Technological Advances Enabling Stem Cells Reprogramming

Technological Advances Enabling Stem Cells Reprogramming

Since the advent of stem cells reprogramming after the discovery of the differentiation factors that allow the creation of human induced pluripotent stem cells, researchers all around the world are strongly committed to develop novel methods to design and build human stem cells.

Indeed, there is an increasing demand for the more efficient production systems and manufacturing methods of stem cells for potential investigation in disease management. This trend is emphatically envisaged to accelerate the development of both regenerative medicine and drug discovery and development.

Moreover, stem cell therapies are acclaimed as the next major advancements in transforming healthcare. Pharmaceutical companies are heavily investing in expanding their cellular therapy portfolio based on stem cells reprogramming, thereby exhibiting a strong evidence of the understanding future of stem cells reprogramming in the treatment of a broad spectrum of life-threatening diseases.

  • Executive Summary
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming: The Bigger Picture
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming: A Promising Revolution
    • Research Focus: Stem Cells Reprogramming
    • Research Scope: Unveiling a Radically Novel Technology
    • Analysis Framework: Frost & Sullivan's Core Value
    • Research Methodology: Five Steps toward Success
  • Technology Snapshot and Trends
    • Key Elements of Analysis: Stem Cells Reprogramming
    • Brief Overview of Stem Cells Reprogramming
    • Evolving Stem Cells Reprogramming
    • Delivery Methods of Pluripotency Induction
    • Molecular Methods of Pluripotency Induction
  • Technology Status Review and Assessment
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Innovations
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Developments
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Advances
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Technologies
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Breakthroughs
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Disruption
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Approaches
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Platforms
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Novelties
    • Stem Cells Reprogramming Innovations
  • Impact across Multiple Industries
    • Market Dynamics and Business Opportunities
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Product, Global, 2018-2023
    • Market Forecast by Application
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Application, Global, 2018-2023
    • Market Forecast by Source
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Source, Global, 2018-2023
    • Market Forecast by Sector
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Sector, Global, 2018-2023
    • Market Forecast by Technology
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Technology, Global, 2018-2023
    • Market Forecast by Region
      • Table Stem Cells: Forecast by Region, Global, 2018-2023
  • Business Landscape and Intellectual Property Analysis
    • Technology Synergy Reshaping the Value Chain
    • New Approaches Driving Solutions
    • Business Model Hybridization
    • Technology and Business Landscape: Accelerators
    • Technology and Business Landscape: Challenges
    • Technology Transfer Assessment and Perceptions
    • Principal Innovators and Patent Holders
  • Funding and Investment Landscape
    • Funding and Investment Models and Adoption
    • Funding Trends and Contribution Focus
    • Principal Funding Sources
    • Funded Programs by Region
    • Most Granted Institutions
  • Technology Roadmapping and Performance Benchmarking
    • Roadmap Tapping into Technology Synergy
    • Multicriteria Approach for Benchmarking
    • Strategic Portfolio Assessment
    • Level 1 Criteria: Innovation Development
    • Level 1 Criteria: Financial Performance
    • Level 1 Criteria: Market Evolution
    • Level 2 Criteria: Key Actions for Success
    • Analytic Performance Results
    • Multicriteria Final Assessment
    • Future Perspective for Stem Cells Reprogramming
  • Technology Platforms Advancing Stem Cells Reprogramming
    • Technology Platforms to Watch
    • Strategic Business Cases
    • Strategic Business Developments
    • Critical Success Factors
  • Key Industry Influencers
    • Key Industry Models
    • Key Industry Participants
    • Key Industry References
    • Key Industry Exemplars

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