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Rise of Virtual Cockpits in Cars

Rise of Virtual Cockpits in Cars

Key Findings

Fully digital instrument clusters are still available only in high-end luxury models, but they will soon begin to trickle down into mid- and low-cost vehicles.

Rise of Virtual Cockpits in Cars: Key Findings, North America and EU, 2014–2021

The instrument cluster (IC) market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 􂀀% from 2014 to 2021 across North America and European Union (EU) countries. Analogue ICs are expected to become obsolete by 2021.

About 􂀀% of cars shipped by 2021 across Europe and North America are expected to be deployed with hybrid ICs, and the other 􂀀% are expected to be fully digital ICs.

For the next couple of years, thin-film transistor (TFT) will be the perfect display technology considering its cost and performance. Liquid crystal display (LCD)-quantum dot is expected to be a suitable candidate to replace TFTs once its potential is realised.

The virtual cockpit will be limited to premium-segment vehicles. Hybrid ICs, which include both analogue and digital components, will become common in almost all vehicle segments and platforms starting in 2017.

Resolutions are available in 1280 x 480, 1600 x 600, and 1920 x 720 pixels, with panel size ranging from 􂀀inches to 􂀀 inches.

About this report

This study examines the evolving instrument cluster market for passenger vehicles in North America and Europe. It presents current penetration of analogue, hybrid, and fully digital displays, and determines how those percentages will shift as demand increases for head-up displays that reduce driver distraction. It details display technologies and the information that is most likely to be incorporated in instrument clusters of the future, and reviews what is available in current models. User interface suppliers are benchmarked, with information provided about operating systems and collaborations. The base year is 2014; the forecast period is from 2015 to 2021.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Timeline Snapshot
    • Support Factors
    • Display Technology
    • Challenging and Influencing Factors
    • IC Penetration
    • Supplier Benchmarking
    • OEM Benchmarking
  • Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
    • Research Scope
      • Table Rise of Virtual Cockpit in Cars: Passenger Vehicle Sales, North America and EU, 2013-2021
    • Geographic Definitions and Research Timeline
    • Research Aim and Objectives
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
    • Research Background
    • Research Methodology
  • IC Market Analysis
    • IC Types
    • Display Technologies
    • TFT-LCD Supplier Market Share
    • Current Trends
    • Night View in IC
    • Fully Digital IC Comparison
    • User Interface Supplier Benchmarking
    • Driving Modes in ICs
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Future Work on ICs
  • Market Penetration Analysis
    • Analogue IC Penetration
      • Table Rise of Virtual Cockpit in Cars: Analogue IC Penetration, North America and EU, 2014-2021
    • Hybrid IC
    • Hybrid IC Penetration
      • Table Rise of Virtual Cockpit in Cars: Hybrid IC Penetration, North America and EU, 2014-2021
    • Fully Digital IC
    • Fully Digital IC Penetration
      • Table Rise of Virtual Cockpit in Cars: Fully Digital IC Penetration, North America and EU, 2014-2021
    • Overall IC Penetration
    • IC Penetration-North America
    • IC Penetration-EU
  • IC Future Outlook
    • Future Outlook
  • Key Conclusions
    • Conclusions
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Market Engineering Methodology
    • Table of Abbreviations

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