Management of Health Information - Trends and Innovation

Management of health information - Trends and Innovation

Scope of the Research

This research service (RS) is a study on the Management of Health Information.

During our research, we identified three types of healthcare data, namely patient clinical data, life science data, and imaging data. Huge volumes of data can be put to use when managed effectively. TechVision has studied the management of all types of healthcare data and has identified technologies enabling effective management of health information.

This RS is focused on the technologies that enable and strengthen health information management and improve healthcare delivery.

In the RS, management of each type of healthcare data and the key participants in each of the segments has been discussed. TechVision has identified four enabling technologies including cloud computing, big data analytics, predictive analytics, and Internet-of-things.

This research service will cover the following key sections in the Management of Health Information:

Identification and classification of the types of healthcare data

Snapshot of each type of healthcare data and its management process

Technologies enabling health information management and key participants with innovative health information management systems

Impact of key innovations on the market

The business and the technology-based drivers and challenges impacting the health information management market

About this report

With the increase in quantity and complexity of data and the diversity of their formats, the market is witnessing several innovations in health information management system to keep up with the trends and user demands. Healthcare and Information Technology (IT) are the two largest industries in terms of market size, size of innovation ecosystem, funding, and innovation activities. Health information technology brings together these two industries and compounds the potential for innovations and game-changing business tools. The report covers how the health information is managed by combining healthcare with advanced information technologies, such as big data analytics, cloud computing, predictive analytics and augmented reality. It also explains how effective management of health information paves the path for P4 medicine.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of the Research
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Introduction to Health Informatics
    • Industry Challenges
    • Health Information Exchange
    • Types of Medical Data
      • Patient Health Data
      • Life Sciences Data
      • Life Sciences Data/Omics Data-Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics
      • Medical Imaging Data
    • Health Information Ecosystem
    • Health Information Management
  • Health Information Systems-What They Mean for Personalized Medicine
    • P4 Medicine
    • Health Information Management and P4 Medicine
    • Technologies Enabling Health Informatics
  • Big Data in Healthcare
    • Benefits and Capabilities
    • Applications
    • Market Forces
    • Key Market Participants
      • Numedii
      • Annai Systems
  • Healthcare Cloud
    • Overview
    • Benefits and Capabilities
    • Market Forces
    • Applications
      • Patient Data Management
      • Medical Image Data Management
      • Genomic Data Management
    • Key Market Participants
  • Augmented Reality and Data Visualization
    • Overview
    • Augmented Healthcare
    • Benefits and Capabilities
    • Applications
    • Market Forces
    • Notable Innovations and Products
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Overview
    • Market Forces
    • Emerging Trends in Health Analytics
      • Hindsight-Insight-Foresight
    • Key Market Participants
      • SHYFT Analytics
      • Predilytics, Inc.
  • Company Profiles
    • Distributed Medical AB
    • Eagle Genomics
    • Bina Technologies Inc.
    • RelayHealth
    • Surescripts
  • Database of Key Market Participants
    • Database of Key Industry Participants

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