Russo-Ukrainian War and its Effects on the Global Automotive Industry

Russo-Ukrainian War and its Effects on the Global Automotive Industry

The Russo-Ukrainian war severely disrupted the automotive value chain and prompted OEMs and suppliers to defer or discontinue trade with Russia. Several OEMs in Europe and Eastern Europe have paused or slowed their production due to a lack of parts from Ukraine-based suppliers. Production halt and auto parts supply shortage are the immediate effect of this crisis, and supply chain issues and raw material shortages are expected in the coming weeks. OEMs, including Toyota, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar-Land Rover, General Motors, and BMW, have ceased export operations to Russia, with many of them suspending Russian joint ventures in response to the invasion. Russia is a major supplier of key metals & minerals, and export sanctions have severely impacted commodity demand and prices.

The study aims to provide an overview of the automotive industry in Russia and Ukraine, key manufacturers, the share of these countries in the global automotive industry, and analyze the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on the global automotive industry. The research service will elucidate the key issues auto OEMs face for raw material & auto parts demand and supply. It will help understand the current market position and how the industry responds, particularly in vehicle production, business opportunity, and supply chains. It provides an overview of the key OEMs/suppliers, services & products and analyzes the strategies adopted by them for mitigating the crisis. In addition to the effect of the crisis on the automotive industry and key areas of impact, the report analyzes future areas of disruption, impact on the supply chain due to raw material shortage, and manufacturing strategies. Frost & Sullivan has examined the auto components industry and analyzed which automotive segments will be severely impacted by the conflict.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the industry from multiple angles, this research service seeks to:
• Capture the current scenario of the global automotive market and the Russo-Ukrainian automotive industry.
• Understand the role of Russia as a major metal supplier.
• Identify the role of Ukraine in the global automotive industry.
• Understand the landscape of the supply chain crisis and how it can be solved.
• Understand and analyze the current scale and effects of the crisis on the global automotive industry.
• Identify OEM risk mitigation strategies and best practices followed.

From an automotive and transportation standpoint, this study provides a global outlook of the ongoing crisis and analyzes its impact on the OEMs and auto-component manufacturers.

This study takes a deep dive into Russia’s and Ukraine’s contribution to the global automotive industry, the best practices adopted by some OEMs to deal with the crisis, and what can be done to mitigate future crises in this domain.


What is the current state of the automotive industry?
What are the major areas of disruption and effects of the crisis on the automotive industry?
What are the key factors and trends that could fuel the auto chip shortage?
What strategies are followed by leading OEMs who conduct business with Russia and Ukraine?
What is the effect of this crisis on European or global auto production?

  • Strategic Imperatives
    • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
    • The Strategic Imperative 8TM
    • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Automotive Industry
    • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine
  • Growth Environment
    • Russo-Ukrainian War, Key Highlights & Impact on Automotive
    • Key Areas of Disruption in Automotive
    • Global Passenger Vehicle Production Overview, 2020
    • Highlights of Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing in Russia & Ukraine
    • Passenger Vehicle Production Plants in Russia & Ukraine
    • Global Automotive OEMs Pausing Trade With Russia & Ukraine
    • Snapshot of the Russian Auto Parts Industry
    • Snapshot of the Ukrainian Auto Parts Industry
    • Impact Analysis-Auto Parts and Raw Materials
    • Overview of OEM Specific Impact
  • Russia & Ukraine Passenger Car Industry Overview
    • Passenger Car Industry Snapshots, Russia
    • Passenger Car Industry Snapshots, Ukraine
    • Regional Outlook of the Crisis
    • Business Opportunity Loss in Russia & Ukraine for OEMs
    • Impact Analysis on the OEMs in Russia & Ukraine
    • Possible OEM/Supplier Strategies
  • Auto Parts Overview and Impact on the Supply Chain
    • Auto Parts that are Affected due to the Conflict
    • Key Auto Parts Suppliers in Russia & Operational Status
    • Key Auto Parts Suppliers in Ukraine & Operational Status
    • Ukraine Auto Parts Industry, Supplier Actions
    • Impact Analysis-Auto Parts
  • Raw Materials Overview and Impact on the Supply Chain
    • Snapshot of the Russian Supply of Raw Materials
    • Palladium, Market Overview
    • Palladium, Catalytic Material in Automotive
    • Palladium, Exponential Increase in Price
    • Nickel, Market Overview
    • Nickel Prices Touching a 11-Year High
    • Nickel, EV Battery-The Key Automotive Application
    • Nickel Price Surge to Increase the Cost of EVs by $1,000
    • Neon Gas Supply Issues-Lessons from 2014 Russo-Ukrainian War
    • The Chip Shortage Crisis to be Aggravated by Shortage of Neon Gas
    • Impact Analysis-Raw Material
  • OEM Perspective
    • Renault, Overview
    • Renault, Impact Analysis
    • Hyundai and Kia, Overview
    • Hyundai and Kia, Impact Analysis
    • Stellantis, Overview
    • Stellantis, Impact Analysis
    • Volkswagen, Overview
    • Volkswagen, Impact Analysis
    • Toyota, Overview
    • Toyota, Impact Analysis
    • Chinese Brands
  • Growth Opportunity Universe
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Deepen Industry Collaboration to Avoid Procurement Issues
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Alternative Product Sourcing Strategies to Avoid Shortage in Components
    • Growth Opportunity 3-OEMs Mitigating the Business Opportunity Losses due to the Conflict
  • Survey Results from Respondents
    • Results from Survey-Poll Question No. 1
    • Results from Survey-Poll Question No. 2
    • Results from Survey-Poll Question No. 3

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