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Nanotechnology Industry and Market Review 2015-2016

Nanotechnology Industry and Market Review 2015-2016

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are key enablers for a whole new generation of products and processes. New products with enhanced properties are coming onto the market from a broad range of players in consumer electronics, packaging, healthcare and coatings.

The Nanotech Review 2015-2016 is a comprehensive guide to materials, markets and products in nanotech over the past 12 months, from January 2015 to January 2016. This publication details leading developments within the industry during this period.

2015 witnessed numerous major advances enabled by nanotechnology in consumer electronics, medicine and coatings technology. Quantum Dot TVs have made a huge market impact and global funding and commercialization of graphene has continued to grow. Nanotech Review focuses on the leading nanomaterials under development, with coverage on quantum dots, nanocoatings, graphene, nanocellulose and new 2-D nanomaterials. There are contributions from leading nanotech companies, alliowing readers a unique market insight into these exceptional materials.

This publication provides a comprehensive review the state of the nanotech sector at present, it’s development, and future prospects. Strategic analysis of the key global markets nanotech will impact is the core theme.

Our expert team and industry contributors bring you fascinating, authoritative articles, illustrated with stunning images on nanotech in markets from oil & gas to biomedicine & healthcare.

Key Nanomaterials Markets in 2015
Nanomaterials in the Li-ion battery market
Quantum Dot TVs
Graphene in flexible displays
Graphene in 3D printing
Graphene in biomedicine
Graphene in coatings
Nanomaterials in the Wound Management Market
Nanotech in Food Packaging
Nanotech in Anti-counterfeit Applications
Nanomaterials in Threat Detection and Prevention
Anti-reflective nanocoatings
Key Nanomaterials in 2015
Quantum Dots
Graphene conductive inks
Graphene transparent films
2D Nanomaterials beyond graphene
Key Industry Developments in the last 12 months
Graphene industry developments
Nanomedicine industry developments
Nanomaterials regulation
Carbon nanotubes industry developments
Nanowires industry developments
Quantum dots industry developments
Nanocoatings industry developments
Nanoenergy industry developments
Nanocellulose industry developments

1. Introduction
2. Flexible graphene
Transparent conductive films
Market size
ITO replacement
3. Graphene conductive inks
Conductive inks
Graphene conductive inks
Market size
4. Graphene in China
Government funding
Graphene production
Graphene Powder producers
Graphene Film Manufacturers
5. Graphene in the Lithium-Ion Batteries Market
Graphene in Lithium-Ion batteries
Target markets
Product developers
Recent news
6. Graphene in 3D printing
Market size
Recent news
Companies and products
7. Graphene and beyond
Molybdenum Disulfide
Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Tungsten Diselenide
Rhenium Disulfide
8. Graphene in biomedicine
Cancer therapy
Medical implants
Wound dressings
Product developers
9. Graphene in coatings
Graphene in anti-corrosion coatings
Graphene in marine coatings
Graphene in anti-microbial coatings
Graphene in wear and abrasion resistance coatings
Product developers
10. Long life with Nanotech
Corrosion resistant nanocoatings
Wear resistant nanocoatings
Thermal barrier nanocoatings
11. Nanomaterials in the Wound Management Market
Wound management market opportunity
Zinc oxide nanoparticles
Commercial activities
12. Nanotech in Food Packaging
Food Packaging
Commercial activities
13. Nanotech in Anti-counterfeit Applications
Market drivers
Product developers
14. Nanomaterials in Threat Detection and Prevention
Biological sensors
Chemical sensors
Explosives sensors
15. Nanotechnology in Japan
Science and Technology Basic Plans
Government Bodies
Research Centres and Platforms
Nanotech Companies
Nanomaterials Producers
Application and product developers
16. Nanotechnology in Japan
Commercial activity in Japan
Commercial activity in China
Graphene Powder producers
Graphene Film Manufacturers
Commercial activity in South Korea
Commercial activity in Taiwan
17. Anti-reflective nanocoatings
Market drivers and trends in Anti-Reflective (AR) Nanocoatings
Benefits of using Anti-Reflective (AR) Nanocoatings
Markets and Applications of Anti-Reflective (AR) Nanocoatings
Commercial activities in Anti-Reflective (AR) Nanocoatings
18. Anti-icing nanocoatings
Market drivers for anti-icing nanocoatings
Benefits of using anti-icing nanocoatings
Superhydrophobic surfaces
Commercial activities in anti-icing nanocoatings
19. Graphene in South Korea
Nanotechnology funding in South Korea
Graphene funding
Government research centre activities in graphene
20. Carbon nanotubes memory market
NRAM Overview
How NRAM Works
Target Markets
The Carbon Nanotube Future
20. The market for metamaterials
What is a Metamaterial?
History of metamaterial science
The Market Opportunity to Master Light
21. Nanolubricants
Market drivers
Lubricant additives
Nano additives
Carbon nanomaterials
22. Quantum Dot TVs
Market drivers for quantum dot Tvs
LCDs vs. OLEDs vs. QD-LCDs
Integration into LCDs
On-edge (Edge optic)
On-surface (film)
Quantum rods
QD-LCD Products
Recent developments
Market size for QD-TVs
23. Dendrimers market view
What are dendrimers?
Types of dendrimers
Quality of products
24. C2N holey 2D materials
Nitorgenated holey two-dimensional strucutres
25. Nanotech business, government policy and regulation news January 2015-December 2015
26. Nanotech applications and commercialized research in 2015

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