Global Industry Analysis 2013 – 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 – 2028

Muscle Stimulation Devices Market

Global Industry Analysis 2013 – 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 – 2028

By Product Type By Modality

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES/EMS)
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES)
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Interferential (IF)
  • Burst Mode Alternating Current (BMAC)
  • Micro current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator
  • (MENS)
  • Others
  • Handheld Devices
  • Portable Devices
  • Table top Devices
By Application By End User
  • Pain Management
  • Neurological Disorder Management
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder management
  • Others
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centres
  • Physiotherapy Clinics
  • Sport Clinics
  • Home Care Settings
By Region Competition Landscape
  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • China
  • Japan
  • MEA
  • Competition Dashboard
  • Company Share Analysis
  • Market Structure
  • Company Profiles
Market Dynamics Key Inclusion
  • Macro-economic factors
  • Drivers
  • Restraints
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Trends
  • Value Chain
  • Key Regulation
  • Install Base
  • List of Disrtibutors

1.Research Methodology
2.Assumptions & Acronyms
3.Executive Summary
4.Muscle Stimulation Devices Market Overview
4.1.Market Taxonomy
4.2.Market Scenario –Optimistic, Likely, Conservative
4.3.Market Value, 2015–2026
5.Muscle Stimulation Devices Market Dynamics
5.1.Macroeconomic Drivers
5.2.Demand/Supply side Drivers
5.4.Impact Analysis
6.Muscle Stimulant Devices Market, By Product Type
6.1.Introduction, By Product Type
6.1.1.Market Share Analysis
6.1.2.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison
6.1.3.Attractiveness Index Analysis
6.2.Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)
6.2.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
6.2.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
6.3.Interferential (IFT)
6.3.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
6.4.Burst Mode Alternating Current (BMAC)
6.4.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
6.4.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
6.5.Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation
6.5.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
6.5.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
7.Muscle Stimulant Devices Market, By Application
7.1.Introduction, By Application
7.1.1.Market Share Analysis
7.1.2.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison
7.1.3.Attractiveness Index Analysis
7.2.Pain Management
7.2.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
7.2.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
7.3.Neurology & Movement Disorder Management
7.3.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
7.3.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
7.4.Musculoskeletal Disorders Management
7.4.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
7.4.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
8.Muscle Stimulant Devices Market, By End User
8.1.Introduction, By End User
8.1.1.Market Share Analysis
8.1.2.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison
8.1.3.Attractiveness Index Analysis
8.2.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
8.2.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
8.3.Physiotherapy Clinics
8.3.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
8.3.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
8.4.Sports Clinics
8.4.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
8.4.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
8.5.Home Care
8.5.1.Market Value and Y-o-Y Growth Projection
8.5.2.Absolute $ Opportunity
9.Muscle Stimulant Devices Market, By Region
9.1.Introduction, By Region
9.1.1.Market Share Analysis, By Country
9.1.2.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
9.1.3.Attractiveness Index Analysis, By Country
10.North America
10.1.North America, By Country
10.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
10.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
10.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
10.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
10.2.North America, By Product
10.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
10.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
10.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
10.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
10.3.North America, By Application
10.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
10.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
10.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
10.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
10.4.North America, By End User
10.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
10.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
10.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
10.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
11.Latin America
11.1.Latin America, By Country
11.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
11.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
11.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
11.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
11.2.Latin America, By Product
11.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
11.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
11.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
11.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
11.3.Latin America, By Application
11.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
11.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
11.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
11.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
11.4.Latin America, By End User
11.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
11.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
11.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
11.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
12.Western Europe
12.1.Western Europe, By Country
12.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
12.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
12.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
12.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
12.2.Western Europe, By Product
12.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
12.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
12.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
12.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
12.3.Western Europe, By Application
12.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
12.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
12.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
12.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
12.4.Western Europe, By End User
12.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
12.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
12.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
12.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
13.Eastern Europe
13.1.Eastern Europe, By Country
13.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
13.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
13.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
13.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
13.2.Eastern Europe, By Product
13.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
13.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
13.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
13.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
13.3.Eastern Europe, By Application
13.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
13.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
13.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
13.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
13.4.Eastern Europe, By End User
13.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
13.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
13.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
13.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
14.Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ)
14.1.APEJ, By Country
14.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
14.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
14.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
14.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
14.2.APEJ, By Product
14.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
14.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
14.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
14.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
14.3.APEJ, By Application
14.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
14.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
14.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
14.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
14.4.APEJ, By End User
14.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
14.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
14.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
14.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
15.Middle East & Africa (MEA)
15.1.MEA, By Country
15.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Country
15.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Country
15.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Country
15.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By country
15.2.MEA, By Product
15.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
15.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
15.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
15.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
15.3.MEA, By Application
15.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
15.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
15.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
15.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
15.4.MEA, By End User
15.4.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
15.4.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
15.4.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
15.4.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
16.1.Japan, By Product
16.1.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Product
16.1.2.Market Share Analysis, By Product
16.1.3.Market Size Forecast, By Product
16.1.4.Attractiveness Index, By Product
16.2.Japan, By Application
16.2.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By Application
16.2.2.Market Share Analysis, By Application
16.2.3.Market Size Forecast, By Application
16.2.4.Attractiveness Index, By Application
16.3.Japan, By End User
16.3.1.Y-o-Y Growth Comparison, By End User
16.3.2.Market Share Analysis, By End User
16.3.3.Market Size Forecast, By End User
16.3.4.Attractiveness Index, By End User
17.Competition Landscape
17.1.Competition Dashboard
17.2.Company Highlights
17.2.1.DJOGlobal Inc.
17.2.2.Zynex Inc.
17.2.3.NeuroMetrix Inc.
17.2.4.RS Medical Inc.
17.2.5.Omron Corp.

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