South African BPO Market, 2017

South African BPO Market, 2017

Digital transformation is a journey, but one that companies need to embark on if they are to survive not just the onslaught of traditional competition, but new market entrants. It is also a necessary component in keeping pace with the rapidly changing consumer base.

South Africa’s customer service delivery is predominantly dominated by the BPO market, specifically contact centers. The BPO sector contributes ZAR50 billion to towards the national GDP and employed 222,500 people in 2016. The domestic BPO market represents 85.4% of the market, and is the backbone for the development and expansion of the offshore BPO market.

Research Scope
The global technology trends that will be shaping the BPO market in South Africa are automation, data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) Artificial Intelligence (AI). The focus of this research is to understand the global technological changes that will be affecting the way service is delivered to customers. The study will focus on understanding the South African BPO market landscape, the changes in the BPO ecosystem as a result of innovative technologies, the key trends shaping customer experience management, and the growth opportunities and Companies to Action (C2A).

Research Highlights
While there are too many developing technology components to delve into in this insight, the following areas should be on the radar of any company starting on the digital transformation path.
• Emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT): Companies need to investigate the impact that device connectivity, cloud computing, and advanced analytics can have on changing the customer experience.
• Security: Companies need to keep abreast and plan for the ongoing security threats to digital assets.
• Big Data: Big Data is moving beyond the realms of data projects and into enriching what companies know about customers.
• Advanced Analytics: Companies are well advised to investigate how to make use of advancements in analytics. Understanding customer wants, needs, and behaviors and predicting outcomes is key to owning the customer experience. Areas to investigate include advancements in AI, machine learning, and speech and text analytics.
• Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Personal Assistants, and Robotic Process Automation: Customers prefer to self-serve before contacting a business. Embellishing self-service options from the growing ranks of digital personal assistants can help differentiate and transform customer interaction.
• Mobility: Companies need to meet customers where they live and that is on mobile devices. Extending business access to the device of choice for the consumer is key to changing the customer experience and cementing brand loyalty.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Market Overview
    • Research Scope
    • Ecosystem
    • Definitions
  • Digital Transformation and Customer Care- A Global Perspective
    • Key Trends Shaping Customer Experience Management
    • Digital Transformation and Customer Care
    • The Digital Connection
    • Transformation of the Customer Experience at the Top
    • New Business Models
    • Innovations
    • Top Predictions for the Contact Centre Systems Market
  • Overview of the South African BPO Market
    • South African Market Overview
    • Digital Intelligence Landscape in South Africa
    • Overview of the Offshore Services Value Chain
    • BPO Market Overview
    • Domestic Market Growth Rate
    • Growth in the BPO Market
    • BPO Market Overview
    • South African Services Strengths Relative to Competitor Markets
    • South Africa's Attractiveness for BPO
    • South Africa the `Go-to' Destination for Offshore BPO
    • Technology Used in South Africa
    • New Business Model-From Omni-channel to Automation
  • Change in the BPO Ecosystem
    • Value to Consumers
    • The Client-A New Era of BPO Value Creation
    • The Digitally Armed Consumer
    • Millennials-Consumers of the Future
    • Consumer Behaviour-Voice of Customer Feedback
    • Role of Outsourcers-Creating Value Beyond Contact Centre Seats
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Omni-channel Customer Experience
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Customer Experience Analytics
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Big Data and Analytics/Machine Learning
    • Growth Opportunity 4: Social Media Monitoring
    • Growth Opportunity 5: Social Customer Engagement
    • Growth Opportunity 6: Agent Desktop/Agent Empowerment
    • Growth Opportunity 7: Catering to the New Workforce
    • Growth Opportunity 8: Automation via Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Growth Opportunity 9: Virtual Agent/Advisor
    • Growth Opportunity 10: Live Chat
    • Growth Opportunity 11: IoT-Supporting Immersive Experiences
    • Strategic Imperatives for BPO Service Providers
  • The Last Word
  • Appendix
    • Tshwane BPO Park
    • Coega BPO Park in Eastern Cape
    • Dube TradeZone in KwaZulu-Natal

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