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Therapeutic Advances in Pain Management (TechVision)

Therapeutic Advances in Pain Management (TechVision)

This research service covers key technological trends and developments across global analgesic products and technologies that are likely to have a high impact in the near future. Based on the observation of the global analgesic industry, advances and technological trends across existing and emerging technologies have been detailed. While providing brief overviews of the existing analgesic landscape across prevalent pain disorders, the research service also covers emerging pain disease treatments. Furthermore, the research services encompasses drivers and challenges, market adoption, collaborations, technology road-map and patent analysis for the global analgesic markets.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of Research
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings: Abuse-Deterrent Opioids, Non-Narcotics and Monoclonal Antibodies are Likely to Emerge as the Preferred Analgesics
  • Technology Snapshot and Trends
    • Overview of Pain Disorders
    • Snapshot of Existing and Emerging Pain Therapies
    • Key Application Areas for Pain Treatments: Low Back Pain, Migraine and Arthritic Pain are Some of the Key Application Areas
    • Treatment of Low Back Pain: A Brief Overview
    • Stem Cell and Monoclonal Antibody Therapies are Likely to Emerge as Promising Treatment Options for Low Back Pain
    • Clinical Management of Migraine: Summary of Existing and Emerging Therapies
    • Emerging Migraine Therapies: Monoclonal Antibodies are Emerging as a Promising Drug Class
    • Arthritic Pain Relief: Overview of Prevalent and Emerging Clinical Management Strategies
    • Biotherapies are Likely to Emerge as the Preferred Treatment Alternative for the Management of Arthritic Pain
    • Overview of Existing and Emerging Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia
    • Emerging Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia: A Brief Summary
    • Clinical Management Strategies for Coping with Cancer Pain
    • Recent Developments in Cancer Pain Therapy: Novel Opioid Formulations on the Rise
    • Overview of Neuropathic Pain Medications
    • Emerging Therapies for Neuropathic Pain: A Brief Summary
    • Treatment Strategies for Post-Operative Pain
    • Recent Advances Across Post-Operative Pain Therapies
    • Timeline Overview for US FDA Approved Analgesics
    • Non-Narcotics Dominate the Analgesic Pipeline
  • Impact Analysis and Assessment
    • Therapeutic Hotspots for Pain Disorders
    • Key Market Drivers and Challenges Across the Global Analgesics Markets
    • Increasing Demand for Non-Narcotic Medications is Likely to Fuel Market Growth for Analgesics
    • Global Analgesic Markets Need to Address Pain Assessment and Reimbursement Challenges
  • Strategic Insights
    • Overview of the Collaborative Landscape
    • Big Pharma Partnerships Fuel New Product Developments
    • Key Product Development Collaborations for Pain Management
    • Key Research and Development Collaborations Across the Global Analgesics Market
    • Licensing and Marketing Collaborations in the Pain Management Industry
    • Global Adoption Scenario
  • Emerging Opportunities and Conclusion
    • Technology Roadmap for the Global Pain Management Sector
    • Key Conclusions for the Global Analgesics Market
  • Patent Analysis
    • Patent Search Scope
    • Patent Publishing Trends
    • Leading Patent Holders
    • Leading Patent Offices
    • Key Patents Related to Analgesics-Non-Opioid & Opioid Therapies
    • Key Patents Related to Analgesics-Antibody Therapies
  • Appendix and Key Contacts
    • Advances in Musculoskeletal and Back Pain Therapy
    • Key Contacts

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