US Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market

US Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market

The US neonatal and infant care equipment market is at a mature stage. It is mainly driven by the replacement business of older devices and sales of accessories.

Several multinational and local companies have started adopting ways to differentiate their product features by adding value-added and improved services such as warranty, training, and education, thereby offering a complete package of products and services.

Multi-equipment used in neonatal and infant care are beginning to transform into a single component of integrated systems (warmers and incubators, or built-in pulse oximetry, continuous positive airway pressure [CPAP], phototherapy, monitoring unit, and a weighing scale).

The other emerging trends in the neonatal and infant care equipment market are likely to be the integration of monitoring technologies, interventional equipment, and other state-of-the art technologies such as IT integration or telemedicine, single-unit equipment technology, integrated pulse oximetry, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), temperature monitoring, among others that allow a real-time interaction between patients and physicians.

About this report

This market insight provides an overview of the emerging trends, key growth drivers, and future directions in the matured neonatal and infant care equipment market in the United States. Key unmet market needs and potential game-changing strategies have also been discussed. In addition to this, the market insight looks at the market challenges, trends, emerging companies to watch, and provides business case studies. Finally, it offers detailed discussions of investment opportunities in emerging markets such as India, China, and Africa. It ends with a discussion of the key strategies and future market directions.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market
    • Market Introduction
    • Market Segmentation
    • Value Chain Characteristics
    • Role of Stakeholders in the Industry Value Chain
    • Understanding the US Statistics
    • US Statistics-Impact and Discussion
    • Industry Trends
    • Industry Challenges
    • Key Drivers and Restraints
    • Drivers and Restraints-Explained
    • Enveloping Elements Impacting the Market
    • Implication Factors Discussion
  • Opportunity and Adoption Trends
    • The Need and the Reality
    • New Innovative Approaches
    • Adoption Trends in United States
    • Opportunity Trend-Explained
  • Segment Overview and Product Portfolio
    • Radiant Warmers
    • Neonatal Incubators and Neonatal Transport Incubators
    • Phototherapy Equipment
    • Innovative Product Highlights-Next-generation Devices
    • Product Evaluation Matrix-Acute Facility-based Care
    • Product Evaluation Matrix-Transport to Higher-level Facility
    • Product Evaluation for Highest-ranked Products
    • Product Evaluation for Selected Products
  • Regulatory and Industry Association Initiatives
    • Ongoing Initiatives in Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market
  • Market and Technology Trends
    • Changing Strategies in the Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market
    • More Emphasis Being Laid on Expansion of Neonatal Care
    • Key Areas of Focus
    • Market Trends
    • Technology Development Trends in NICUs
  • Key Strategies and Business Success Case Studies
    • Key Strategic Goals and Actions Taken by Manufacturers
    • GE Healthcare-Company Highlights
    • GE Healthcare-Business Case Study
    • Philips Healthcare-Business Case Study
    • Dräger-Business Case Study
  • Additional Business Success Case Studies
    • DtM's Firefly-Case Study: Pathways for Innovation
    • NeoNurture-Car Parts Incubator Case Study: A Sustainability Project
    • Phoenix Medical Systems
  • Focus Beyond Developed Markets
    • Market Trends- Then and Now
    • Need for Frugal Innovation in Emerging Markets
    • Focus Beyond Developed Markets-A Global Approach
    • Investment Opportunity
      • Table Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market: Mortality Rate, Global, 2012-2013
    • Initiatives Being Taken by Market Participants-Peripheral Services
    • Initiatives Being Taken by Market Participants-Product Services
    • Embrace Innovations-Meeting the Unmet Needs
  • Key Companies to Watch and Future Market Directions
    • A Few Key Companies to Watch
    • Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment Market-The Way Forward
    • Key Strategies for Manufacturers

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