The Global Market for Carbon Black 2024-2035

The Global Market for Carbon Black 2024-2035

The Global Market for Carbon Black 2024-2035 provides valuable insights into the carbon black industry, covering essential aspects such as an overview of different types, including furnace black, sustainable alternatives, and their commercial availability. The report offers a detailed understanding of carbon black properties, manufacturing processes, and diverse market applications.

The report examines the latest trends in sustainable carbon black production, including methane pyrolysis, recovered carbon black (rCB), and bio-based options. It discusses how these eco-friendly alternatives are reshaping the industry and driving innovation. The global market for carbon black is analyzed, with detailed segmentation by type, end-user market, and region. The report identifies growth opportunities in traditional sectors like tires and automotive, as well as emerging applications in 3D printing, energy storage, high-performance plastics, and wearable electronics.

The report provides information on recent market developments, pricing trends, and production capacities. It also includes comprehensive profiles of key players in the carbon black industry, offering insights into their strategies and offerings.

With a focus on specialty and recovered carbon black, this report presents a unique perspective on these high-value segments. It discusses their sustainability aspects, pricing dynamics, and market potential across various applications.

Report contents include:
 Carbon Black Overview
 Types and Properties
 Manufacturing and Markets
 Sustainability and Competing Materials
 Pricing and Forecasts
 Specialized Carbon Blacks
 Methane Pyrolysis Carbon Black
 Specialty Carbon Black
 Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)
 Bio-based Carbon Black
 Global Market Analysis
 Market Segmentation by Type, Application, and Region
 Traditional and Growth Markets
 Market Dynamics and Supply Chain
 Pricing and Production Capacities
 63 Company Profiles. Companies profiled include Birla Carbon, Cabot Corporation, Delta-Energy Group L.L.C., Enrestec, Epsilon Carbon, LD Carbon, Monolith Materials, Our Carbon, Pyrum Innovations AG, Scandinavian Enviro Services AB, Tokai Carbon and Waverly Carbon.

    • Types
      • Table Key types of carbon black.
    • Furnace carbon black
      • Table Markets and applications furnace carbon black.
    • Sustainable Carbon Blacks
      • Table Production of Sustainable Carbon Black.
    • Commercially available carbon black
      • Table Commercially available carbon black grades.
    • Properties of carbon black
      • Table Comparative analysis of the properties of the carbon black types.
      • Table Typical properties of carbon black and influence on performance.
      • Particle size distribution
      • Structure-Aggregate size
      • Surface chemistry
      • Agglomerates
      • Colour properties
      • Porosity
      • Physical form
        • Table Carbon black compounds.
    • Manufacturing processes
      • Table Carbon black manufacturing processes, advantages and disadvantages.
    • Markets for carbon black
      • Table Markets for carbon black.
    • Sustainability
      • Initiatives for furnace black
      • Tire industry sustainability targets
      • Methane Pyrolysis
      • Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)
      • Bio-based (Renewable) carbon black
    • Competing materials
    • Pricing and forecasts
      • Table Carbon black pricing per type and forecast (2023, 2025-2030).
    • Overview
    • Sustainability
    • Markets and applications
      • Table Methane pyrolysis carbon black markets.
    • Pricing
      • Table Methane pyrolysis carbon black pricing.
    • Market players
      • Table Methane pyrolysis carbon black producers.
    • Overview
      • Table Production Methods for specialty carbon black.
      • Table Key Properties of Specialty Carbon Black.
    • Sustainability
    • Markets and pplications
      • Table Markets and applications for specialty carbon black.
    • Pricing
      • Table Specialty carbon black pricing.
    • Market players
      • Table Specialty carbon black producers.
    • Overview
      • Table Production Methods for recovered carbon black (rCB).
    • Specifications
      • Consistency
      • Ash Content
      • Char Content
      • Volatile Content and PAH Content
      • Contaminations
      • Milling and Granulation
      • In-Rubber Performance
        • Table Specifications of Recovered Carbon Black
    • Sustainability
    • Categories for recovered carbon black (rCB)
      • Table Categories for recovered carbon black (rCB) based on key properties and intended applications.
      • Table rCB post-treatment technologies.
    • Production
      • Pyrolysis of End-of-Life Tires (ELT)
      • Discontinuous ("batch") pyrolysis
      • Semi-continuous pyrolysis
      • Continuous pyrolysis
    • Markets and Applications
      • Table Markets and applications for recovered carbon black.
    • Pricing
      • Table Recovered carbon black pricing.
    • Market players
      • Table Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) producers.
    • Overview
      • Table Production Methods for bio-based carbon black.
    • Sustainability
    • Markets and Applications
      • Table Markets and applications for Bio-based carbon black.
    • Pricing
      • Table Pricing of bio-based carbon black.
    • Market Players
      • Table Bio-based carbon black producers.
    • By type (tons)
      • Table Global market for carbon black 2018-2034, by type (100,000 tons).
    • By market (tons)
      • Table Global market for carbon black 2018-2034, by end user market (100,000 tons).
    • By market (revenues)
      • Table Global market for carbon black 2018-2034, by end user market (billion USD).
    • By region (Tons)
      • Table Global market for carbon black 2018-2034, by region (100,000 tons).
    • Global market for Specialty Carbon Black (tons)
      • Table Specialty carbon black demand, 2018-2035 (000s Tons), by market.
    • Global market for Recovered Carbon Black (Tons)
      • Table Recovered carbon black demand, 2018-2035 (000s Tons), by market.
    • Traditional markets
      • Tires and automotive
        • Table Market drivers for carbon black in the tire industry.
        • Table Global market for carbon black in tires (100,000 metric tons), 2018 to 2035.
      • Non-Tire Rubber (Industrial rubber)
    • Recent market news and developments, 2021-2024
      • Table Recent carbon black market news and developments.
    • Growth markets
      • 3D Printing
      • Energy Storage
      • Sustainable Tires
      • High-Performance Plastics
      • Filtration Media
      • Gas Storage
      • Wearable Electronics
      • EMI Shielding
      • Thermal Management
      • Sensors and Actuators
    • Market supply chain
      • Table Market supply chain for carbon black.
    • Pricing
      • Feedstock
      • Commercial carbon black
        • Table Pricing of carbon black by market and grade, per ton.
    • Production capacities (metric tons)
      • Table Carbon black capacities, by producer.
    • Asahi Carbon Co Ltd
    • Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT Carbon)
    • BB&G AWES Lda.
    • Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
    • Birla Carbon
    • Black Bear Carbon BV
    • Bolder Industries
    • Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone Carbon Black Co., Ltd.)
    • Cabot Corporation
    • Cancarb Limited
    • Circtec Group
    • Contec S.A.
    • Delta-Energy Group L.L.C. (Ceased operation)
    • Denka Company Limited
    • Ecolomondo
    • ecOTR
    • Elysium Nordic
    • Enrestec
    • Envigas AB
    • Epsilon Carbon
    • G3C Technologies
    • Geotech International B.V.
    • Graforce
    • Hago Energetics
    • H Quest Vanguard
    • Hi-Green Carbon Ltd.
    • Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd
    • Imerys
    • Innova Hydrogen
    • International CSRC Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.,
    • JSC Yaroslavskiy Tekhnicheskiy Uglerod (Yaroslavl Carbon Black Plant
    • Jiangi Black Cat Carbon Black
    • Jinneng Science and Technology Company Limited
    • Klean Industries
    • LD Carbon
    • Living Ink
    • Longxing Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.
    • Lummus Technology LLC
    • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
    • Modern Hydrogen
    • Monolith Materials Inc
    • Nature Coatings, Inc.
    • Ningxia Shenzhou Tire Co., Ltd.
    • OCI Company Ltd
    • Omsk Carbon Group OOO
    • Origin Materials
    • Orion SA
    • Our Carbon
    • Phillips Carbon Black Limited (PCBL)
    • PJSC Kremenchug Carbon Black Plan
    • Polimix Ambiental
    • Pyrum Innovations AG
    • Ralson Carbon
    • RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH
    • Reoil Sp. z o.o.
    • Scandinavian Enviro Services AB
    • Shandong Oci-Jianyang Carbon Black Co., Ltd
    • Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black Co., Ltd.
    • Tokai Carbon Co Ltd
    • Turkmen-Carbon (Eziz Dag Group)
    • UPM
    • Wastefront
    • Waverly Carbon
    • Xillix GmbH
    • Table Glossary of terms.

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