s 2Ku Technology – An Upcoming Attraction
– A New Breakthrough
Proliferation of Competing Systems Lead to Increased Fragmentation
Dynamic Revenue Models in the In-flight Wi-Fi Services Market
The Pricing Game
Table 12: In-flight Connectivity Pricing byService Provider (2015)
Table 13: Average In-flight Connectivity Prices by Region (2015) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
BYOD – An Emerging Cost Effective Model
Viability for Free Wi-Fi Services in Future
Service Providers Focus on Becoming Whole Service Providers
Wi-Fi Players Eye the Private Jet Segment
Wi-Fi Moves to Long-Haul Aircraft Sector
IFE OEM move towards Lightweight Equipment
Access to Cloud-based Services – A New Benefit from In-Flight Wi-Fi
Location Based Advertising – A Revenue Opportunity
Low Number of Users of In-flight Wi-Fi – Evidence of Potential
Several Issues Persist in Wi-Fi Adoption
Uncertainty over Consumer Acceptance puts Airlines in Defensive Mode
Delayed Adoption of In-Flight Wi-Fi Services in Various Airlines
Lack of Awareness – A Major Hurdle
Prohibitive Usage Costs Hinder Wider Adoption
In-flight Mobile Usage – Strife with Regulatory Obstacles
On-Board Mobile Usage Carries Risks, Impedes its Usage
Other In-flight Entertainment Media Pose Significant Challenges
Competing Technologies Pose Formidable Challenges
Wi-Fi – An introduction
802.11 Family of Wireless Standards: A Review
Evolution of the Wi-Fi Technology
Infrastructure Components in Wi-Fi Deployments
Wireless Access Points
Wireless LAN Controllers (WLAN Controllers)
Wireless Hotspot Gateways
ATG (Air to Ground)
In-flight Components Wi-Fi Components
A Brief Note on Evolution of In-flight Wi-Fi
KEY Parties in the Business Model
The Governing Variables in the In-flight Wi-Fi Services Business Model
Breakup of Infrastructure Cost by Cost Type
Variables in the Choice of an Airborne Broadband Service Provider
Key Drivers in the Final Choice
Myriad Applications of the In-flight Wi-Fi Services
In-flight Wi-Fi Service Operators – Technology & Operations
GSM Picocell – Enabler to In-flight Mobile conversations
Wi-Fi Enhances Scope of VoIP
Technical Challenges of In-flight Mobile Usage
Air France Set to Roll Out Wi-Fi Capability on All its Long Haul Fleet by 2020
China Eastern Airlines Rolls Out In-Flight Wi-Fi Services on its Domestic Flights
Jet Airways to Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi Services
Swiss Airlines Set to Roll Out In-Flight Wi-Fi Services as well as Phone Calls on its Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft Platform
Air Berlin Launches 3G Based On-Board Connectivity Service
Qatar Airways to Provide Free Wi-Fi Connectivity on its Carrier Routes
China Eastern Airlines Debuts In-Flight Inter Connectivity
SITA OnAir Unveils New Application to Promote On-Board Wi-Fi Connectivity
Inmarsat Plc. Launches Third Global Xpress Satellite
WestJet Debuts WestJet Connect In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity System
Major Chinese Airlines Secure Permits to Deliver On-Board Wi-Fi Connectivity
Vueling Introduces Satellite Based In-Flight Wi-Fi Broadband Connectivity
United Airlines Debuts On-Board Wi-Fi Connectivity to Regional Jets Aircrafts
Gogo Introduces Innovative '2Ku' In-Flight Wi-Fi Technology for Enhanced Connectivity Speeds
WestJet to Launch "WestJet Connect"
Delta Air Lines to Improve In-Flight Wi-Fi Service with Expanded Coverage and Higher Speed Connectivity
Virgin Atlantic Delivers High-Speed In-Flight Broadband Connectivity
American Airlines Upgrades Its Regional Jet Fleet with In-Flight Internet Connectivity
AirAsia Rolls Out In-Flight Wi-Fi Service on Few of its Flights
ANA to Expand In-Flight Wi-Fi to Multiple Aircrafts Plying Overseas Routes
Nok Air Introduces On-Board Connectivity Solution
Thai Airways Install Hardware on 13 Airbus Aircrafts
Etihad Airways Rolls Out In-Flight Internet and Mobile Connectivity on its Total Fleet of Boeing 777 Aircrafts
JAL Rolls out JAL SKY Wi-Fi In-Flight Internet Service on Domestic Flights Services across Japan
Iberia Introduces OnAir In-Flight Connectivity on all its Transatlantic Fights
SAUDIA Rolls Out Complimentary Wi-Fi Service Business Class and First Class Passengers across Select Routes
Inmarsat Introduces New Air-To-Ground and Satellite Network to Facilitate Delivery of In-Flight Broadband Connectivity in Europe
Air Canada Extends In-Flight Wi-Fi on All its North American Flight Routes
Lufthansa Rolls Out Lufthansa FlyNet to Facilitate In-Flight Connectivity
JetBlue Introduces Fly-Fi in-flight Wi-Fi Service
Transaero Expands In-Flight Wi-Fi and Mobile Connectivity Services to Other Aircrafts
Aer Lingus Extends In-Flight Roaming Services on its Long-Haul Flights
Garuda Indonesia Rolls Out In-Flight Wi-Fi Connectivity on All its Fleet of Boeing 777-300ER Aircrafts
KLM and Air France Unveil In-Flight Wi-Fi Services on all its Flights
PAL to Introduce In-Flight Internet and Mobile Services
United Airlines Introduces of In-Flight Wi-Fi Connectivity
AeroMexico to Deploy Gogo Vision In-Flight Wi-Fi and Entertainment Service
Gogo Unveils Innovative Technology to Facilitate In-Flight Communication and Connectivity
Southwest Airlines Debuts Continuous Gate-Gate Wi-Fi Connectivity
SES and Gogo Ink Contract to Deliver In-Flight Connectivity over Latin America, North Atlantic and America
American Airlines Files Litigation against In-Flight Wi-Fi Service Provider Gogo Over Poor Connection Speeds
Singapore Airlines to Deploy Thales Avant In-Flight Entertainment Systems
ANA Teams Up with Panasonic
iPass Teams Up With Panasonic Avionics to Deliver In-Flight Internet Access
FAA Certifies Honeywell Aerospace’s JetWave™ Use with Boeing 757
SEA and GEE Ink Agreement on Expanding Satellite Capacity (Europe)
ViaSat Inks Agreement with Boeing to Fix its On-Board Wi-Fi® Connectivity System on Boeings Commercial Aircrafts
Spring Airlines Deploys Kontron A320 Wi-Fi Cabin Distribution System
Inmarsat Teams Up with Deutsche Telekom to Introduce High Speed IFC
Gogo Secures FAA Certification for its 2Ku Satellite Connectivity Service
Virgin America Teams Up with ViaSat to Upgrade IFC
iPass Introduces New iPass Unlimited Service Package
NetFlix Teams Up with Virgin America to Deliver Complimentary Wi-Fi Access to Travellers
Beeline Uzbekistan Extends In-Flight Mobile Services to Several Airline Operators
Air France Partners with Orange to Deliver on-Board Wi-Fi Connectivity
NBN to Offer its Satellites for Facilitating In-Flight Connectivity
Verizon Extends Free Wi-Fi to JetBlue and Gogo Customers
Skymark Airlines Chooses Panasonic eXConnect to Deliver In-Flight Wi-Fi Connectivity
Panasonic Partners with Eutelsat to Deliver Advanced High-Performance On-Board Wi-Fi Connectivity
AirMedia Teams Up with China Telecom Satellite Communications
CAL Chooses Panasonic eX3 IFC System for Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft (China)
British Airways Inks Partnership with INMARSAT
Aeromexico Partners with Panasonic Avionics
Honeywell Inks MoU with HAITEC
EL AL Enters into a Contract with ViaSat
Aeromexico Extends Partnership with Gogo
Singapore Airlines Starts Offering AEROMOBILE In-Flight Mobile Connectivity
AirMedia Inks Strategic Alliance Agreement with HNA Xinhua
China Telecom and Global Eagle Partner Ink an Agreement
Kymeta Teams Up with Inmarsat to Develop Antennas
Gogo Expands its In-Flight Wi-Fi Services to Japan
In-Flight Communication Service Providers
AeroMobile Communication (UK)
Gogo LLC (US)
Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (US)
Honeywell International, Inc. (US)
EMS Aviation (US)
Hughes Satellite Systems Corporation (US)
SITA OnAir (Switzerland)
Inmarsat Plc. (UK)
TriaGnoSys (Germany)
In-flight Communication Equipment Manufacturers
Astronics AeroSat Corporation (US)
ViaSat Inc. (US)
Panasonic Avionics (US)
Kymeta Corporation (US)
Thales Group (France)
ThinKom Solutions, Inc. (US)
Table 14: World Recent Past, Current & FutureAnalysis for Commercial Flights with Wi-Fi Servicesby Geographic Region - US, Europe, Asia-Pacific(including Japan), Middle East and Rest of WorldMarkets Independently Analyzed in Unitsfor Years 2015 through 2022 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 15: World 8-Year Perspective for CommercialFlights with Wi-Fi Services by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Units for US, Europe,Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Middle East andRest of World Markets for Years 2016 and 2022(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 16: World Recent Past, Current & FutureAnalysis for In-flight Wi-Fi Services on CommercialAirlines Analyzed with Annual Revenuesin US$ Million for Years 2015 through 2022(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Some Developments in US Inflight Wi-Fi Services Market….
Inflight Connectivity Creates Cord Cutting in the Sky
Inflight Connectivity – An Economic Puzzle
Ka Band – An Opportunity
Wireless In-Flight Entertainment Gains Traction
Competitive Scenario
Table 17: US Inflight Wi-Fi Services Market(2015): Total Fleet, Wi-Fi Equipped Planesand Service Providers by Airlines (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 18: US Inflight Wi-Fi Services Market(2015): Percentage of ASMs with Wi-Fi byAirlines (includes correspondingGraph/Chart)
Table 19: Leading Players in the US InflightConnectivity Market: Percentage Breakdown of Market share for Gogo, Global Eagle,Thales/Live TV, and Panasonic (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Service Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
Key Players
In-Flight Communication Service Providers
In Flight Communication Equipment Manufacturers
B. Market Analytics
Table 20: The US Recent Past, Current & FutureAnalysis for In-Flight Wi-Fi Services Analyzedwith Number of Commercial Flights with Wi-FiServices in Units for Years 2015 through 2022(includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Scenario
Service Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
Key Players
In-Flight Communication Service Providers
In Flight Communication Equipment Manufacturers
B. Market Analytics
Table 21: European Recent Past, Current & FutureAnalysis for In-Flight Wi-Fi Services Analyzed with Number of Commercial Flights with Wi-Fi Servicesin Units for Years 2015 through 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Select Markets
In-Flight Wi-Fi Services Critical for Growth of Domestic Carriers
Low Cost Airlines Come under the Umbrella of Inflight Connectivity
In-flight Wi-Fi in China
Service Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
Table 22: Asia-Pacific Recent Past, Current &Future Analysis for In-Flight Wi-Fi ServicesAnalyzed with Number of Commercial Flights withWi-Fi Services in Units for Years 2015 through2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A. Market Analysis
Service Launches
Strategic Corporate Development
B. Market Analytics
Table 23: Middle East Recent Past, Current &Future Analysis for In-Flight Wi-Fi ServicesAnalyzed with Number of Commercial Flights withWi-Fi Services in Units for Years 2015 through2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Airlines Extend Internet Services to International Fleet
Service Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
Table 24: Rest of World Recent Past, Current &Future Analysis for In-Flight Wi-Fi ServicesAnalyzed with Number of Commercial Flights withWi-Fi Services in Units for Years 2015 through2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Total Companies Profiled: 65 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 68)
The United States (18)
Canada (1)
Japan (2)
Europe (21)
- France (2)
- Germany (4)
- The United Kingdom (4)
- Spain (1)
- Rest of Europe (10)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (16)
Middle-East (8)
Africa (2)

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