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Strategic Analysis of Rail Market in Southeast Asia

Strategic Analysis of Rail Market in Southeast Asia

Indonesia and Vietnam are the biggest sectors for rail freight in Southeast Asia. Together they cover over 􂀀 percent of the market.

Increasing demand for better service and new rail systems is expected to be the biggest decision-influencer.

Most of the rail networks in Southeast Asia are single track, except for those in Malaysia which comprise almost 􂀀 percent of double track rail networks.

Development of intercity high-speed rail systems is of high priority, as it is viewed as a reliable, efficient, and affordable mode of transportation.

The typical life of locomotives is 􂀀 years, after which they need to be rebuilt or retired. However, over 􂀀percent of the fleets in the region have more than 􂀀 years in service.

Electro-mechanical and relay-based interlocking technologies dominate the signalling market in Southeast Asia.

About this report

This strategic analysis provides an insight into the growth opportunities in Southeast Asia’s rail market in emerging countries. The study discusses key trends, mega trends implications, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, market size, and future rail development. It also provides an overview of the railway operators in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and discusses each country’s rail network, mainline rolling stock, and rail signaling systems. The study also highlights competitive factors and competitor market shares. Key conclusions have been provided. The base year is 2014; the forecast period is from 2015 to 2020.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Research Scope, Objectives, Methodology, and Background
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
    • Research Methodology
  • Definitions and Segmentation
    • Rail Market Segmentation
    • Definitions
  • General Rail Trends in Southeast Asia
    • Southeast Asian Rail Market-Freight and Passenger Traffic
      • Table Rail Market: Overview of Passenger and Freight Volumes, Southeast Asia, 2014
    • Southeast Asian Rail Market-Freight Modal Share
    • Southeast Asian Rail Market-Passenger Modal Share
    • Southeast Asia Rail Market-Infrastructure Quality
    • International Expansion-Trans-Asian Railway
    • International Expansion-Singapore's Kunming Railway
    • Transport Infrastructure-Road and Rail Length
  • Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications
    • Key Developments in the Rail Market
    • Impact of Top 4 Mega Trends in the Southeast Asian Rail Market
    • Impact of Top 4 Mega Trends on the Southeast Asia Rail Market
  • External Challenges-Drivers and Restraints
    • Sustainable Freight Volume Growth
    • Market Drivers
    • Drivers Explained
    • Market Restraints
    • Restraints Explained
  • Rail Track in Southeast Asia
    • Rail Track Length
      • Table Rail Track Segment: Length of Rail Network by Gauge and Percent of Single-track Lines, Southeast Asia, 2014
    • Rail Track Electrification
    • Rail Track Expansion-Malaysia's High-Speed Rail
    • Rail Track Expansion-Thailand's Double-Track Rail
    • Rail Track Expansion-Thailand's High-Speed Rail
    • Rail Track Expansion-Vietnam's Rail Development
    • Rail Track Expansion-Vietnam's High Speed Train
    • Rail Track Expansion-Indonesia's Rail Development
    • Rail Track Expansion-Indonesia's High Speed Rail
  • Urban Rail in Southeast Asia
    • Technology Trends in Urban Rail Rolling Stock
    • Urban Rail Operators
    • Urban Rail Operators' Age of Fleet
    • Urban Rail Rolling Stock Distribution
    • Urban Rail Track Expansion
      • Table Urban Rail Segment: Urban Rail Systems by Length, Southeast Asia, 2014 and 2025
  • Mainline Rolling Stock in Southeast Asia
    • Availability of Railway Locomotives
      • Table Mainline Rolling Stock: Number of railway locomotives ready for operation, Southeast Asia, 2004, 2009 and 2014
    • Average Age of Railway Locomotives
      • Table Mainline Rolling Stock: Locomotives in Service and Average Age of Fleet, Southeast Asia, 2014
    • Railway Locomotives Market
    • Availability of Diesel and Electric Multiple Units
      • Table Mainline Rolling Stock: Diesel and Electric Multiple Units in Service, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, 2014
    • Availability of Passenger Coaches
      • Table Mainline Rolling Stock: Number of Passenger Coaches, Southeast Asia, 2004, 2009 and 2014
    • Availability of Freight Wagons
      • Table Mainline Rolling Stock: Number of Freight Wagons, Southeast Asia, 2004, 2009 and 2014
  • Rail Signalling Systems in Southeast Asia
    • Signalling Systems Overview
    • Key Suppliers of Signalling Systems
  • Conclusion
    • Rail Market Opportunities
    • Urbanisation to Determine Rail Market Focus
    • Creative Financing for Urban Rail Market
    • Green Transportation Development in Asia Pacific
    • Rail as Sustainable People and Freight Mover

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