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Precision Immunotherapy Innovations Transforming Human Health and Wellness

Precision Immunotherapy Innovations Transforming Human Health and Wellness

There are numerous companies developing immunotherapy approaches to treat cancer, autoimmune and several other diseases. Current study describes some of the recent advances in immunotherapy, mostly cancer. These include refined cell therapies, stem cell applications in cancer treatment, monoclonal, polyclonal and bispecific antibodies. Some of exciting technologies like trispecific and multispecific fusion proteins and antibody derivatives are also covered. Combination of various immunotherpy approaches with / without modification and some of the unique approaches like photoimmunotherapy, RNA therapy, synthetic oncolytic viruses and latest artificial intelligence based platforms to develop neoantigens, peptide vaccines are discussed.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Background: Innovating to Address Immunotherapies
    • Research Scope: Emerging Immunotherapies
    • Analysis Framework: Frost & Sullivan Core Value
    • Research Methodology: Five Steps Toward Success
    • Key Findings of Global Immunotherapies
  • Technology Snapshot
    • Snapshot of Immunotherapies
  • Cell Therapies for Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
    • Advances in Cell Therapy for Cancer
    • Cell Therapies in Development
    • Stem Cell-based Cellular Immunotherapy
    • Anti-B cell Maturation Antigen CAR-T-cell Therapy and Beyond
    • Off-the-shelf Cell Therapies for Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
    • Red Cell Therapy for Cancer, Autoimmune, and Rare Diseases
    • Nonviral Cell Therapy Platform for Point of Care Applications
    • Controlled Cell Therapy Technology Platforms
    • Nonviral Vector Platform for T-cell Therapy
    • Living Immunotherapies for Cancer Treatment
    • Mobilizing Cytotoxic Cellular Response to Attack Antibody-labelled Cancer Cells
    • NK Activating Receptors and Peptide-based Cell Therapy Platforms
  • Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) for Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
    • Developments in Antibodies and Protein Therapeutics
    • Antibodies for Immunotherapy
    • Antibody Library Technology Platforms
    • Bispecific and Antibody-cytokine Platforms
    • Antibodies Improving Innate and Adaptive Immune Response
    • Transgenic Mouse Producing Human Antibodies
    • Antibody Producing Strong "Eat Me" Signals on Cancer Cells
    • Improved Platforms for Bispecific and Trispecific Molecules
    • Multispecific Antibodies with Specific Properties
  • Novel Immunotherapy Platforms
    • Novel Technologies Poised to Change Cancer Therapeutics
    • Novel Cancer Therapies in Development Immunotherapy Industry: Monoclonal Antibodies, Global, 2019
    • Cancer Killing Through Illumination of Infrared Dye
    • Nonnatural Virus Having Cancer Killing Activity
    • Targeting Immune Check Points and Gangliosides
    • RNA-based Immunotherapy for Cancer and Infectious Diseases
    • Antibody Conjugation and DNA Vaccine Platform
    • Dual-sided Fc Fusion Protein Platform
  • Neoantigens, Small Molecules, and Combinations
    • Advances in Neoantigens, Small Molecules, and Combinations
    • Neoantigens, Small Molecules, and Combination Platforms Immunotherapy industry: Neoantigens, small molecules, and combinations, Global, 2019
    • AI-powered Neoantigen Platform Trained on Patient's Data
    • Neoantigen Platforms for Personalized Vaccines and Cell Therapy
    • Small Molecule Therapeutics Coupled with Antibodies
    • Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunosuppression
    • B Cell Vaccine, Polyclonal Antibodies, and Oncolytic Virus
    • Multiple Immunotherapy Under One Roof
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Cell Therapy
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Antibodies
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Novel and Combination Approaches
  • Key Industry Influencers
    • Industry Interactions

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