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US mHealth Market and Growth Opportunity Analysis

US mHealth Market and Growth Opportunity Analysis

mHealth is one of the most talked about subjects in healthcare, yet it has struggled from a business model standpoint, market scalability, and general over-hype. It is currently observed that there are low barriers to entry and it is not a sure thing that established market leaders can sustain their position as new entrants or disruptive solutions hit the market in mHealth. In the United States, there is a growing market for mHealth-enabled devices and for connecting the results derived from various sensors and activity trackers. This data can be transformed to support population health and analytics, as well as increasing the interest among health plans, payers, and providers to using mHealth as a solution to monitor or remotely treat complex cases and chronic conditions.

This report describes and defines the mHealth market and the developing ecosystem, covering factors driving the need to deploy the mHealth function across a variety of settings. It also reviews successful business models used to provide value among key customer segments, Frost & Sullivan forecasts for overall market growth over a 6-year period (2016-2021); and opportunities within the total market and key market segments as estimated for the forecast period.

The research covers key challenges associated with the implementation of mHealth, which include a mix of regulatory, consumer, and performance issues and it makes a clear distinction between mass market solutions and medical-grade mHealth devices; presents a segmentation model; and includes revenue forecasts for the total medical-grade market and by segment. This research illustrates how medical-grade mHealth market segments have emerged based on levels of healthcare intervention and mHealth technology. It also features a competitive landscape that is based on three groups of vendor specialties and identifies examples of companies that are providing various mHealth services and shaping future capabilities.

mHealth Applications
Network Services
Medical-grade Wearables
Telehealth Services—Care Management; Complex Case Management

Key questions this study will answer: Why is mHealth an opportunity for a variety of companies to target as a growth market? What are the market-shifting macro trends impacting the need to deploy new or improved solutions to enable patients to achieve quality care using mHealth in a variety of settings? How important will mHealth be as the US healthcare system progresses to the goal of outcome-based and value-based reimbursements? What are the parameters that qualify mHealth apps to be considered as medical-grade services? Will these devices require FDA certification? What other standards apply? What is the 6-year revenue outlook for the mHealth market?

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Methodology
    • Scope and Segmentation
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Market Engineering Measurements
    • CEO's Perspective
    • Key Companies to Watch-mHealth
    • Future Perspectives-3 Big Predictions
  • Market Background
    • mHealth is a Part of a Broad Ecosystem of Market Sectors in Digital Health
    • mHealth Market Convergence in Healthcare
    • Big Themes in mHealth
    • Forces Driving the mHealth Market
    • Defining mHealth with the Kaiser Pyramid of Care
    • Digital Health-Highest Impact on Healthcare
    • mHealth Technology Trends and Roadmap
  • Market Segments
    • Market Segmentation
    • Aligning mHealth Technology With Healthcare Segments
    • mHealth Ecosystem-The High-level View
    • Definition of Key Customer Market Segments
    • Consumers-A Key Customer Segment
    • Definition of Medical-grade mHealth Segments
    • Consumer vs. Medical-grade Wearables
  • Consumer Views and mHealth
    • Frost & Sullivan Consumer Survey Data Origin
    • Summary of Key Consumer Findings
    • Key Objectives-Consumer Survey Data
    • Methodology
      • Table Methodology
    • Derived Health Consumer Segments-Profile Segment Descriptions and Key Differentiators
    • Derived Health Consumer Segments-Six Distinct Profiles of Health Consumers
    • US Consumers-Tracking of Health and Wellness Using Technology and Conventional Means
    • US Consumers-Importance of Sources for Health Information and Communication Preferences
    • Engaged Urban Techie Health Consumers
    • Profile of Engaged Urban Techie Consumers
    • Healthcare Skeptic Health Consumers
    • Use of Mobile Apps to Track Health and Wellness by Gender and Age
    • Use of Wearable Sensors to Track Health and Wellness by Gender and Age
    • Mobile Device Ownership by Gender
    • Mobile Device Ownership by Age
    • Mobile Operating System by Gender
  • Payer, Provider, and Vendor Views in mHealth
    • Industry Perspectives-Key Takeaways
    • mHealth Opportunity-Chronic Disease Management
    • mHealth-Common Platforms Drive Growth
    • mHealth-Factors that Influence Purchase or Investment
    • mHealth-The Case for Creating Bundles
    • mHealth-The Need for Data to Drive Payer Buy-in
    • mHealth Requirement-End-to-end Solutions
    • mHealth Payer Perspective-Chronic Conditions
    • mHealth-Perspectives About Consumers
    • mHealth-Risk Management
    • mHealth-Providers: The Key to Market Adoption
  • Business Models in mHealth
    • mHealth-Current and Potential Buyers
    • mHealth Solution Ecosystem
    • Business Models in mHealth
    • Key Factors Driving Remote Patient Monitoring at Medical Grade will Drive the Potential for mHealth
    • Regulation
    • mHealth Platform Case Study-Apple
    • mHealth Platform Case Study-Samsung
    • mHealth Platform Case Study-Qualcomm Life
    • mHealth Product Case Studies-Propeller Health and WellDoc
  • Forecasts and Trends-Total mHealth Market
    • Market Engineering Measurements
      • Table Total mHealth Market: Market Engineering Measurements, US, 2015
    • Forecast Assumptions and Definitions
    • Developing an mHealth Market Forecast
    • Revenue Forecast
      • Table Total mHealth Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015-2021
    • Total mHealth Market Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast-mHealth Market Segments
    • mHealth Market Segments-Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast-Medical-grade Wearables
      • Table mHealth Medical-grade Wearable Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015-2021
    • Medical-grade Wearables-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast-mHealth Apps
      • Table mHealth Apps Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015-2021
    • mHealth Apps Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast-mHealth Network Services
      • Table mHealth Network Services Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015-2021
    • mHealth Network Services Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast-Telehealth Service Delivery
      • Table Telehealth Service Delivery Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015-2021
    • Revenue Forecast by Segment-Telehealth Service Delivery
      • Table Telehealth Services Care Management 2015-2021
    • Telehealth Service Delivery Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Demand Analysis-Total mHealth Market
    • Penetration Analysis
  • Competitive Environment
    • mHealth Market Landscape
    • Likely Market Directions-The Analyst Perspective
    • mHealth Market Landscape
    • Competitive Market Framework
    • Competitive Market Structure
    • Vendor Segmentation-mHealth Platform in Chronic Disease Management Example
  • Notable Representative Companies to Watch
    • Notable Companies-Key Takeaways
    • Notable Companies within the mHealth Ecosystem
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Levers for Growth
    • Three Key Growth Opportunities in mHealth
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Data Analytics
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Extend RPM Beyond the Already Sick
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Take Patient Engagement to the Next Level
  • Future Perspectives
    • Future Perspectives-3 Big Predictions
    • Three Predictions will Intersect
    • Future Roadmap in mHealth
  • Appendix
    • Selected Sources
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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