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Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Germany

Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Germany

With the weakening of the Euro and the robust demand from outside the Euro area, especially the United States and China (which increased exports), Germany's economy has grown. The rising oil prices are expected to narrow the current account surplus. However, export growth may weaken as the impact of the earlier Euro depreciation wanes and as rising wages deteriorate Germany’s competitiveness within the Euro area. Demand from China, a prime export destination for Germany, is also projected to grow at a lower rate in 2018. Low interest rates along with high capacity utilization have helped maintain high profitability, despite business investment remaining subdued and hampering credit growth. Strong integration across global value chains to outsource labor-intensive tasks and strengthened sales in distant dynamic markets, particularly Asia, have made Germany’s manufacturers highly competitive. The depreciation of the Euro and the wage restraint have further made the playing ground for German manufacturers more challenging.

The domestic logistics market is increasingly under pressure from low-cost neighboring markets such as Poland. Goods transportation is a low margin business within a highly fragmented market. Germany’s logistics market is projected to contribute 21% of the national growth by 2025, when compared to its current 8%, with intralogistics being a key driver. Innovative logistics solutions, automation in material handling, electromobility, the digitalization of chemicals logistics, yard management, and real-time control at refineries are some of the key transformational trends shaping the German logistics market. Logistics providers for FMCG goods are expanding warehouse space to accommodate just-in-time deliveries. Investments in technologies will have a significant impact on logistics. Truck platooning, semi-autonomous trucks, and digitized cranes will transform freight transport.

Research Scope
The aim of this insight is to research and analyze key developments and trends relating to economy and trade and the freight and transportation and the logistics and warehousing sectors in Germany.

Key Features
To provide an overview of the key factors driving Germany's economy and trade
To analyze the role of transport and logistics in driving the country's economy
To identify the initiatives undertaken by the government to improve efficiency and reduce logistics cost
To furnish a detailed analysis of the advancements in digital technologies
To provide an in-depth analysis of how the traditional value chain is transformed as a result of advancements in technology, e-Commerce growth, regulatory changes, and investment

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Outlook and Insights
  • Research Scope and Methodology
    • Transportation and Logistics Market Insights
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Economic and Trade Indicators
    • Economic Growth is Fuelled by Strong Activity in the Euro Area
    • GDP Growth Trends
      • Table Growth of GDP and Services, Germany, 2012-2018
    • Growth Trends of the Transportation and Storage Sector
      • Table Growth of Services and Transportation and Storage, Germany, 2012-2018
    • National GDP Forecast
      • Table Nominal GDP Forecast, Germany, 2012-2018
    • Inflation Rate
      • Table Inflation Rate, Germany, 2012-2018
    • External Trade and Current Account Balance
    • Exports by Region
      • Table Exports by Region, Germany, 2016 and 2018
    • EU Trade Remains the Focus
      • Table Major Trading Partners-Exports, Germany, 2016-2018
      • Table Major Trading Partners-Imports, Germany, 2016-2018
    • Key Macro Developments
  • Freight Transportation
    • Transport Market Size
    • Transport Price Index
    • Transport Labor Cost Index
    • Sea Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Sea Freight Volume, Germany, 2012-2018
    • Road Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Road Freight Volume, Germany, 2012-2018
    • Air Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Air Freight Volume, Germany, 2012-2018
    • Overview of the EU Regulatory Environment
    • Key Features of Road and Rail Transportation
    • Key Features of Air and Sea Transportation
    • Key Technology Trends among Transport Modes
    • New Truck Registration Trends
    • Road Freight Composition
    • Innovation and Technology Trends
    • Transportation-OEM Outlook
  • Logistics and Warehousing
    • Logistics Market Developments
    • Logistics Outsourcing Trends
    • Warehousing Rent
    • Regional Warehousing Market Developments
  • Strategic Initiatives and Growth Opportunities
    • Outlook and Insights
    • Growth Opportunity-Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • The Last Word

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