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New Services Growth Opportunities in the T&M Market

New Services Growth Opportunities in the T&M Market

Identifying growth opportunities in the test & measurement industry beyond the existing business could bring about changes in the competitive landscape. It is no longer test equipment vs. test equipment: Manufacturers cannot focus on hardware alone. Instead, the potential exists for an entirely new services model that focuses on platforms and the ecosystem. There is a need to develop a platform-centric business model that effectively integrates hardware, software analytics, and services. Companies are redesigning the customer experience across the entire test equipment life cycle by considering all interactions that users have with the test product itself to change an organization’s operations and revenue model.

The primary objective of this experiential study is to uncover your company’s Growth Zone in the test and measurement new services market. The Growth Zone represents opportunities that have been validated and optimized based on your internal objectives and capabilities weighed against growth opportunities in the new services market. An integral part of achieving this goal is engaging with Frost & Sullivan to develop your company’s Growth Opportunities Matrix. The study offers a deep analysis of the market, predicts its future, determines the opportunity universe, and provides a strategic opportunity framework.

Key questions this study will answer:
• Why do test & measurement companies want to leverage a service-based business, and what do they hope to accomplish in order to achieve return on investment?
• What are the specific capabilities and investments required to enhance the value of an asset management service platform for customers?
• What is the new asset management business model that is emerging in this space?
• How do you monetize data coming from asset management services?
• How rapidly can a company adapt in a competitive landscape that includes service delivery?
• What partnerships do test & measurement companies need to consider for their service businesses?

  • Executive Dashboard
    • Purpose of this Experiential Study
    • 5-Step Process to Transformational Growth
    • Strategic Imperatives for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
    • Growth Opportunities for OEMs
    • Executive Summary
  • Growth Environment
    • Move Fast to Avoid a Kodak Moment
    • New Business Model-Doing More of the Same is a Way to Fail
    • Case Studies to Draw New Ideas
    • Asset Management as a Key Component of Future Service Providers
    • Talk to Experts
    • Service Business Transformation Checklist
    • Market Definitions
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Business Service Evolution and Landscape
    • Asset Management Service Provider New Market Landscape
    • Asset Management Service Package Overview
    • Asset Management Services Pricing Model Development
    • Communicating Asset Management Service Price Excellence
    • Design Roadmap for Asset Management-Dashboards & Pricing Model Approach for Service Packages
    • Market Trends
    • Drivers and Restraints
    • Drivers Explained
    • Restraints Explained
    • Market Distribution Channels
  • Market Forecasts
    • Revenue Forecast
      • Table Asset Management Services in the T&M Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2015-2021
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Opportunity Analysis across Industry Verticals for Asset Management Business in the T&M Market
    • Vertical Market Revenue Discussion
  • Technology Insights
    • Investment Focus on a Platform Approach-Building Blocks for Success in a Connected Ecosystem
    • T&M in an Asset Management Transformation Age
    • Service-Based, End-to-End Analytics
    • Next-Level Corporate Support-Multilevel IT-OT Architecture
  • Case Studies and Implications
    • T&M Service-Based Business Models-Case Study 1
    • T&M Service-Based Business Models-Case Study 2
    • T&M Service-Based Business Models-Case Study 3
    • T&M Service-Based Business Models-Case Study 4
  • Visioning Scenarios
    • Macro to Micro Visioning
    • Factors Impacting Asset Management Services in the T&M Market
    • Top Predictions for the New Services Market
    • Key Factors for T&M Business Transition-Why as a Service?
    • Key Challenges of Users that Lead to Connected Service Platform Adoption
    • Business Implications of Adopting a Service-Based Business Model
    • Key End-User Requirements by Type of Contract
    • Service Variables for Value-Added Services
    • New Choices in Portfolio of Services-Growth Opportunities
    • Next-Level Corporate Support-Asset Management Business Services and Maximized Return
    • Next-Level Corporate Support-Business Services Implementation in the T&M Market
    • Strategy in Test Equipment Services
    • Asset Management Service Offering in the T&M Market
    • Supply Chain Management-Linking Business Strategy to Execution
    • Strategy Differentiation and Integration-Acquisition/Partnership Opportunities
  • Growth Pipeline
    • Levers for Growth
  • Vision and Strategy-Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Integrated Service Delivery
    • Growth Opportunity 2-OPEX Model Service Delivery
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Data Analytics Service Solution and Application Development
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Control of All Test and Repair Data
    • Growth Opportunity 5-Shift from a Reactive Business Model to a Proactive Business Model
  • Brand and Demand-Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Innovation and Transformation
    • Growth Opportunity 2-ROI
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Sales and Marketing Use Cases
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Cross-Sell Offers
  • Growth Opportunities Matrix
    • Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
    • Growth Opportunities 1-5: Vision and Strategy
    • Growth Opportunities 1-4: Brand and Demand
    • Growth Opportunities Matrix
  • Growth Strategy and Implementation
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
    • Growth Strategies for Your Company
    • Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation

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