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2025 Vision for the Aerospace Industry

2025 Vision for the Aerospace Industry

The recent reductions in oil price appears to be long-term trends, which will reduce the drive for flight efficiency. However, fuel cost is still the single most significant operating cost for airlines and will effect all modernization decisions. A slowdown in replacement purchases will be the near-term effect, but the long-term need to update aircraft will drive purchases.

Despite an improving economic environment, the heady days of the mid-2000s for business aircraft will not return. Wealth was being artificially created and prompted a climate of entitlement that resulted in an aircraft market that appealed to the newly rich. That climate will not return.

Defense budgets are under global pressure. Even the much touted Chinese budget growth is fairly modest. The global military aircraft market reflects that pressure. Recent production programs have been costly, delayed, and have not recovered its development costs. Newer programs may be in even worse shape.

Market entry barriers will remain high due to the costs involved, but the market for small satellite launches will be the most competitive. The overall space market is poised to grow steadily, but growth will be subdued because the transition to a more competitive commercialized market, which will drive prices down.

While they were not included in the sizing on the previous page, unmanned aerial vehicles have been a hot topic for the past several years. There are purchases by countries all over the world, but the market in 2025 will be dominated by new sensor packages and not by new platforms.

  • Executive Summary
    • Top Trends for 2025
    • Top Predictions for 2025
    • Market Sales-2014 and 2025
    • Key Conclusions
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
    • Research Scope
    • Market Segmentation
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
    • Research Methodology
  • Industry Convergence Implications
    • Impact of Top Mega Trends on the Aerospace Market
  • Global Aerospace Forecast for 2025
    • Global Aerospace Revenue by Segment and Region in 2014 and 2025-A Snapshot
    • Markets by Delivery Revenue in 2014 and 2025
    • Market Share Winners of 2014
    • Global Aerospace Revenue in 2013 and 2014-A Snapshot
    • Key 2025 Aerospace Industry Trends
    • Engine Efficiency Improvements
    • Manufacturing Changes
    • Alternative Fuels
    • Commercial Space Launch
    • Connectivity Changes
    • Air Traffic Management Changes
    • Electrification of Aircraft Systems
    • Reduced Military Program Starts
  • New Business Opportunities
    • Key Regional Market-Global
    • New Product/Service Launches 2014
    • Upcoming New Product/Service Launches
  • Market Segments
    • Air Transport Market Deliveries-2014 and 2025
    • Air Transport Market Outlook 2015-2025
    • Business Aircraft Market Deliveries-2014 and 2025
    • Business Aircraft Market Outlook 2015-2025
    • Military Aircraft Market Deliveries-2014 and 2025
    • Military Aircraft Market Outlook 2015-2025
    • Space Launch Systems and Satellites Market Deliveries-2014 and 2025
    • Space Launch Market Outlook 2015-2025
  • Aerospace Industry Vision for 2025 by Region
    • Key Regional Market-North America
    • Key Regional Market-Europe
    • Key Regional Market-APAC
    • Key Regional Market-ROW
  • Top Technology Opportunities by 2025
    • Key Technology Trends 2014 and 2025
    • Upcoming New Technology by 2025
  • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
    • Key Conclusions
  • Appendix
    • Additional Sources of Information on Aerospace
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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