Role of Internet Penetration in Economic Development

Role of Internet Penetration in Economic Development

Frost & Sullivan’s Demography, Education, Energy, Political Will, Knowledge, Innovation, and Collaboration (D.E.E.P-K.I.C) index helps in understanding the need for bridging the digital divide. Based on the D.E.E.P-K.I.C index scores, the countries are divided into five groups and a prescriptive approach has been provided for their Internet-led economic development.

Increase in Internet penetration can create significant growth in important sectors such as education, healthcare, energy, and governance in an economy. The top countries in each D.E.E.P-K.I.C country group are listed by the sector in which the Internet will produce maximum growth by 2025.

About this report

The information technology and mobile phone revolution is bringing much needed economic change to emerging countries. However, the pace of growth requires rapid acceleration. As of 2014, 60% of the global population did not have access to the Internet—with 56% out of this 60% living in emerging countries. The study examines the need for a collaborative approach between the public sector, private sector, consumers, and non-governmental organizations to achieve an inclusive information society by means of complete commitment to each constituent’s respective role. Successful bridging of the digital divide in a country will have positive effects across different sectors such as education, healthcare, energy, and governance.

  • Executive Summary
  • Economic Insights-Micro Boom: Definitions and Tie-ins
    • Emerging Market Innovation (EMI)-A Journey from Macro to Micro
    • What Are Economic Insight Micro Booms?
    • Economic Insight-Micro Booms: What is the Structured Approach?
  • Introduction-Scope and Research Methodology
    • Issue-Based Brainstorming around Mega Trends, Economic Convergence, and Emerging Markets
    • Research Methodology
  • First Base-Business Insights
    • Business Insights
    • Global Internet Users' Growth to Follow an "S" Curve
    • The Growth Rates of Global Connectivity is not Impressive
    • Factors Responsible for 60% of Global Population Being Offline
    • How is Internet Penetration Related to Economic Growth?
    • Underlying Factors Influencing Internet Development in a Country
      • Table Correlation Analysis of ICT Development Index (IDI), Population and Geographic Characteristics, Global, 2014
    • The Internet Ecosystem Responsible for Economic Transformation
    • Stakeholder Roles-Smooth Functioning of the Internet Ecosystem
    • Bridging the Digital Divide Will Affect Seven Different Aspects
    • "D.E.E.P-K.I.C " Measures the Readiness of Internet Proliferation
  • Second Base-Growth Insights
    • Growth Insights
    • What Will Make Broadband Affordable in Emerging Markets?
    • Defining Internet Affordability-Data Use Cases
    • Responsible Factors for Growth of Internet Users in Emerging Markets
    • Global and Regional Smartphone Penetration and Smartphone Shipments
    • A Journey from Voice to Data with Mobile Broadband Adoption
    • Demographic Shift in Favour of Emerging Markets
    • Demographic Differences Between Online and Offline Population in Emerging Markets
      • Table Demographic Profile of Online and Offline Population, Emerging Markets, 2014
  • Third Base-Profit Insights
    • Profit Insights
    • How Will Measures to Bridge the Digital Divide Affect Global Internet Penetration?
    • How Far is Internet Penetration Dependant on D.E.E.P-K.I.C Scores?
    • The "S" Curve of Internet Growth and D.E.E.P-K.I.C Country Groups
    • Prescriptive Approach for Bridging the Digital Divide
    • How Will the Internet Affect Education and Healthcare?
    • How Will the Internet Affect Energy and Governance?
    • Internet-led Education and Healthcare Sector Growth by 2025
    • Internet led Energy and Governance Sector Growth by 2025
  • Conclusion and Key Takeaways
  • Appendix
    • Regression Result Summary
    • Indicators Used In D.E.E.P-K.I.C Index Model

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