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Landscape of Auto Leasing Market in Malaysia

Landscape of Auto Leasing Market in Malaysia

The auto leasing market in Malaysia presents a considerable untapped potential. Malaysia has one of the lowest fleet sizes for auto leasing and car rental in Asia-Pacific region. The auto leasing market in the country faces challenges such as economic slowdown, negative mind set of companies/people toward auto leasing, decline in oil and gas industry, low auto-finance rates, presence of illegal operators, and decline in prices of used cars. In Malaysia auto leasing industry is unable to compete with high preference for car allowance among corporates. Car allowance presents several benefits to companies/employees compared to auto leasing and is hence is extremely difficult to compete with. OEMs can overcome the other restraints by making changes in the way they approach marketing/business development. Besides, in the years to come a rise in e-hailing apps and likely implementation of ELV policy is further expected to boost market prospects of auto leasing. The fleet size for auto leasing and car rental is expected to rise from 33,000 in 2016 to ~ 40,000 in 2021 as OEMs make efforts to overcome challenges to drive market growth.

Key Target Audience

- Automotive OEMs
- Auto Leasing Companies
- Car Rental Companies
- Consulting firms
- Research organizations

Research Scope

This RS aims to present an overview of the current and future trends and developments in the Auto Leasing market in Malaysia during 2016-2021. This includes

- Overview of Malaysia Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market including size and split, classification of companies and market shares of key
- Details of Customer and product Segmentation
- Analysis of profiles of key players in auto leasing & car rental market including Business Overview and Geographical Reach, Fleet Details,
Key Industries and Customer Type
- Analysis of the Key Drivers and Restraints for the period of 2017-2021
- Market Forecasts 2017 to 2021

Key Questions this study will answer

- What is the current status, trends and developments in the auto leasing market in Malaysia?
- Which are the significant players in the Industry and what are their Fleet details and activities?
- What is the competitive structure of the industry including number and type of competitors?
- What are the key challenges and restraints affecting the market and what are the key growth driving factors?
- What is the likely future fleet size scenario fir auto leasing in the market?

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Overview of Malaysia Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market
    • Malaysia Auto Leasing & Car Rental Market-Size and Split
    • Classification of Companies in Auto Leasing and Car Rental
    • Auto Leasing & Car Rental Market-Market Share
  • Customer and Product Segmentation
    • Auto Leasing-Product Segmentation
    • Auto Leasing & Car Rental-Customer Segmentation
    • Car Rental Segmentation by Source
  • Profiles of Key Players in Auto Leasing & Car Rental Market
    • SPANCO
    • SPANCO Clientele
    • SPANCO-Type of Service and Leasing Charges
    • Hertz, Malaysia
    • Hertz, Malaysia-Fleet Details
    • Hertz, Malaysia-Key Industries and Customer Type in Corporate Auto Leasing
    • Mayflower, Malaysia
    • Mayflower, Malaysia-Fleet Details
    • Mayflower, Malaysia-Key Industries and Customer Type in Corporate Auto Leasing
    • Avis, Malaysia
    • Avis, Malaysia-Fleet Details
    • Avis, Malaysia-Key Industries and Customer Type in Corporate Auto Leasing
    • PRAC, Malaysia
    • Europcar, Malaysia
    • Europcar, Malaysia-Fleet Details
    • Hawk Rent A Car, Malaysia
  • Drivers and Restraints
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Drivers Explained
    • Market Restraints
    • Market Restraints Explained
  • Market Forecasts
    • Market Forecasts-Scenario analysis
  • Summary of Key Findings
    • Summary of Findings
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Market Specifically to Corporate Clients
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Target State & City Governments
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Partner with E-hailing Companies
    • Growth Opportunity 4: End-of-Life Vehicles Policy
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • The Last Word
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • List of Players in the Unorganized Auto-Lease and Car Rental Market in Malaysia (Representative List)

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